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Dark Alchemy help please

New at the wizard tree community, used to be a cleric so sprinkle potions sp and hp along with sorcs cat buffs seem fun going for a semi support build.

prob is I cant find my last class I have narrowed it to classes that work well with sorc

so far its alch>sorc> ???

was thinking necro or bokor
or is warlock or a shadowmancer much more suited?

Summons were eating all the sprinkle potions, idk if they fixed this yet but it sucks to have someone with summon on the party because the skill simply didn’t work.

I don’t see many people using Alchemists, I used to see some guild members using Alch>Chrono>Shadowmancer as support for World Bosses and Velcoffer.

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This is a first a negative synergy ugh back to the drawing board

i play alche-sorc-cryo as a support wizard, it is fun

I would think Necromancer would be good. Sorcerer has skills to increase the damage of Necromancer’s summons and also has Salamion that heals the summons. However, you don’t really have anything else much to do other than stacking Necromancer bane debuffs and riding skills.

If you want a more hands on approach, I would prefer Warlock to Shadowmancer. Shadowmancer is only good at 1v1 and with Alchemist as one of your slots, you would lack a lot of AOE damage if you go with Shadowmancer. Warlock has pretty solid AOE skills.

I have changed my mind, read that most bosses are dark so a summoner build along with a support less than a-cleric-poor replacement would be useless just for the sake of variety, does anyone here have any comments for this build seems plenty useful and quirky XD

Honestly speaking, the only class that Wizard has that is good as a full support is Chronomancer. Sage do not actually provide much support so unless you want Sage just for the portal, get it. If not, switch Sage to something else. That leaves with your third class which is Psychokino which do not do a lot of damage by itself. Psychokino personally for me is best paired with Cryomancer or Onmyoji. The build you post can support with Chronomancer, but the 2 classes really don’t help much by itself. Psychokino do provide [Slow] from Heavy Gravity and Gravity Pole, but Sage just lack the damage to really make use of the 30% damage boost.

Let me know exactly what do you aim for in your build and which classes you most definitely would want so I can tell you which classes can fit and synergise well. You can refer to my guide below for information about the various classes (Yet to update Runecaster and Shadowmancer so you can refer to my old guide or just ask. Waiting for the buffs to come before I update it)

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yup read all about your guide first, I though chrono, sage and kino would do well in parties seems like the utility and damage isn’t quite up to par? I mean I know it isnt ele or onm for aoe, nor is it cryo for cc, and single damage nothing like tao but is it too much of a jack of all trades build because Im all for those, I just like the theme XD

You could try but I feel that you might be disappointed with the results. The “theme” might sound nice but ultimately if you are intending to use this for end game content I don’t think you will be able to do much with it. If you are playing this just for fun, and want like some sort of a “Space Time” mage with Sage for portal and to set up portal shop then it is fine. Honestly even though the “full support” build that is ranked in the top 100 builds in the TOS website Chronomancer - Alchemist - Sage (ranked 56th in total), I don’t know exactly how many people actually uses it actively for end game content or people just choose this buid as an easy option to get both “Merchant Class” and go with Chronomancer for “support”.

Swapping out Psychokino for a single target DPS class like Taoist would go a long way in at least giving you good singe target DPS for bossing. Of course you can try out the build first but just keep some class change points in case you do want to switch in future. The only class that you have that really do well in parties is Chronomancer. Also, if you do decide to have Sage, do get a point in Portal Shop (you didn’t add it in your build) It is really useful because even if you do not intend to use the skill to sell warps, it is good to save some important warps for yourself so that your own characters in future can use them such as Fediman warp or other lower level CM locations that normal portal shop sellers do not sell.

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I’ve made a Sage Chrono Kino and honestly it works, but it’s a bit on the weak side. Sage isn’t as bad as you’d think, the problem is mostly Kino not delivering enough.

This is my build:

If you ever get a Boruta seal you might want to consider dropping teleport entirely for lethargy and just keeping 1 in Blink for memes. Teleport is honestly a piece of â– â– â– â–  skill anyway and is never useful for anything except skipping barriers and exploration.

I also have a video of it soloing CM Stage 5:

Basically you have two combos.

Heavy Gravity -> Energy Bolt -> Magic Missile -> Energy Bolt (Yes, Energy Bolt. It does good damage considering its cooldown.)

Magnetic Force -> Ultimate Dimension -> Micro Dimension x3

Then after you’ve used both combos you press Hole of Darkness or channel Gravity Pole for the full duration and then repeat the whole thing. And make sure to keep Enchant Slow up.

You don’t really have that much benefit from Chronomancer yourself except for quick cast for Dimension Compression (4000% SFR or so every 15 sec vs bosses), but you can just keep it on party Pass and use it supportingly. Reincarnate is also always a really nice skill since you can just kill yourself instead of using hp potions.

But yeah, for bossing?? Can’t QUITE recommend it. But it’s doable.

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hmm well how would a full summoner build work in endgame? Would it be okay for me to not take the cat skill at all and raise salamion, also as purple classes go which one do you recommend taking first?

This is how a high end summoner build will be like

I think the cat skill is more worth. Also, the cat skill provides buffs to party not just yourself. If you have funds (to buy card) , I think Sorcerer would be good because it has good AOE from the auto attack and riding skills for levelling. If you are totally new, Bokor is the cheapest since for Necromancer you would still need to get card for Shoggoth and Corpse fragments for Skeletons.

For Sorcerer summon, I think Froster Lord is a really good summon if you use riding a lot.

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Sorcerer generally only has one skill build, which means you get 5 cat and about 8 in summon salami.

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ahha salami what an adorable (and edible) nickname calling it that henceforth! Yup I decided going full purple, my gratitude all around for the kind people here!

Oohh an Alche user. :blush: I used Onmyo with my Alche for farming uosis before. Third job would be Sage just for taxi shop when I’m not using it.

err well that’s just it I like alch but mandates sage and I hate setting up shops so I decided to go full summoner

okay with the event going on… I really love alchemist and I have read but I just think I want to keep alch next how do I be decent in pve? err I would prefer not going tao or onmo though if it can be avoided… saw an alch cryo psycho and alch pyro ele those any end game worthy? do I have to forgo all shop skills?

Alchemist adds nothing at all except for sprinkle. So just pick two combo classes.

Necro+FF (Bonus damage with skellies vs cursed, bonus poison damage from necro)
Warlock + FF (Dark damage vs curse)
Pyro+Ele (Stormdust + Fireball)
Kino+Pyro (Fireball + Pressure)
Kino+Cryo (Icewall + Pressure)

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Neither roasting or awakening shops are worth keeping up for income tbh, but if you want em then dump points from dig. Gem Roasting takes too many points imo, either awakening or nothing since you can just drop a point from dig.

Both Alche Missile and Combustion are trash so.

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I thought dig was trash, aside from rocks and weeds what is it good for without combustion? O.o