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Deletion of [Division Singularity Multiply Token Recipe]

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Deletion of [Division Singularity Multiply Token Recipe]’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

For us who struggle to find a party to do Singularity runs, this is a disaster… Half rewards means probably higher prices for Brikynite in market and twice the time to get them. I bet those who already have full sets for many chars won’t complain, for others it’s another kick in the ***


Why good things (Updates, balance, events) of Ktos take real long time to came to us in ITos and Useless, stupid and worst things like this HUGE mistake does not???


we skip straight from 10 cm voucher a day to this, I don’t even know what to say

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ktos had months of 10/cm resets a day , then got this.
we are getting this ■■■■ asap and whats is already an expensive gear will be whale tier since as f2p you’ll be able to do half the singularity.

f uck off already.


So we never even got the 10 cm voucher, but this comes like after a week from kTos?
I can only autocensor myself in terms of what i’m thinking right now.

Edit: oh, but selling those vouchers and multipliers via leticia cube it’s fine instead. See above in terms of what i would like to say.


IMC prioritizing this generally-hated patch to iToS as fast as possible, skipping over the Monk-Chaplain patch (relatively small patch) before it, just feels like the ultimate crap. Was this patch so urgently needed and so effective that IMC has to push this out before we even got 10 CM vouchers a day?

IMC, punishing 95% of the player base to attempt and fail at punishing the intended 5% ever since the Saalus nerf.


Geez fkn christ IMC… You really want to low your playerbase numbers, right? Stupid update, that went online last week (or 2 weeks ago in kToS). I would love if you have bring the update for Raids, the adjustment in Glacia Raid, but no, you decided to bring this stupid update that just ■■■■ most players and obligate most people to buy Leticia Cubes.

Very nice, but no.

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i think the replies here should give u an idea what the general playerbase think of you, imc .maybe you should learn to take advice and actually improve your game instead of pushing things like this.


I’m sure IMC couldn’t care less about its playerbase because there will always be that one gambling addict whale that funds their server and keeps the lights on for the next couple months. As long as they keep that guy miles ahead to enjoy the broken power-scaling, everything else they see is just minority babyraging.


I’m stoppping the tp purchase … this is stupid …


While you’re at it, go spread the movement as wide as you can, guys!

Now i know why my GL and most of guild mate say this game about to die and quit the game. They knew yhis crap will happen…so sad even we shout it loud they didnt have the “eyes nor logic” to see all this post.
They just said “nah…every thing still good money still come…let them shout what ever they want”
Thank you bruh nice one

players: add more source of bg please!! the needs of bg increase due to arts and arks
imc: adding bg to mb shop
whales: jeez imc, bg is overflowing!! the price is getting low and nasty, newbs can get bg too easy,not to mention multis, why should we buy bg from leti cubes??our bg stocks become useless…
imc: remove bg from mb shop

fact: bg price still dropping especially during leticia week

imc:adding archstone
players:please add more source of archstone
imc:adding more source of fullarchstone from misrus,uphill,dcp
multis: farming archstone from dcp/uphill/misrus
‘after each whales,rmters,hardcore get at least 6 arch stone in their invent’
whales: jeez imc, archstone should be high tier items! not easily drop like this! its should not become item everyone can have!!
imc: nerfed full arch into frag, sweet talking the drop rate increased

fact: leticia cube season xxx tier s >> arch stone selection box

imc: adding steam guard to stop annoy botter, making silver limit
also imc: removing silver

opinion: bot keep farm mb while botters corps probably making cm bot, if they are still interested with the game though, cause honestly even if i have the time and knowledge to develop one i will refuse, cause the end is nigh