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Enchanter buffs on weapon

my friend says glove/boots also had enchants but I didn’t get to hover on it in the video. But you can clearly see the enchant on weapon

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What?? 100% uptime Binatio. GG

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian


when i thought AA still had hope

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Hi all. It was an unintended bug. Also my first time encountering this on 17 May 2021 around 2AM server time. This was what happen…while I was enchanting my top, pants and shield with autobuff addon (auto unequip -> enchant -> equip back), without checking if they are completed, I just continuted with squire maintenance buff using autobuff addon (auto unequip -> maintenance -> equip back). I think that was where the bug/error came about (main weapon got enchanted).

And for your information, my gloves and shoes are not enchanted.

I did test the bug out on WBR but only on practice mode. But sorry to say that, there’s not much of an improvement, Binatio downtime is still equally long.

Sorry if I have caused anyone inconvenience and frustration (unfairness and imbalance). Sincerly, it wasn’t intended, and I did not abuse the bug in any ways. Am currently waiting for the 24 hours enchantment period to end before I can play my Chaplain (character name: friendsheep) again.
Thank you.

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hi baabaa, i think that the best way to defend yourself in this situation is to show a vid of a WBR run with this week’s boss. getting your current recorded score, or maybe close to it, while showing people Binatio is indeed behaving as it should be. i wish you well and goodluck to you.


the bug was explained in detail, there’s no need for such thing. It’s not a trial that he has to defend, simply reporting the bug is enough

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People will need proof that he is indeed playing fairly. Especially given the fact that if the bug actually functions it greatly benefits his chosen class.

@GM_Francis Please look into this.

He had to explain because he was exposed. Who can truly prove that he just encountered the bug on May 17, 2am? I was one of the people who saw his bugged gears and it was May 16, 3am SVT. A few mins after it was spread out, he quickly unequipped his gears. Understandable, since he already aroused suspicion. I commend him for explaining how the bug came to be, however, as Mage15 has said, to further express his willingness to play fair (he’s currently ranked #2 in cleric tree), a recorded run would suffice.

Am able to replicate the bug with the addon, but only to a pistol slot so far. Although the lines is there, it doesn’t seems to work.



Same 15 difference, with 5% MDEF.


Can’t seems to work on other gear though. But given the fact that imc’s equipment select system is so loosely integrated is just imc quality we expect i guess. I don’t know about other enchant, kinda fishy that it worked in such ways, dont really want to step further in. Also it kinda gave me VGA once when i tried to break it.

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Hi all. It was 16 May 2021 at 1.30AM server time when I got the bug. I got mixed up with my own location time (SEA) when I was replying to this post 12 hours ago. I mentioned 17 May 2021 around 2AM server time which is a time in the future. Sorry about that. Thanks kklalixa for the correction.
Believe it or not, it was really the first time that I got my weapon bugged with 5% increase in cleric buff duration. And I did not use it for any game contents that would benefit myself or impact anyone else positively/negatively including WBR.
kklalixa has pointed out the reason why I unequipped my gears. Mainly to avoid suspicion, false accusation and get stirred up in a discussion like what we’re having now.

The score listed on the WBR ranking was achieved days ago fairly without the bugged enchanter buff.
I did not record any of my WBR runs and probably won’t do so either for upcoming WBRs.

Once again, sorry if I have caused inconvenience and dissatisfaction among the players.
It’s good that this bug was brought up by Flu, so that IMC are aware and can find a way to resolve it. I myself wouldn’t bring this up, not because I am abusing it, but because of my laziness.
I will definitely cooperate with the GMs and investigation team if necessary.

Thank you.

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I replicated the bug with CON enchant on my full spr character. but it doesn’t give any real effect aside from visual?


Hello Flufulu,

We will investigate the matter as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting