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Druid Shapeshift Feedback

Posted this in the cleric forum but want to drop this here too…

"Just had some ideas on how to improve the shapeshift ability of the Druid class to make it actually useful or viable even and give the Druid more flavor.

Instead of having shapeshift and transform as Druid abilities I think they should replace shapeshift with a skill called “study”. They would also add a journal to the druid class where you could go out and “study” all the plant, insect and beast type monsters and they would be added to your journal. (We would give up the ability to use Chortasmata to shapeshift into all types). From here, you would be able to see the skills each form has and you could select one to then use your transform to turn into.

You could easily switch the form out with another through your journal whenever you wanted. It would almost create like a little mini game (almost like pokemon) where you go out and collect all the different form.

As for the forms themselves, they should be buffed to at least let them be useful when it comes to leveling and their attack speed, AOE and damage. Let there be some basic shared abilities across forms (like scratch or growl) but let some have unqiue abilities that make them special and useful.

Just some idea, not totally fleshed out but at least a solid framework I think. Would really love to see shapeshift be a useful ability tothe druid class."