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DEX vs STR debate

ah I see :smiley: I’m currently using 1x LV 10 Ellaganos…this will take awhile to get all 5 :triumph:

Currently a full str SR2 lvl 276. Should I stat reset to full dex now or do it when R8 comes out?

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Where can I get stat reset?

The only way to acquire Stat Reset potion is through founder pack.

What’s the best stat build for leveling? (Planning to go A2 QS3 Sc1 Musk1 for PVP) Full dex or STR? I do have 1 stat reset if I want to reset later.

Also, is A2 QS3 Sc1 Musk1 great for pvp? Is musk that bad? Does it use mainly 1h or 2h rifles?


It’s 2h rifle. In this patch musk hard to use. need cast time. long animation. single target.
need bow/cross bow weapon for use old skill. force ppl to use auto swap and cause game lag/spike.
and a lot of bug you can found by yourself if you play musk.

In this patch cannon stronger than musket a lot (because easy to use too).

In R8(Musk2) if IMC don’t change anything about butt stroke attribute it will be different story.

Currently if you miss out the previous event. There is no way to get stat reset.

Founder pack is only for players who initially paid for early access.

So the options are listed for you. Only way you can do is wait for a new stat reset given through new events or some how they implement it through TP.

Meanwhile you can only reroll. if you are into Max Min.
you won’t need more dex than 280 dex for 330 on archers (unless you are aiming for full crit attack/Physical dmg items) then full dex is your way to go

so, how about your stats distribution?
still 40 con, 70 str, 100 dex?
Judging your detailed review about musketeer i take it that your rank 7 is musketeer,right?
I have similar build and stats distribution problem like yours. Need your advice regarding stats distribution.
mine are 21 con, 90 dex,90 str. and regretly chose musketeer because of weapon swap. where should i put the rest of stat point?

About stats i think you need to listen other people. Because my build not good at all.
For me I just random put what I want lol.
Right now i put 95 point on str , 30 on con , 135 on dex.
I think i will put point on str to 100 just for beautiful number lol.

my build = A2>QS3>Fal>Musketeer. lvl232.

I don’t want to play full str or full dex because this game total unbalance. everything will change time to time.
look at this time
just IMC change max lvl 280 to 330. dex req change from 70-100 to 200+.

hahaha, me too. i always had the urge to make them into a beautiful number stat too.
if only IMC can repair weapon swap lag then i wont regret taking musketeer anymore.
i feel all my muskeet skill is isolated from the rest of rank 1-6 offensive skill…

got a str and dex archer.

Dex is by far better, if it’s not for all the dodges already. Makes live so much more easier. My str char gets hit like a truck all the time.

Only for that i would already get high dex, then you got higher chances on crit with it, so yea dex all the way.

im currently 230 A2QS3Sc1M1… str 120, con 30, dex 110… not really sure how should I proceed at the moment lol. Should i just continue pumping dex and maybe con to 50?

i want to know , how much str needed vs high block mobs ? ex : hogma warrior ET

fletcher 3 here with 260 dex with a few crappy gears but still have 381 crit rate after swift step level 10

i’m putting the rest in str for now and see what happen, magic arrow level 10 dealing around 6.5k with attribute level 10 (haven’t max yet)

I’m going with either 1:1 str/dex or 1:2 str/dex not full dex. I think its good to have str too or even a little bit.

For me I want to have just enough evasive and crits while dealing high damage.

There’s always the reset pot no worry.

swift step lv1 or 10 give same 25% crit rate(evasion and duration increase per lv) +crit rate gears gain benefit too

the debate end when there’s trandescend & the gem buff patch came, try those lv5+ yellow gem in weapon and you’ll notice the difference.
my archer who was 3:2 STR:DEX use 14days stat reset to almost full dex and switch green gem to yellow gem the dmg is drastically improved.

that comparison is not very objective. you must use the same weapon with the same gem when testing after stat reset

that same weapon same gem already explain by reilet’s str vs dex table in the early reply of this thread.(show that dex start to get better when base atk is about 3k which now we can easily reach that with R8 skill or trandescend)
and there was a thread that nicola already done str vs dex test.

I just want to point out how’s impact of current gem stat (from my memory+8isability with3 of lv5 green gem that crit about 60% deal about3.5k dmg crit about5.5k of 70att.multishot vs+8isability with 3 lv6 yellow gem that 100% crit and deal about 5k of 70att. multi shot

but the classic hybrid stats [reach 100% crit first then pump STR] is still the best stat distribution right?

yes that’s it. put more DEX in when crit chance already 100% gain no more dps, but necessary if you have a plan to change some gears to new ones that have less crit rate eg. change sissel to phada.