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Dark wizard build/skill rotation


So I’ve been playing around with FF-Warlock-Sm and I’m enjoying it so far, but I’m not totally sure that I’m doing it right/getting the most damage out of it. I was wondering if anyone has any experience playing this combination or something similar?

I’ve been testing stuff out on bosses so far. What I’ve been doing is using Infernal Shadow first and hitting both the boss and the shadow with Enervation, Shadow Condensation (for the blind to boost Mastema), Mastema, then Kundela Slash x3. I’m not sure if this is the most effective combination or not but it seems to do okay. Blood Curse + Blood Sucking seems to be alright too.

Anyways, any recommendations for skills or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


UP! Hi Guys! Please help us!
About the dark wizz, which way to go?
I would like to know as well… Anyone could elaborate about the options?

I’m trying FF, Bokor… But I have doubts about the next class… As the new patch has just been released there’s no much information about it.

There’s a lot of variety, I’ve saw Warlock, Shadowmancer, Pyromancer and etc…

OBS: I’m not very interested in PVP, I’m more PVE oriented.

If someone could explain the variations and their purpose plus the skill path, would be great! thanks in advance!


Dont consider Shadowmancer as a dps class, it offers a lot more in terms of utility with shadow pool and hallucination. The blind from condensation is also super ■■■■ atm and the best you can get out of it is to spam out conjuration or shadow thorn before it runs out.

Featherfoot will likely be your main damage outside of mastema. But im still not sure about the ff skill priority, but you want to maximize kundela slash damage.

And augusto its up to you, but like i said, shadowmancer dps is not great, and warlock spirits are kinda wonky and dont hit things as much as youd want. You can go Sorc if youre bokor to boost your summons, and Ignas has dark property spells (although almost all other summons are neutral).


Hi Kashou!

Thanks for your reply.

If you are going to a wiz focused in PVE, but you want dark propertys and FF in the build.

Which path you would choose?


Probably sm wlock ff i guess. Might as well capitalize on that FF buff to dark damage, plus Mastema counts as a curse for FF too, and SM spells will become a bit stronger since you’ve got your 50% bonus from FF, and the utility is pretty good.


I’d say it depends on what you focus in the game. My dark wizard is Bokor-Warlock-Sorc because I’m mainly using it for CM and farming. Main focus is to put fear/blind debuff on enemies and CC them with Bwa Kayiman, scatter them with Damballa and explode spirits with Evil Sacrifice while using your DPS skills from Warlock and let your Marnox/zombies do constant damage. Works well that way, but I wouldn’t recommend the build for bossing.


Shadowmancer is strong for burst, warlock if you want aoe + dps, bokor for pet build and hex +stab i guess


For dark builds, there are a few which you could consider.

Warlock - Bokor - Shadowmancer/Featherfoot

  • Warlock has good AOE now with Masterma and Pole of Agony having a shorter CD. However, from what I tried at least in CM5 (solo), the best AOE dps you can get from a dark class is Bokor’s Damballa. That skill to me is the strongest AOE burst damage for a dark wizard. It’s like I use Masterma/PoA, the mobs HP drop bit by by because of the ticks, and Evil Sacrifice does some damage (it doesn’t like focus on specific mobs now I think?), but Damballa is like BOOOOOM HP gone kind of damage if you do it correctly with many zombies. Shadowmancer and Featherfoot is there to make up for your single target DPS. Featherfoot works well with Warlock by providing 50% more dark damage on cursed enemies, while itself having pretty good single target damage from Kundela Slash x3 overheat. Kurdaitcha does a lot of damage if you can pull it off and the boss don’t run away. Shadowmancer also has some bossing capability from Infernal Shadow, Shadow Thorn overheat x4 for single target.

Warlock - Featherfoot - Necromancer

  • Swapping Bokor with Necromancer. This is because of Necromancer’s “Greater Corruption” debuff that buffs poison damage by 30%, which is Featherfoot’s main element. You still get the good AOE from Warlock and better single target from Featherfoot because of the “Greater Corruption” debuff. Necromancer Bane is also additional debuff that makes “Curses of Curses” easier to trigger. Also, for summons, I generally feel Necromancer’s summons’ auto attack better than Bokor.

These are what I recommend for Nec/FF lovers.

Lock - FF - Necro ::
What I currently run it’s good as a DPS for CMs because of Lock powers.

Bok - FF - Necro
Control build for CMs(and good bossing). You just run in circles and perma stun everything in CMs. The explosion radius for Bok nuke is getting buffed 60%'ish later. But lock is still clearly best AoE and getting further buffs as patches come in.

Shadow - FF - Nec
Raiding spec, Shadow Pool makes raid life easy life.

Sage - FF - Nec
Meme build, it has synergies with non-ele damage but doesn’t replicate Dagger Point/Corpse tower for whatever reason(someone probably just didn’t want to fix it). At least you can still make diev people happy?

Sorc - FF - Nec
I see people run this but I don’t know if it’s any good. It has a high investment cost. In the past there are issues with Devils dieing too fast against high DPS content. Not sure if that’s still an issue or not? In the past Sorc’s would farm up the summoner set which gave out big boosts to minion survivability. I would like to see someone test blood curse see if it heals devils.


Thank you everyone for the helpful replies! I’ll definitely try a few things based on all the info, I might switch sm out for bokor and see how that goes :slight_smile:


I wanted to point out the high points for Necro at least, since they’re subtle. And someone mentioned the synergies but not really what necro brings for a party.

  • Nec does Phy/Poision at +30% for the whole party in a area around the Shogg–similar to the size of meista. This is actually a fairly big deal since it’s always up, helps the whole party, and you don’t have to waste time casting it yourself.
  • Skel mages give all summons knockback immunity, and occasionally cast AoEs.
  • And lastly the Shogg also has a taunting attack with stupidly high aggro on it. I can’t remember ever pulling aggro from it on a boss.

The class is a blend of buffs, light control, and summoning support skills. Their AoE nuke is nothing to write home about even with the cast time being removed in a few patches. But it’s actually a pretty good class to have around with Physical heavy parties.


I’ve been playing FF Lock Bokor on my main for a while now and I enjoy it a lot. Here are a few points that I think are interesting

  • Mastema has 2 debuffs with the Phantom Pain attribute, making Hexing + Mastema a fast combo to max the Curse of Curses proc on Kundela. I f you have the time for more setups you can even add Levitation and Nagdhundi for +40% Kundela damage
  • Like icyrulos said above Damballa hits like a truck, and it’s dark element. So Damballa on curse with the Witch Doctor attribute hits like a truck and a half
  • zombies are a 0 SP damage source and their attacks is dark element. If you’re cheap like me you know that free damage is best damage.

Also quick question about the Darkness Fear attribute for Warlocks : it’s useless right ? +50% sp cost on your 3 main skills for -10% evasion, block and crit resistance seems like a complete scam, or am I missing something that isn’t written in the game ?

PS : last question : is there a way to reliably curse multiple mobs ? Hexing range seems to have been reduced dramatically with re build and bone pointing is single target and won’t switch targets.


Enervation is your friend


Don’t mind me asking, how did you distribute your skill points? Previously what I did was max Hexing because of the longer duration but now that it has higher overheat and lower CD we can spam it more often. It is troublesome to however recast it after Effigy occasionally.

For now I play 2 classes with Bokor: Bokor - Sorcerer - Necromancer and Bokor - Shadowmancer - Warlock. I suppose the ones to max are still Effigy, Damballa and Samediveve? So I’m left with Bwa Kamiyan, Hexing and Zombify. Is Zombify worth the upgrade? I was thinking if Bwa Kamiyan is worth the SP instead because right now I use it more for a one-time-stun crowd control skill and use my other skills after, but maybe if I add more to it I can use it as a semi-aoe skill. I’m unsure though.

I also disabled the Fear attribute. Previously they had “Fear” interactions but they removed it all and replace them with “Blind” interactions instead. Also, I thought Bone Pointing has more AOE and hit multiple mobs now? Enervation is another way but sadly I think only Bone Pointing and Hexing works with Effigy, everything else is just a “Curse” but not “Effigy-usable” curse.

Also, Shadowmancer to me now seems kinda…underwhelming, considering that Featherfoot seems to be better at least in the damage department. I kinda want to try Featherfoot but I also want a Shadowmancer in one of my builds. I tried other Shadowmancer variants like replacing Bokor with Sorcerer or Shadowmancer - Warlock - Onmyoji but it feels like at least for CM, Bokor is still better (Damballa is OP). Now I’m levelling a Featherfoot, trying out Featherfoot - Necromancer - Warlock for a poison based build, hopefully it is good.


I still do max hexing because of the long duration and higher magic resist debuff.

i don’t have the numbers but the difference between lvl 4 and 15 zombies is roughly +30% damage so it’s up to you to max them or not.

Bwa Kamyia is good for stunning but that’s pretty much it, the time you spend channeling it doesn’t increase it’s damage because the whole zombie train has a unique hitbox with a global cooldown, which means the train will only hit ennemies once per second, no matter how many zombies are in contact with the mobs. In comparison Kurdaitcha which has an independant hitbox and timer for each footstep which means that you can stack footsteps and it’ll multiply the dps accordingly. The last “walking skill” is Ghastly trail and honestly its use is completely different : you just need to press it once to give the damage boost to your spirits (of course you can hold it to position them better).

Lastly I don’t max effigy because I really don’t like the skill itself :
it costs 300+ SP per cast, takes time to cast and can remove the hexing debuff, reducing the dps of your other skills. Its main good points are the damage and short CD but honestly I already have tons of offensive skills to use so I can do without a skill like that.

Here’s my build click

Sadly enervation doesn’t count as a hexing, so it doesn’t boosts dark damage or Kundela, and
it doesn’t proc effigy. EDIT : ok enervation works for FF skills so it does double the damage for kundela


Thanks for your reply. I think for me I use my Zombies mainly for Damballa so I’ll probably leave them at a lower level. Kinda sad that only Hexing and EDIT Bone Pointing* counts as a “Hex”. Furthermore, if you have Bone Pointing in play, it only counts as a level 1 Hex which is worse than having a higher level Bokor Hexing.



Wops I meant to say Bone Pointing sorry about that.


yeah I’d read about that but in game it doesn’t work


It should work witch doctor and kundela, not with effigy.