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[Discussion] Improving the Art Contest + Creative Side of ToS [closed]


Y’all enjoying the forum crashing and illegal entries this contest?
(Traced, Edits, Copyrighted Materials, Screenshot Entry Spam)


Updated first post layout.
Added two new topics: Showing WIP on Second Post, Sharing Social Media Gallery, Not stating Rewards until After Contest Result


I like this idea, though am actually against it since a few people (like me) generally don’t do strictly digital and it would actually be pretty time consuming to constantly re-scan works in progress.

There are a ton of traced entries and things which have literally nothing to do with Tree, but I think that’s because the prompt this time around was very poorly explained. Some people took it to mean the contest was for new costume ideas, which is interesting but not good for a loading screen–and some people apparently think a new costume idea means “post random stuff from other games/random anime.”

Also the other issue is that titles give stats now, so everyone and their mother is scrambling to participate, and some will do whatever they can in an attempt to win–either by cheating outright by tracing/stealing art, or spending 5 minutes in Paint to make memes.


WAIT IT GIVES STATS NOw? WHY? I didn’t know that…

At least give the titles to everyone but winners get the stats? Actually, that’s a lot of prize for the winners… (Costume, TP, title, Loading Screen…)

Mmm for Traditional, taking a picture with your phone could work? :’) Thank you for the info!


because you don’t play ToS anymore ; w ; they’ve been promoting that idea even .___.

aside from the “hidden” info in forum announcements

it’s even featured in the popolion post ‘w’/


but to be fair, it wasn’t mentioned in the contest info :sweat_drops:


she talking about how title collecting now gives players some bonus

so that includes the titles earned from events



if you scroll up using your non-ToS playing mouse wheel with your non-ToS playing finger ( :^) ), you’d see with your non-ToS viewing eyes that i updated my earlier comment pertaining to titles and stat bonuses

you may find it unfunny how i keep pressing this joke to you

but the same could be said when i see someone being selective with their involvement to the event







real mature of you to make light of the matter to only see me as a troll that keeps “harassing” you to join, instead of seeing how upset i was when i heard your most featured and repeated reason why you’re not joining, and how that reflects your perspective towards this thread’s concern

this is why i am upset, i feel that i’m just forcing you to make and discuss this subject matter when you just tell people “i don’t play the game anymore so i don’t have the right to get myself involved in it.”


I told you many reasons, but you seem so focused on that one reason, so I thought I had to keep explaining. Also, this thread was made because I’m still part of the community, especially the art community, and I am concern about the future participates as well as adding a collective thought of repeated commentary in the Discord.

Again, making a contest entry takes a lot of time and energy that I do not have (Health, Life, Family, Motivation, etc). This thread, I can easily review and revise anywhere, anytime. Also, I made a submission not because of you, but due to others encouragement when I asked if I should submit an old drawing.


Didn’t he said he hurt his arm/elbow or something? Thats why he didn’t join :d


Dan suffered arm pain from drawing so much, tho… :popcorn::eyes:


was it really me who’s focused on that reply? i remember you’ve been adamant on it when you tried to explain to me why you don’t want to join.

i could easily understand your point about your limitations and constraints if you still didn’t get it. but that’s not how you presented it to me back then.

another thing i wanted to point out why i am upset is how this is sounding like this all depends on convenience

like how it is more convenient to conclude someone is trolling with multiple screenshot entries, to conclude everyone who used traced works to always have malicious intents, to conclude someone will just side with them unconditionally, to conclude how giving “only and final warning” will solve the problem without understanding the matter

let’s just stop this derailment before it gets worse.


Sigh, I’m so tired, guess I’m picking fights now… (I mean, it is a discussion thread)

I forgot the submission compilation is automated by the system, not the staffs themselves.

*heavily sips wine*

So, leaving to the staffs doesn’t mean anything unless it’s first addressed and reported before actual voting thread is made… otherwise, afterward will become a mess if the illegal entry wins- thus costing someone else win (Has staff ever chose another winner when someone won entry is called out). But seeing those entries already in the voting list may cause others to think it’s ok to submit for next contest, so if staff decide to remove any illegal entries after voting period- it would be too late as it’s being seen by everyone in the forum + thread, thinking it’s ok behavior.

Any mess up or problems, the staff have to clean up themselves, so if there’s any issue to discuss with the entries, please PM the staff about it…

*aggressively sips wine* (just kidding, it's a juice box, but close enough)

Like the Repeated Entry (Hope they didn’t lose votes because of this), Multiple Entry by same Team (Guess they didn’t get the memo), Copyrighted Entries (A shame, really.), and that one entry that is not in fact the “original works of authorship on your part and have not been copied, in whole or in part” despite discussing this to them… Looks like that specific entry edited their entry due to the forum being open to comments (otherwise the staff was PMed by them to remove that, which is sad if that was the case, then the staff allowed cheating). I’m sure everyone knows what or who I’m talking about if you’re reading this thread.






I heard IMC is having people link up their Steam account and that’s cool, but too bad it ain’t a requirement huuu but progress yo.

Still keeping my eyes peeled on any suspicious entries, so wish everyone luck whose actually drawing and doing their own work. Arooooo

edit* Linking this here because it’s a pain to find the Link every time I pull it open


Do you guys think voting should be longer? Maybe more than one-two day…
The current contest voting is 27th to the 28th, only 24hrs to vote

  • Yes, It’s not enough time.
  • No, it’s enough time.

0 voters


It’s enough for what its current format is.

However if they improve it by adding more voter criteria like having only steam-linked forum accounts be allowed to participate and other such measures to make it more “legit” then a longer voting period would be preferred.

(I did not cast a vote for this poll)