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Duping is REAL!

etup is streaming right now and there’s like 30 cleric bots running around on a lvl110 map called “manahas” and they all have arde daggers and cafrisun sets ROFL

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Found it weird when I was seeing lots of bots with Cafrisun set and Arde. Wouldn’t be surprised if item duping is being used.

Would make more sense for them to just sell the duped items though.

Hello dude ;

sorry to say this to you but you’re wrong ;

what would happened if 30 adde dagger comes on market ? think a little :wink:

PS : duping is “easy” to do with proper set up … if they don’t fix it i really don’t know how lambda player will manage to buy gear/item at market soon … price are already as crazy as it was at the end of the last beta … this is nonsense already and it won’t becomes any better if no one stop that kind of bug/behavior

maybe 30 ppl would buy it?

You need to control the market.
If you have 30 daggers on the market, the price will plummet immediately. People will naturally undercut the price.

All these dupers/botters…this is what ruined RO. This game will reach private servers faster than you can say BOT.

maybe they’re unable to sell the duped items. but there’s no way its NOT a dupe or hacked item if there’s 100+ cleric bots running around with arde daggers and only 1 arde dagger on the market

A lot of these bots are probably on their way to Pardoners to farm silver via buff shops. There’s a good reason why IMC has those high taxes.

Maybe they bought all? Its a bot, no problem to make money, yesterday had like 12 now just one


The trade restriction is helping the bot. Now they can just sweep the market, and we have no other way to sell our Arde Dagger.

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If they can dupe why are they farming silvers? Why are they leveling? Why not dupe the lvl. cards, sell dupe item on NPC etc?

Eitherway they can’t or there’s a limitation on it like for example, instead of duping item, they can only dupe the character itself with its current items. But well who knows.

I’m seeing a lot of priest bots… I’ve reported the Arde ones before… Now running around without Arde weapons… I think they don’t have a limitless supply of them.

Tbh, there has been a huge spike in the price of Arde daggers recently… I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the bot people buying them so they farm faster. I miss the old days when an Arde cost less then 500k… Now… they’re up in the millions…

the bots are buying them, it’s not duping;

why do you think arde dagger is 1mil+ in price now.

They bot for silver, buy arde now they bot 3x as fast.


On klaipedia today my mumble guys were saying it was up to a mil.

It is. A few hours ago the lowest one was 1.2 mill

I… I don’t think those arde daggers are being bought by bots, cause all the bots I’ve seen with arde daggers still have max potential.

Not sure if duping actually exists are they’re just really good at farming arde daggers…

Have you tried inspecting anyone else,

You can’t see potential on their items, it’s always full.

I heard that potential doesnt show up on an inspection of other characters.

no idea if its true or not but it should be easy to check.

or maybe they dupe the necroventer cube, then opened it to get arde

The bots are buying all the arde dagger from the market and are botting cafrisun, if they could dupe you wouldn’t have 50 bots on the cafrisun spawn 24/7.

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I think you always see max potential on other people items. Anyway, bots are indeed buying arde dagger from the market, pushing price up. They can easily farm millions of silver per day (quite easy if you ask me, 400 silver/mob around level 90-100)

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