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Episode 12 best crossbow ichor poll

  • Masinios
    DEX 57
    Add. Lightning Property Damage 297
    All Quarrel Shooter skill levels +2
    Additional non-property attack of 3,000 damage
  • Asio
    DEX 94
    CON 57
    Block 35
    Block Penetration 75
  • Wastrel
    DEX 54
    Maximum Attack 352
    Minimum Attack 152
    SP 403
  • Skiaclipse
    STR 68
    CON 43
    Critical Rate 47
    Creates a ballista behind the deployed pavise that deals 8,000 fixed penetration damage (Target: 5, duration equal to that of the pavise)|
  • Moringponia
    DEX 70
    Maximum Attack 339
    Critical Rate 68
    Crossbow basic attack damage + 35%
    Attack ricochets on enemies near the target (target number: 2)
  • Misrus
    STR 70
    Physical Critical Attack 645
    Block and Shoot damage increase buff activates when a Pavise is hit while under Block and Shoot buff
  • Vaivora
    DEX 135
    Critical Rate 480
    Attack against Medium-sized Targets 990
    Guided Shot skill level +2
    Double Marking
    Applies a debuff for a 5-second duration when Guided Shot hits the target
    Grants 20% chance to fire 2 homing arrows when using Arbalester skills against debuffed target

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