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Equip for falcon-mergen class


I’m returning to the game after a long time and started with the falcon-mergen class for the first time. I’m currently at lvl 401 doing quests and CMS, but I am a little bit lost about the equip I should get for the last levels.

I’m planning to focus this character for solo farming,cm,raids full dps if possible.

I have some silver to spend, but want to make sure the equip will be useful :slight_smile:

Any suggestions are welcome :grin:

If u’re looking for budget and good for value equipment, I suggest u use 400 primus weapons and armors. Some of them are transcended when dropped, so you shld be able to get bows and armors with high transcendence for relatively low price in market (or farm it urself). If the stats are bad u can reroll them with the event magnifying glasses. U shld prioritize weapon over armors.

If u can afford, maybe u can try the new legend bow. IIRC it requires 8 planiums, about 50m in market, to exchange and there’s free trans 5 scroll from event so

Accessories wise abyss irredian set is good, if not you can use wadever u have atm.

For cards i suggest equipping armaos cards for the blue slot for solo cm since it mitigates alot of damage and it’s budget. For red cards u can consider Centaur card for AAR or glassmole for dmg.

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Does it mitigate significantly? I am curious… Thanks

Yea it does for me; it saved me alot of hp pots.

(Correct me if i’m wrong about this) The way the cards work is it has 10% chance of procing a shield tat blocks 3k dmg for 10sec, or until the shield is depleted. (if u 1k per lvl 10 card) IIRC it used to have a cooldown some time b4, but the cooldown part disappeared from the description of the card recently. So i’ll assume tat after the shield is gone, u have 10% chance of procing another shield with 3k hp. It works well if u have decent def since the dmg u receive from mobs are lower.

Personally, b4 after i equipped the armoas cards, i saved like 10+ alch hp pots per solo cm run (with squire food).

Will check it out… If it doesn’t have a CD and just refreshes on a 10% chance then it is quite handy