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Electra Necklace bug, +50% doesn't apply to all listed skills

Been seeing more bugs popping out from everywhere now that everyone is min-maxing gears…

Imc pls send help

Oh let me add Iltiswort card too. It used to work with chortasmata combo for extra spell dmg. Now only work on AA (or this is a fix without warning again?)

But you can’t do 1000+50, Skill Factor is calculated with %. % over % is not supposed to be an addition. If it works this way, it’s stupid indeed.

Whether you like the logic or not, this is really how it works.

Anyways looks like issue is now fixed in the latest kTEST, which we should receive the fix soon in 1 or 2 weeks.

% of % is what we want. % + % is what we get. Who would refuse a 50% of the total existing %? But thats not what we are getting here. Things wont stay yummy after a nerf ya know.

Do you mean like this?
When the attack skill factor is 230% added with 50% it should be like: 230 x 0.50 = 115+230 = 345%
Or if the skill factor is 1000% added with 50% it should be like: 1000 x 0.50 = 500+1000 = 1500%
Or did I do it in a wrong way?

This same bug is also true for the zemej necklace, tested with all earth skills and none of them had any damage increase :upside_down_face:.

I thought it was working like attributes, it makes no sense to add 50%. But as said above, it’s working this way. They should change the tooltip, it’s confusing in this case.

edit :

NVM, it’s not confusing, the infos are still weird : Agny Electra

Adds 50% attack ??? At least the “add” is true (even if it’s stupid), but “attack” ?

Adds +50 to skill factor of the following skills


@crevox maybe?
or change the original korean tooltip and ours @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob

@Hmmmm This is difficult because it says it “adds +50% attack” when using the skills. This is the same as the KR tooltip.

This is technically correct because it does exactly that; it adds +50% to the Attack of the skill:


As the skill tooltip labels that as “Attack.” The term “skill factor” is never used here. Enhance attributes aren’t even consistent with this, since they say they “increase damage”, and also don’t use the term “skill factor.” I’m not even sure the term “skill factor” is used in game anywhere.

I will put this on my list of things that need to be clarified better and see if I can work something out, even if it means talking to IMC about it.

Oh weird, i had the feeling that word was used in the past… somewhere in game.


Adds +50 to Attack of the following skills

without the %, because it makes people think its 50% to the end damage…


Adds +50% to Attack of the following skills

but this will ‘misslead’ some people again

The topic is diverging here.

Ive used agny in the past before and after it was patched so Im pretty sure how these item series work.

It adds 50% of your matk to your specific skills as damage. In other words, it adds 50% SF to those skills (NOT x1.5).

Now back to topic. Im not seeing any significant changes for Zaibas, a skill that has 82% SF, after the patch. I Tested it before when I was level 270 at Kalejimas and the damage increase was indeed ~50% of your matk or less but after the patch, the difference is now a flat 50 or something. I can’t be sure since all my characters have M.Amp from collections but it seems like IMC forgot to add % calculation to these items.

So, to keep it short and actually make some kind of progress, there IS a bug in the Electra Necklace regarding Zaibas, at least. There’s no world where anyone can say it is giving Zaibas the 50% skill additional damage as it should( I’ve tested quite a lot and I don’t think it’s even giving flat 50 as stated above).Now, If this is intended or if IMC will ever fix it, that’s an entirely different topic.

I’m surprised this is still brought up quite a lot. As I already mentioned some posts above, IMC has acknowledged this issue and fixed it according to kTEST notes 1 week ago. The only question is when we will receive the fix. Considering Snow Rolling duration fix silently arrived here 1 week after it got fixed in kTOS, I suspect we will be getting it soon.

Other beauty update without fix :frowning:

Still not working with Zaibas…

Electra Necklace doesn’t work with Enchanter’s Lightning hand (just in case anyone curious)

Is the Necklace still bugged?