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nerf musket buff canonie

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What happen with the cage when you are alone? O_o

What attack did you have there? Wondering if I should go Musket with my archer. :satisfaction:

(Damn phone autocorrected atk to are)

dodged it with leap :satisfaction:

nice appreciated!
the cage was the only thing stopping me from doing so

But when you are in the cage you can do nothing O_o

yes, if you got caught then you died. :prince:

Ok, but how you avoid it when the boss teleports you? any way to know when they are gonna do that?

Edit: Thanks

when the text appeared at 80 50 20% there will be small red magic circle to inflict teleport+silence

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Nice video
I looked into you build and have questions, may I ask?
Why max Sniper’s Serenity and ? IMO Sniper’s Serenity is very niche and clunky.

musketeer without serenity does no damage