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DEX vs STR debate

A lot of recommendations for mixing STR/DEX. But which one should be higher? My crit rate stat doesn’t show crit % so I can’t aim for e.g. 60% crit chance.

A2>R2>A3>Sco>Musk will help u a lot on pvp

A2>R2 than R3>scout > must is a balance of pvp and pve, but u may miss rogue 1 for less dex (with snesk hit), feint combo for pve, and capture on pvp…

A2>R2>Rogue>scout> musk will be good if you enjoy the rogue playstyle, its realy up to you.

hahaha this!

anyway I will let you know which path I take.

Yours is A1>R3>Ro>S>M
huhu im jealous, I also want that

So you can’t quote any proof, just hearsay. Good to know.

DEX. Need to ensure you’ll have a high critical chance even if enemy has CON for critical resistance. But still would need STR to actually deal damage with your critical hit, since it’ll increase your minimum/maximum amount of damage dealt plus STR gives bonus critical damage stat as well.

So basically STR actually increases your critical hits not by 1 per STR, but 2. That way you don’t actually have to have your DEX and STR be the same. Can have STR be half for your DEX count since it gives 2 for crits instead of 1 bonus.

Of course, this is all an investment for late game.

no my point is that with the new damage formula, if your atk is so low that the def of the enemy reduces most of it the crit damage won’t make that much difference to damage.
Thats where all the full dex videos who suddenly only hit for “1 dmg” come from.

crit atk bonus damage is hardly significant, even with highlanders +50% critatk attribute. Its a nice little extra but i wouldnt call it “str gives you 2 and not 1”

It literally is str gives you two if you crit. 2.5 really.
str gives one physical attack and one critical attack.
And damage from a crit is more or less “physical attack*1.5+critical attack”.

its not, coz def gets factored in

I’d reccomend going all into STR, just because of how the nature of Bonus Stats work.

Then make up for it with crit gems, crit/dex on your gear (not hair accessories).

Defense is a direct subtraction from attack at the very start of the calculation. One attack cancels out one defense, leading to 1 extra point of damage.


1 Patk + .5 if it crits
1 Crit Atk
= 2.5 per STR

Also add the fact that this is only applicable to 100% modifier skills/basic attack.

Basically the solution to late game is mixing DEX/STR as I said before I guess.

Since with all that we said about 2.5 per STR instead of 1 for critically hitting at least 60-75% of the time generally outscales builds that only build either STR/DEX without mixing.

If mixed, you will have more evasion and accuracy than a STR build with no DEX. Still be able to fight on fair ground when it comes to damage as well, since STR is 2.5 bonus really good if you have 60-75% crit chance. Which allows you to be on same footing as STR (No DEX.) builds with just a lot more evasion and accuracy as well.

If mixed, you will deal more damage than a DEX build with no STR obviously.

All a late game investment.

I don’t get how you just “make up” for crit rate. Unless you are a rogue, you can’t reach crit % cap so with just crit rate equipment you will still have less than a hybrid Dex+Str build with the same crit rate equipment. This whole “make up” concept is just based on the assumption that if you put any dex into your build then you won’t use crit rate or dex equips? At the end of the day you will still have less crit % than a hybrid or full dex build and this hasn’t even factored in the enemy’s critical resistance.

I think the best and most balanced ratio is 2:1 or 1:1 STR:DEX… Note that STR gain 10% per rank, so STR will overcome a little DEX because of rank bonus.

EDIT: remember to put 30 ~ 50 CON to not be one hit K.O. in most scenarios.

STR has a 10% bonus per rank, therefore it’s better to just do 2:1 DEX/STR not the other way around for efficiency. Since DEX doesn’t have that bonus.

I agree the best optimal ratio is 2:1… Just bring the 1:1 to the table as an alternative option haha

I’m doing 2:1 STR:DEX in my Fletcher (currently 102 - Ranger 3; already have 30 CON).

As someone that has done a good share of math on this, and have a spreadsheet that I tinker with, i can say that hybrid str/dex is best, leaning str.

Check out the first post of auto attack archer thread for my thoughts on the matter and a spreadsheet.

Basically, it seems that with our current level cap, equipment, and skills, stat allocation favors a str:dex ratio of about 1.25-1.5 str: 1 dex

I am personally going 2 str: 1 dex: 1 con with any extra points going into dex (that is 140 str/70dex/70con). This will get me around 14000 hp at level 280 before hair acc/ equipment and 250 str/ 140ish dex before bonus points.

Along with Swift Step and equipment and high base damage skills, this should output within 10% of optimal dps (optimal dps is no con).

Ill do the math on the spread sheet if anyone is going to throw the “where did you get your numbers from argument”. Winning arguments on the internet is my speciallty t.t

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I have a question, when you say “DEX is better than STR by XX%”, you are considering that average attack is critical hit? or just normal damage?

Planning to go A2>R3>S>Musk, so which stat distribution is better for my class? Planning to go 110~150 str, maybe 30-40 CON, the rest dex. excluding bonus from stats etc

This is just from watching high level streamers but… Str tend to scale better end-game. Sure you can crit with Dex but with higher level mobs at 280, its pretty hard to get a 50% chance crit. You’re better off with more Str than Dex. And question is… what ratio? There is no real good ratio at the moment since the game is still relatively new, but you’d probably want enough dex to be happy with your crit %. Also even though the title isn’t a debate about CON, definitely invest in CON. From watching streams, Archers tend to die the fastest in Earth Tower. Most people lack so much HP and some archer’s HP is so low that they can die in 1 or 2 hit by heavy skill shots from other class.

Honestly, I feel like Archer just isn’t a very good class at the moment for end game. They’re way too fragile and only speaking for Ranger3/Fletcher3, their AOE dps pale in comparison to a Wizard3/Elementalist3 and yet Wizards tend to have more CON than Archers because they only have 2 stats to focus in which is INT and CON. Evasions don’t really seem worth it at all especially since we can’t do anything about magic damage, and physical damage usually can be avoided unless there bunch of mobs running at you and have higher movement speed. Going Plate Armor and bumping your CON would probably be a better choice as of right now for PVP and PVE. Archers need to be fixed real bad.

Back on track… TLDR: according to top streamers, Str is a better stat than Dex. Dex does very well early game but you want to start pumping Str later on. There is no “good” ratio at the moment.