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Dungeon restrictions of 2 are a seriously horrible idea

experienced 3 linkers 1 barbarian and me an archer C3

yours was pretty ok since you are all a bit tanky and have aoe unless all your skills knockback them all.

so far i only met 1 cleric class on 1 run and the rest are non cleric party

But dungeons are less challenging. Dungeons are the easiest thing in the entire game, so easy you can have 4 people AFKing while the fifth solos the whole dungeon. With the limit in place, at least there’s a reason to actually play the rest of the game so you can’t just AFK through AFKgeons and ignore all the other content.

However, the timer should be made visible when it gets low so people will know what to expect. If a group doesn’t know they’re on a timer, they could sit around wasting a lot of time and complain when someone starts solo clearing.

This is iTOS

for Guild ?
so what, this is why i said dumb
Will everyone that get talt will go to their guild ? no, they will sell it
So which one you prefer wasting your 2hours/day to farm more 3 talts
or use that 2hours leveling your char, farming at high level map where more silver drop and buy that talt :kissing:

this only appy on kTOS before matchmaking dungeon
Never happend in iCBT2

LOL… okok i won’t said dumb
600% : 5 = 120% here mean bonus exp
so you get 100 + 120 % more exp

Also itu you read all the comments above u’ll see even after one explaination, he still complaining so that’s why i call him dumb.

this is iTOS not iCBT tos nor kTOS
Also there’s already patch note by IMC staff Julie here

So what if the language of the server is flipping English.
We’re paying money like anyone else but have 3/5s of the quantity.
Your answer is “Well its Itos”, what is the matter with you that you rather give such a trash response then formulate a sensible response. What is the justification of the reduction, do we have higher drop rates or exp boosts? Did it create a better atmosphere for the community that the localization was done for? No. Was there significant requests to have less things to do? Was any server complication articulated either that may justify doing so? Nope. Yet in your mind saying its "Itos"was sufficient reasoning for having a less consumer friendly system.

If sticking your head in the sand is how you get your rocks off then by all means enjoy yourself.

I honestly don’t see the problem with the cap. The 2-3 runs already give you enough levels so that you can do TONS of quests. I’m currently over level for most areas. This just gives you time to do your quests.

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if you want to say dumb or stupid from a person then just dont say it. it is on the rules of the forum that you must not say anything offensive to the person and to others that read it.

you can however, say that in a way that is not offensive or without saying those words.

it is more like if you get 100 exp it is 600 exp shared on 5 members so each gets 120 exp. unless this is what you mean then i wont say any more of it.

that can only apply to random members who got invited to a guild. but if the members that are loyal to the guild will donate it since a guild has PvE content and garden and farm (raising animals).

eventually we will get to a time where we are at max level and cant do anything else except do dungeons. so old dungeon mechanics (individual runs instead of global run) will provide those players some time to farm talts for guild or additional exp for gems and also a chance to get cards and rare items (arde dagger on lv 90 dungeon)

when farming for talt or only after the cube then you wont waste 2 hrs a day for it and just rush to the boss. it is less than 10 mins on higher level players and about 20 mins or less for those who are near the dungeon level.

Oh common… I just said I liked the challenge of the dungeons, why would I get a high level character to carry the whole dungeon for me?..

To topic:
So you guys defend the fact of there being only 2 dungeon runs is good for the exp and makes it more of “daily quest”. Quick and easy exp.
Can we not make the game better to allow for all players to enjoy the content they like?

And I repeat, it’s not about exp, it’s about content.

come on dude, you came here for disscussion or for debate ?

Your question so ridiculous.

  1. Buying cars in Japan very expensive compare to others country even Japan itself the maker of the cars.
  2. Cigarette in Singapore way to expensive compare to Indonesia.

Are those peoples complain bla bla bla ?
no, coz every Country, every developer, every publisher, even every PEOPLES have their own rules.

The problem here, why i said dumb in 1st place, coz this thread was started with complaining and blaming even they don’t even read the patch Notes.

it’s true, but the ratio between loyal member and casual player even gold seller. You can’t even compare it.

What do you mean, high level? I’m talking about typical random finder groups. Are you seriously saying you can’t solo dungeons? That’s hard to believe unless you’re counting incomplete builds like people who took wizard 2 going to the level 50 dungeon. Even an elementary schooler could do the easy mode dungeons in ToS.

You’re trying to avoid the other 95% of the content and make the most simple, linear 5% the only stuff you’ll ever do. Why are you trying to skip the rest of the content?

No, can’t solo the lv50 dungeon as a lv60 support priest. Haven’t seen anyone that can or is even close to. Unless you want to pull mobs 1 by 1 and take really long. Still, haven’t seen any character close to being able to do what you describe.

And there is the assumption… no, I’m not skipping any content. I’m still gonna do all my quests, go through all the maps, attempt to get all collections.
My point stands, why limit the content? You guys don’t like content?

Comparing physical items to digital code where the limitations is the difference of an integer being set to 2/3 instead of 5.
Yeah you’re not a serious person, have a good day.

you’re sure come here for debate :smile:
Ok let’s debate.

1.This iTOS, remember iTOS not kTOS

2.It’s not just change languange coz publisher of iTOS also the Developer of TOS. So they can change the game for the best for players.

3.What country are you from and what TOS version you played ? iTOS right ? of coz i said this is iTOS.

What exactly you want to ? have fair dungeon with kTOS player ?
and What the real effect for you if they have 5 runs and you just have 3 runs. They came to iTOS server and messed up the server ? or what please tell me.
Don’t even mention kTOS just mention other server in iTOS, While you play in Klapedia some player in Orsha have +40 Legend Weapon.
What the problem with it ? pleasee tell me.
You wanna say it’s not fair ? what fair ? you play in different server dude, different WORLD. That’s why i said this is iTOS.

If you play in Klapedia and some people can do 5runs maybe you can complain, or maybe someone bots, etc.
Not to mention there are so many patch in Korea that change how the game or class supposed to be. LINK
No Bla Bla Bla Bla

Calls people dumb and Has “no idea” about cards. Get out of here son.

ktos has a 5cap. (you saying this is not ktos like that is somehow valid is actually hilarious, or just troll) I want the 5 cap back. with or without +1 for prem. Remove the time limit or remove the force-exit on a boss kill. Talt importance will probably change with rank 7 and the cost of common materials on market will increase once as more people come to realise they’re an option, they won’t remain this cheap for long.

If all you have to offer is insults, just get lost rofl. Everything I’m saying is valid and probably accurate I can’t discuss with some child who comes here calling people dumb and presenting straw-man arguements like “lolololo well this is not ktos”

I know what card it is.

What i mean your argumen for card same as talt.
You want for easy earning.
More dungeon more drops.
Why you don’t say something like this, make World boss spawn every 5 minutes.
That’s the Challenge dude. More effort.
Also with this few talt you will know which members are loyal enough to guild. You can have a solid Guild Community.
Not just some leechs member

about “dumb” thing @Staff_Julie edited it for me… :joy:

Many player expect TOS will looks like Ragnarok with grinding.
Now you’re want more dungeon and for what reason ? Coz in CBT was 5 runs ?

LOL, you know CBT was for testing right.
And about iTOS vs kTOS you can read my statement above.
Tell me exactly for what reason iTOS must same as kTOS.
None of your statements was valid not even close.

Where at any point did I say I want easy earning? You’ve approached the whole thing with this silly assumption that is what is wanted. You’d do well to not make assumptions, especially false ones.

I’m already at top 2% ish with the way things are, I don’t need easy anything (there is some context for you)

Tell me what is wrong with the 5cap. Preferably something more substantial than “so what if ktos has it this isn’t ktos” or “you know that was cbt”

Tell me why a global cap of 5 is broken or unfair and you might actually have something worth discussing.

If it was broken it wouldn’t even be in the ktos version, would it. I mean those Koreans are pretty serious about their games.

5 was better. 2 is way too restricting. 5 allowed for a small amount of cube farming, but not so much that the game would explode in to a broken economy. Although this might not be so true with the double rolls on cubes thanks to premium, thus potentially being the case, is another example of the problems created by premium bonuses. Although it would provide a reasonable silver sink claiming all of those bonus rolls at 20k+ a time. But that is here nor there.

I’m telling you, the 2 cap is nothing more than a restrictive premium bait. Hell, you can even get an extra roll out of your cubes with premium, for a toal of 6. Which is almost the same as what you would have gotten out of the 5cap when there wasn’t a premium.

Maybe you could offer something useful on that. Preferably not “lol this isnt cbt or ktoss”

All you children need to calm the f down and stop wanting this to be like WoW and other dungeon spamming games. Play the damn game, stop being annoying as hell.

Lv50 dungeon run it twice and you’re about lv 60 already. What more do you want? Go do other maps jesus christ.

What is the time limit per dungeon run?

Do KTOS get 5x dungeons at 600% exp each? Or are they 5 dungeons at 100% like we used to be?

I’m raising a Sorcerer so I’m not looking forward to the dungeon lockout to get my demon cards :T But I haven’t even gotten that far yet so maybe there’s hope by the time I get there that things will be improved all-around.

People don’t “want more”, the 5x run at 100% would get them LESS experience.
It’s not a matter of exp grinding like people supporting 2x 600% are saying, it’s a matter of people wanting to do dungeons and then oh so quickly being told “Nope, over the cap. glhf wait until tomorrow” when they were having fun, well, doing dungeons! And now they can’t

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Restriction of 2 dungeons is an awesome idea imho. 3 for premium is great (even if 4 would have been perfect).

MAYBE to get the better of both worlds, you could still be able to dungeon after 2 or 3 times, but get only 50% exp and no boss loot.

Idk why everyone is assuming it’s all about the XP. It isn’t. I legitimitaly don’t really care about the XP, it’s nice while it’s needed some of us don’t need it. It’s about the boss cubes which may include recipes/cards/rares and often talt.

still waiting for somebody to actually offer something useful on why 5cap is bad or the opinion that the sudden cap drop to 2 after CBT now that there’s a premium bonus that offers +1 cap and +1 roll on cubes which is almost what you got on the old +5 cap. XP included.

It’s funny because you get accused of things like wanting it easy. The old CBT at 5cap was actually harder because you had to complete more runs to get comparable XP gains and cube rolls.

And if you want comparable results on the new 2cap vs old 5cap You need to have a premium token

Not sure when mature discussion stopped being a thing.

A cap is a good idea. I can see the need for it with TOS. I’m just saying that a sudden decrease to 2 from 5 with the new premium benefits is kinda cheeky.