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Druid - Are Transform & ShapeShift usable?

Hello there,

Is there any change on Transform & ShapeShift ?

The transformations are what I love in the Druid and what motivate me to play ToS.

When I last played they were just a fun skill with no real interesting use. Is this still the case ? Is there a way to make them usable ?

Thanks !

Unless the newer mobs have skill factors well above 100%, you will be barely dealing any damage with their attacks. Even at 100,000 physical or magic attack, you wouldn’t be able to hit for the damage cap.

As for utility based transforms, nothing really comes to mind. You could try to do some… interesting things by using Firent, but that’s about it. The boost doesn’t even last long enough to be worthwhile.

In short, these skills are still just for fun.

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Honestly the best thing you can do with those skills is go to Barha Forest, use chortasmata on these table enemies, and then use shapeshift.
Pretty useless but now you get to be a regular or alchemy table. :distinguished:

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Thanks for your answers ! That’s a little sad. I was hoping