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Doubts about Miko

Is there a chance of using Miko as part of a damage dealer instead of a support?
Since this class has Omikuji, Gohei and Hamaya I was thinking about creating (maybe) another cleric using Miko as a magic dps. Would it be bad? Like Druid - Exorcist - Miko or something like. Or is this class made possibly to work only with Diev’s statue at the moment? x.x

Here’s a good overview post about the current state of Miko: An Intermediate Guide to Clerics

The current state of Miko may not have enough offensive skill itself. Hamaya has a very small circle, and require enemy to stay on top of it. I think it lack a skill for non Diev build. If they have Safety Wall or a HP Shield, it maybe a better class, otherwise, you can consider Oracle.

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Short answer: N O P E

Miko only has 2 damaging skills (Gohei & Hamaya), it doesn’t compensate the damage of a full class, since re:build the problem with classes like Miko is the lacking of skills, it was a nice compliment when we had ranks, but now it doesn’t help like an independent class/additional damage, but it’s a good support class for things like Diev

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Thx for the answers guys. It is not this time I’m building a cleric - miko advancement.

You can do exo-chaplain-miko to clap chaplain’s capella which +double your(and party) holy damage. Miko only have hamaya+entity combo as dps but you’ll have enough rotation with exo and occasional auto atk.

When did you test Clap works on Capella?

Yesterday. I’m using the build since the changes.