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Electra Necklace bug, +50% doesn't apply to all listed skills

Hi all,

The Electra Necklace currently does not properly boost the damage from Zaibas or Divine Punishment.
There is a small damage increase, but this is in line with its innate magic attack and lightning property damage.
The +50% atk, however, doesn’t work for these skills.

I did tried Fanatic Illusion as well, but that did get a noticeable dmg increase so that seems to be working just fine.
But I can’t verify Electrocute atm as I don’t have an Elementalist.



It might be hard to notice it on Divine Punishment since the skill factor is really high on that skill

Could be, at this point I’m not entire sure if it’s due to defense ratio’s and the 30 matk or even both.

I’ll include a Divine Punishment example anyway, lightning weak mob though with 918 mdef…

Doesnt work on fanatic illusion either

Addtional 50% skill factor to 5000% skill
Is like 1% increase

Not sure if it should add 50% skill factor or 1.5x
But for my own earth skills 50% added to skillfactor was the interaction

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That’s really strange, my Tyou skill did around 7k without the necklace, and around 11k-12k with it.

My damage for toyou went from 3k to maybe 3.4k per tick

What’s the Skill Factor of your Divine Punishment, (including enhance)?

2000± more damage is about right on that enemy.

Oh damn OP is right. I just tested Zaibas as well and the necklace doesn’t boost the damage at all! I can’t tell for how long this has been happening, but ever since the transcedence update patch, even though I upgraded my Tao weapon from +11 Trans 6 to +16 Trans 10, I felt that I’m killing things at the same speed, so maybe the bug begins from there? If that’s so, then it’s a whole 1.5 months of getting cheated without knowing it!

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I just tested it, I am wrong. I swear it worked before… Ew, the necklace is useless

It never added much for me … last tested 1-2months ago

hence i thought that it added 50% to each tick of skill factor
Eg 300ish % to 350% x 10 ticks
50% of 300% is about 15% ++
Just so happen it increased my damage by 15% ±
i might be wrong though

Yes it’s supposed to add just 50%, which is HUGE to Zaibas since Zaibas has such a low factor. The first time I tested the necklace is when it was just launched (2 months ago?). I vaguely remembers my zaibas then went from 8k - 13k (both with blessing). But just now I tested with and without the necklace, the damage is 13k (I upgraded my weapon a lot since 2 months ago).

The Elementals Necklaces just applying (M.Atk) and 40 property damage.

Look in DG 300, take a picture/video in monday (before patch) and necklace working fine, same equipment and buffs (only difference is Lycan)

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Mmm kinda the same with my Earth necklace, it feels more like a 15-20% dmg increase rather than 50%
unless it isn’t taking in consideration my enhacement attributes

Guys, these necklaces add 50% to skill factor, not to damage. For example, you will get 150% on 100% skill and 1050% on 1000% skill. It works that way. Read the description carefully :satisfaction:
Btw IMC once said:

As for accessories, the Agny Necklace, an item with rather peculiar options, will now increase the factor of fire property skill attacks by 50%. Say, if Fireball has an attack factor of 230%, with an Agny Necklace equipped it will expand to 280%.
Along with this, we also want to readjust the attack factor of a few fire property skills to be more effective even without depending on the Agny Neckalce. We expect to follow the same approach with future attack type-specific accessories, although we don’t intend to base any balancing plans around specific items.

You know that’s noticeable on a skill like Zaibas, right?

It is already clear how the necklace works, and this is not the problem.

The problem is: Why the 50% attribute is not being applied?

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It’s completely wrong, % are not working this way.

Problem still exists as of today’s maintanence @STAFF_Letitia

Together with prison cutter & velnia monkey cards bug, seems like there’s some underlying formula bug that affects % boosting equipments / cards.

When this necklace is out, i tested it with my friend in PVP and spotted the 50% increase in TOTAL OUTPUT. Yes it was crazy and i was so excited. From 5000~ to 7500~ with Divine Punishment. It worked that way before. But now no, IMC nerfed it.
Based on the current mechanic, it adds 50% to the SKILL FACTOR, not the total output anymore. So it should add only 50% to the 1000%, for example, which will be 1050% like he said.
The skill that benefit the most from Electra is Zaibas. In the case of maximum attribute, Zaibas dmg will be: MATK x 132%. That 50% is added to the 132%, which have us 182% PER HIT. Now time that with 19 hit of Zaibas, and time the number of casted Zaibas (x2 for most other build and x3 for Tao2, and didn’t mention the huge amplification from Storm Calling). Yeah, the necklace is definitely the game-end item for KriTao build. I tested it many times and saw the effect getting on and off after patches. Basically it worked after several fixes and now it is rigged again. IMC surely wanna toy us.
Please fix this ASAP. I even ditch the Solmiki set just because of this necklace. This is not suppose to be what I or anybody have to get.

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