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Daily and Weekly Reset

Hey IMC,

I’m playing on the Fedimian server (Europe).

And want to know. Why the reset (from instance, dungeon, …) aren’t at the same time ?

Dungeons reset a 12PM Server Time. i believe it’s the same for Request office Mission (Siauliai, …).
Challenge Mode reset at 6AM Server Time.
Velcoffer, Uphill Defense, Bernice, or Irredian Bosses all reset at 6PM Server Time.

In the past, an event would give more reward the first time you do it on your Team.
But the entry of that event resetted at 12PM Server Time, when the reward resetted at 6AM Server Time

Just put only one hour for all the reset, the actual thing doesn’t make any sense.

Been wondering the same for a while.

My guess is so player’s online time can be distributed evenly. If all instance/event reset at same time, then a player can just online for 2-3 hours to finish everything needed (assume he/she doesn’t have 40 characters) and then gone until next day.
If the reset times are different then player that usually rushes content as soon as it reset will be ‘forced’ to online at separate times (right agter each reset), giving the game a more wide spread online time.

But that’s just a theory… A game theory!


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Welcome to ToS, this is an old issue