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Dual vaivora bow gameplay

Lel - dat basically my build before i went meta (except that i didn’t take barrage, ark really make builds go 180 lmao).

Damage distribution would be something like this (overload, default barbed, swap VVR only for Orbital):


Different story though for lvl4 vvrs :v

Isn’t people also doing dual set (goddess and demon) gameplay?

Funny how this is my current build right now.

2 Overload 2 Dahlia on Sauk - it works well ngl.

Damage distribution (vvr mergen):


So you swap weapon in between?
Maybe I should keep my reinforce bowstring then.

that youtuber insight

I am not saying 2-2, there is people doing two full sets and swaping them to get the effects.
Example: Proc overload then switch to channeling set.



i think you guys better discuss further after reading that youtuber conclusion

aaack need more hotkeys :v

there is addons for swaping sets