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[Discussion] Improving the Art Contest + Creative Side of ToS [closed]


Now I’m afraid that guy might refer to my drawing as “cringy.” I hope he won’t. Confidence level suddenly went down…


Depends on how cringe u think ur drawings are :haha: but it doesnt matter, at the end, even the worst drawing ends up winning something if the “artist” is in a big guild or has a huge ammount of weeb friends following/supporting him


Can you not be rude and complain about this subject again on my thread.
I have already made my argument on this subject.


I’m sorry lilblkrose. Didn’t mean to start the fire from going again.


It’s not your fault, they are just inconsiderate.


it’s a free forum! :hey:

Also it was one of the biggest flaws that made previous wallpapers being something awful/disgusting to watch while the game loads… :tired:


I think that’s mostly on the Staff choice fault :tired:
Staff picks are sometime good, but sometime questionable with the other options, I wonder if they’re picking to give loading screen variety or players opportunity to win. I do miss their small comments towards their reason to pick or so…

Most of the popular entries voted are actually good and commonly aesthetic enough for the general populace on this game, so even if their guild vote, it wouldn’t be enough unless they get outside ToS base fan votes (which would be bad in term of fairness and those bad fans that make many alt accounts).

With all that said, please be careful on your comments to not put down artists from participating.


Updated List after a long time (Last Update was April)
Still unsure to @ a staff to review this… (Trying to clean this up as much as possible)

Edit* November 27, 2018
I’m quitting the forum.

Edit* I didn’t expect the thread to bump up from editing title…