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Dungeon restrictions of 2 are a seriously horrible idea

You want to cap dungeons whatever I guess, you don’t want people spam farming them and I suppose I understand that. A tiny limit of two per day is what feels like premium bait to me though. I was just starting to accept that but then I find that there is a TIME LIMIT. Why? What on earth is the point? Getting forced out once as you kill the boss is also a seemingly unnecessary frustration.

TOS Was feeling fun at first but now Im not really too sure I like some of the decisions being made, premium bonuses are insanely good, the enchant scrolls (albeit I admit the bonuses are pretty small and only help early). Are a few examples.

I love the game and I’ve done my part to support it but I’m starting to feel a little uneasy here.


icbt2 dungeon was ok dont know why they changed it

from 5 runs on each dungeon to 2 global dungeon run per day

600% experience gain is a lot to really offer more than that, 3 dungeons yesterday got me from level 50-65.


With a +1 premium allowance making it 3. Put the allowance back up and remove the +1 from premium imo.

Honestly its mostly the time limit. There’s no need for a time limit with such a small allowance. Things happen irl, people may need to afk, the group might be low dps, whatever.

I didn’t even know there was a time limit personally, max amount of time I’ve been in the level 50 dungeon was 40 minutes tops.

Neither did I until just now. Was full clearing a guy had to go repair then another guy had to afk for irl things, we didn’t even get to the boss obviously because if you go there and kill it first it forces you out on a 60 second timer or whatever. Lost the allowance didn’t even get to kill the boss lol!


that just means your team was godawful.


yes it is big but remember that in this change you can only run 2 times on dungeons globally meaning you can run 1 on lv 50 and 1 on lv 90 before you have to wait for a day

in icbt2 you can run 5 times on lv 50 dungeon 3 times i think on lv 90 dungeon

more runs = more talts for guild and other rare items in there (the dagger on lv 90 dungeon)

Pretty much this.

You can AFK on your own, but when you queue with other people with a limited time you better pitch in for the crew as efficiently as you can.


5 runs dungeon = @100% exp = 500% exp = 2hours
2 runs dungeon = @600% exp = 1.2k exp = less than 1hours

You get more exp and less time to finish, which mean you can continue your quest. But seriously you complaining ??? :confused:

CMIIW about 5 runs dungeon exp on iCBT


I can understand is more effective.
My issue with this is that I can’t level the way I prefer.

You can solo or group and field grind all day if you want.
But if you want something more challenging, you can only do it for about 1 hour.
Why is there no balance on the kinds of content we can do?

I wish we could run dungeon all we wanted, exp was less than 600%, but we could run them all we wanted. Or have a version of the dungeon that has no run limit and doesn’t give as much exp. Even though, harder content should provide better rewards, so it should still be an effective way of leveling.

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For me its not really the XP anymore but the card drops and stuff. A global 2 allowance on dungeons per day?

goodluck farming for talt/cards on a global 2 allowance.

For me 1 run per day is enough if the exp continue the same. if you use the search party gives insane boost exp plus dungeons are boring and very lenght.

I think you and me have different point of thinking about this game.
The truth is this game so boring with a lot of stupid quest and dungeon suck.
so i was thinking why IMC make it like that.
My answer is :
This game have too many classes, so if they make this game like RO with low rate and slow leveling, imagine when you screw up with your class build and want to start from beginning. With that ass pain low rate leveling without quest, maybe you’ll just quit TOS.
With this a lot stupid quest & matchmaking bonus exp, you can save time to explore many build at least for Rank 5.

Dungeon not the place you search for challenging mobs.
Even the boss AI so stupid.

Level up your char and go to maps with high stars, with elite mobs
Go to World boss, Lastly Earth Tower.

You’re kidding right ? or u just won’t admit you’re dumb.
Talt ? whats for ? upgrade gem ?
it’s just 100 experience each for what ? 10-20minutes dungeon ?
just kill 20 Kepa less than 2 minutes you get the same material experience as talt.
Selling talt for what ? 5k silver ? LOL

Cards ? i have no idea about this.

I don’t care the rates are low. I want fare amount of a kind of content to be available.
Earth Tower is another of the limited dungeons iirc… and it’s lv260?.. Not enough options for that kind of content, the problem persists.

Nah you can start make your own game maybe
Good Luck :wink:

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Its 5 dungeon runs in KTOS…

before calling someone dumb please try to read the description of talt
your information of talt is based on icbt2 where we dont have rank 7 yet

in icbt2 it is 5 dungeons on lv 50 i am sure about that and about 3 runs maybe on lv 90

also 600% exp bonus divide it into 5 man in your party = 120% exp per member not 600% on 1 person unless everyone quit and you are the only one (which will rarely happen)

on normal 5 man premade a bonus exp is 450% if you have 1 of each base class (swordsman,archer,wizard,cleric) dont know the rate if you dont have 1 of each base class.

you really should watch your manner when you try to make an argument. calling a person stupid or dumb doesn’t prove your point more so if you gave a wrong answer.

My biggest problem with dungeons is the party search not having any kind of class restriction for the party. Earlier today I got in a group of 5 swordsmen and we had to deal with it by ignoring most of the map and dying/running back to the boss (thanks to having no healer at all) time after time in order to beat the boss or else it would mean half of our daily limit was wasted.