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End Game contents feedback - is it worth it?

So after hiatus from 2016 and having a fresh start again this 2020 season server, im got lost on what is the real end game content.

In all MMORPG i played, there are always 2 REAL end game contents - RAID and PVP, and its always RAID first to gear-up for PVP.

But in this game, it seems like field grinding(CM, DScm) is the end-game content. Everyone do it until they got bored and quit. Raid is not really that popular since its hard, time consuming, and not rewarding. and PVP is dead.

Challenge mode
The only way to earn stable silver. Can earn 1.2m - 2m per run depends on team comp. Can also get other drops and for 0.00000000001% chance, a trash vaivora. Run last around 8-15min depends on player gears.

Is it Worth it?
im forced to say “YES” since this is the only way to get good silver, but let say a 10min run for 1.5m silver and with a minimum of 6 runs(1 daily + 5 tickets). You can only earn 9m in 1hr. Lets say you got another 4 alts eligible for high level cm. Will be a total of 15m for 1hr 40min…and thats per day. How many days can you buy an Archstone worth 500m? and after buying an Archstone, you can’t even use it unless you buy another one and craft it to Ark(unless you make a Kara bracelet first, its usable). And Crafting archstone/Kara requires other resources that also cost millions.
so Finaly answer is “not worth it”

When i say raid, Im implying to the 2 current hardest legend raids: Lepi and Glacia. You can get Rare Items like unique gears and Rare ingredients. Requires great coordination, decent gears, and good coordination since the mechanics are more deadly than the boss damage itself.
Is it Worth it?
As of the current state of the game, NO. Its not very rewarding. No silver, gear drops are purchasable in market. And it requires great amount of time to practice, and even the actual run. Need a fix party, which not everyone has, to make a good coordination. There is a chance of Archstone/Archfrag drop for like 0.00000000000001% or if you gamble in the end of the raid. This should be the most prioritized content in end game but people are stucked in CM since its easier, and its sure silver.

Dead content of a dying game.

Is it worth it?
GTW doesnt give you anything. Youll just get stomped if you are not in a Top guild. Its a one hour waste of time.
TBL doesnt give you anything also. Just those mercenary boxes that contains mercbadge, gear recipe, and with 0.000001% chance, a random boruta seal. You also get a Number rank in your name - top 100 players get a number in their names based on ranking, but in my server, just participate 1 round and youll get a number for sure since participant not even reaching 100 lol.

IMO, PVP should be the REAL end-game content like on other MMORPGs coz what else to do after you are already geared? Test your strength and compete using your skills versus other players. Use challenge mode to earn silver and Raid to get resources and make your best gear. Then battle with other players that probably as geared as you and win with sheer skills.

But yeah, ToS is not like that. Fck Skills, lets do brain-dead CM runs until we got bored and Quit.


Unique raids kind of aren’t worth it unless you get very lucky, or it’s the burning weekend for cheaper entries/double rewards. However, legend raids are very much worth it and very important to do. Are you probably going to need to make your own group? Yeah. Are you going to wipe a lot while you learn it? Probably. But this is true of any MMO.

I really would like to see hard raids drop actual silver again though–at least the more difficult end game ones where funneling would extremely difficult.

GTW gives you access to the harder version of Boruta. Which, let’s be honest, will take a very long time to do anyway if you aren’t in one of those “top guilds.” The reality is, you need 30 people for Boruta, and 30 people should be more than enough for modest success in GTW (or running around like crazy capping an available map. There are six, pick one, figure it out, watch how things go with other guilds for a week or two. Just stay alive and observe if you need to).

If you believe it should be taken seriously, then you should have no trouble figuring out GTW. I agree that PVP is an excellent long-term focus of MMOs and keeps them alive, but many people just don’t like PVP, so it can be hard to find other people with the same set of dedication or expectations.

CMs and singus are a great way to increase your silver, but if you’re doing legend raids and selling things, not wasting your silver when you get lucky somewhere, and so on, you won’t need to do 20 braindead CMs a day. I really hate CMs too, but lots of alts make it “cheaper” to run them, and keep things at least somewhat interesting.

I think the biggest issue is how easy CMs are compared to how difficult some of the hardest raids are, there’s no real scale. And there isn’t much variance in ways to farm silver. Kinda wish PVP was more directly profitable outside GTW, but TBL and gemstone feud are completely dead because most people just don’t like being forced to PVP and the rewards aren’t good enough. It’s a hard balance.

the endgame content is flexing your costume and gears by afk popo in town

the next endgame is endless grind, dont worry imc will deepen the grind abyss by adding more content like relic dungeon, relic and trasmuted lv x gears, goddess card

the dead contents are… sorry thats just too much. but the most disappointing are the dead adventurous exploration part of the game, the unsolving mystery/quests part of the game, the pvp, the journals and field collection, its all dead

you basically return, you can buy the jump package, and start grind rightaway to become 10b+ silver worth character with luciferi, ark lv 10, vv lv4, armor lv3, seal lv 5, then theres this new goddess card, relic, and probably some more

you are here to participate as a grind robot. or to pay so you dont have to grind


TBL is kinda worth it for the content points, since you now can get +15 All Stats every 63000 content points.

Raids are kinda worth it because you can sell the loot. For example if you are very good geared already you can do WWE fairly fast (<5 minutes) and you get two hearts that sell for 2M each. Faster money than CM and doesn’t cost badges to enter.

After 10k hours into this game, yep pretty much. If you have plenty of time on your hands to play an mmorpg and this suits your taste, by all means. Other than that, you pretty much summed it up

Only thing you can do with your alts. Those will be stuck with episode 11 equips and won’t be upgraded ever again because lack of upgrade mats. So you can use them for a daily CM on episode 11 maps for extra silver and nucle powder.

I agree, it’s a waste of time if you don’t have a fixed party. Too many absurd mechanics to learn and a wipe if you fail any. You can still do outdated raids for weekly AP/content points.

For me, PvP = friendly duel. Gemstone Feud is no PvP, it’s twice 15mins of wasted time to get 2x 200 content points and some exp cards for your 449 or lower level alts. GTW is only for big guilds. TBL gives 100 content point per match, either win or lose, and I don’t understand why there are rarely people matching for it, it’s the fastest way to make your weekly 5k content points.

GTW concept from the start is ad broken when gear progression is based on PVE, and using it to compete each other in PVP. No way a poor velco user can beat +21 glacia or people with low enhancement art beat lvl30 enhancement art. No1 want to play 1 sided game, where just whale keep winning. PVP in TOS is just competition of progression rather than actual player ability.