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Dungeon Away from keyboard(afk) player - AngelCorps


can you please stop lying already? you weren’t even in the match that I was in with angelcorps, so you did not bear “witness” to anything. You are a fraud.


smfh, because thats the only way i coulda saw right? go home you’re drunk.


No. Stop replying to this thread, this is not about you. You keep spreading fake BULLsh*t about your member who everyone knows afk in most dungeon runs. I will keep reporting your buddies if I see them afking in the dungeons as well as other people.


okay, in the mean time learn to use the ingame report function


this retard always enters dungeon to afk, sometimes he walks into the mob to pretend doing something but actually does nothing, if you notice and say something then he cries about not being afk, and he usually goes with guildmates that start whinning to you like two babies crying xD thats what this game has become


wow this cuck is really full of himself :haha: is this the kind of toxicity that also kills the game but as long as u do ur monthly payment to keep the server alive and our country safe, its ok, i guess?
But that won’t change the fact that u will be always the #1 Klaipeda’s C☋CK and worthless outsite ToS <3

Wonder if any other guild is as shameful (:poop:) as yours to defend scamming and AFK leeching at dungs/instances?


no one’s going to believe anyone unless there’s solid proof if you ask me Owo;


the proof is in the main post, once again. Start reading before you take sides.


i was saying in general, as you can see Owo;

if you have one then the message is not applied to you

but sure, ok, i guess you’re the type who just take things in offense and be standoffish to stuff owOb


That person even admitted afk before, just so you know, if tired, why can’t just take a break instead do that ? Not randomly many reports about same one person and many replies from many people (you can find it, or, if you are the klaipedian which queued in dg before). People don’t care about those reasons even if it’s real or fake, if they meet afk, sure they will feel uneasy, as natural, if not, I suppose you are saint. If afkers begin to fix their behaviour, it’s not hard to announce apologize and run normally, I’m sure people will forget and forgive it, instead keep giving reasons, or trying to do things which escalated or solve nothing beside making hate more.


noone cares anymore, ingame report function


the ingame report function is for people who are suspected for botting, not for reporting afkers in a dungeon. Also, once again, please stop commenting on a thread that doesn’t involve you.


Actually they added extra function for report inside dungeons, you should try it…

limiting your options isn’t a good thing to do…


thank you I did not know that, but the report here is already enough evidence.


ah so he`s the guild leader… no wonder then
salt? lol why would anyone salt because of someone afk?
not everyone ignorance for being leeched. some also get annoyed because dungeon is pt game and everyone should help.
no matter how trash your damage is, you can still do buff, debuff, cc and thats still counts as help.
instead of sitting like a lazy hobo doing nothing.
theres no need for you to argue guild leader, cause this is an absolute mistakes from him, no excuse.protecting him only makes you even look more st***d.
You might own a guild, but from your attitude and response, youre not appropriate to be a guild leader.


cool story bro, read the whole post kthx
reading can be really hard but I’ll make it easy for you
he didn’t do it, i saw it.


He did it, I saw it.


Mr. typhoonz you maybe saw it once but he does it contantly, maybe he played that one cuz you where there idk why you try so hard on defending that guy… but doesnt really matter since imc wont do anything


ok STOPPPPP… IF you see him, or any other Forbidden, AFK in an instanced dungeon … REPORT THEM IN GAME. Players can only police other players so much, and was it seen? is it believed? skip all that bs, just REPORT them IN GAME. and then maybe PM typh…? but dont argue about it, what does that solve? . if hes really still doing it, hopefully hel get reported enough and get kicked. If hes not doing it(anymore), then hes not doing it, fantastic.

TY in advance, a Forbidden member thats tired of us getting labeled asshats and this bs convo going on forever.


if youre a proper guild leader you should admonish and punish him instead of protecting him. thats what person with right mind will do. that way people who get bothered by him got a bit sense of relief cause the right decision taken already.

and this is not bs cause this got proofs, and i as guildless player also encounter this afk dude many times.
we are not talking about guild from the very first time.we are talking about afk player.

the one who bring up guild is your guild leader himself by bragging about guild war and keep on asking ppl guild.

~even if youre anonymous you still need manner in game