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Episode 12: The Last Prophecy

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Episode 12: The Last Prophecy’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

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I thought there were only three demon kings/queen

The two Demon Kings are Kartas and Baiga, and the Demon Queen is Gesti~

they mentioned four demon kings in the link provided. or was that a mistranslation

Might be meaning to Ragana. :open_mouth:

Well, Beholder is also “under Giltine’s wings”… He was never presented as a Demon King, but he is definitely a high ranked demon.

Besides that, only 3 demon kings were stated as under Giltine’s direct command so far: Gesti, Kartas and Baiga. They are mentioned on this book but also during a lot of quest dialogs, most notably during the Tevhrin Cave and Goddess Dalia quest line. For me, it would be very weird if a new high commander shows up and not be treated as a big revelation for the story so far.

Ragana and Baubas were also introduced already, but not given a “title” for them. They might be Demon Kings, but they could be deities as well, like Giltine and Laima. I couldn’t find anything that clarifies their “level/ranking”. There is also the Astral Tower Revelation tablet that implies there are more Demon Gods than only Giltine, so Ragana and Baubas could be 2 of them (that would also explains why Baubas have a cave with his name).

Oh I wish that the english translation could fix those things one day… I wonder if the korean books also leave the same room for guessing as we have here.

The description of this mob says “Demon God Baubas”:

Mistranslation maybe?

Edit: and Demon Goddess Ragana

Oh yeah, there is also this. I read it once and completely forgot. Then they either considered Beholder a Demon King, or it is a mistranslation I guess.

Although I remember reading somewhere that Beholder is like a direct servant of Giltine, not being under any other Demon King, different than the other demons. I will see if I can find this information.

Wait a second… Isn’t Beholder a Human who joined the demons?

I can say this about Nebulas, cause his/her previous humanity is stated during Kalejimas Prison quest line and some books. I can’t remember reading anything like this about Beholder.

As far I can remember, Beholder, yes, used to be a human, but sided with Giltine. After that, he became a Demon himself.

If you read the revelation in Astral Tower, things will get clearer.