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Cute Lycan AA build

I want to make a Lycan build because the human form is very cute, and the clear objective of the game is to be the cutest savior.

I was thinking about going C1>P3>Chaplain>Druid3>Inqui1.

What is the ideal STAT distribution?

Please help me become a cute savior.


Hoy should pickup diev as rank 9 and end in inquisitor.

Regarding skills aspersión 15. Chromatasta 15. Lycan 5. Wheel 1. 20% CD reduction statue 5. Those are the base skills level to have

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Hey that’s a good idea! I may very well turn my druid into an AA build (cleric-priest3-chap-druid3-diev-inqui).
Most people stop seeing much change in attack speed somewhere around DEX 150 due to ping, so I guess a bit of DEX and rest INT?

To you people that have experiences with cleric-kriv3-priest3-chap-inqui, which one has more impact on AA? Kriv3’s daino or chaplain? It’s too bad druid can only have either or as an AA build.

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Yeah, I went 150 dex rest int for Inqui flames damage, and Druid damage.

Actually do you think going krivis3 is better than chaplain?

If you go krivis3, your advantages are:
Daino makes your AA magic base, so you won’t have accuracy problems. Daino also increase atk speed, and aukuras gives some fire property attack. You also get divine stigma to increase both INT and STR which helps lycan damage a bit.

The downsides are:
Less support (no mass heal, stone skin, revive and resurrection), no monstrance to increase DEX (but daino already increases attack speed), and maybe less AA damage due to lack of last rite and aspergillum (I’m not sure about this one)??

Edit: going the kriv3 route also gives one free rank (cleric-kriv3-diev-druid3-inqui-X)

I did tests around those druid builds and krivi does a bit better AA but the autos cant bleed while chap can bit could get some dodges. I find myself more comfortable and safe with chap one.

Why can’t the auto bleed in krivis but can in chap?

Oh by the way, inqui2 gives longer duration of breaking wheel (the attribute)

Here are 2 CM runs with Awoo AA on non transcended/anviled equipments. One is pre Inquisitor Flames nerf patch and the other is post nerf patch. Videos for comparsion.

Build: Cleric1 Krivis3 Diev1 Druid3 Inq1 (in video is Zealot1 for filler)

Pre Flame nerf

@ around 1hr 2mins into the video.

Post Flame nerf

@ around 1hr 24mins into the video.

Wow non-transcended or anviled? That is impressive. This build must be quite strong.

What would you say are the advantages awoo AA build has over the standard kriv-priest-chap-inqui AA build?

Also, since AA builds focus on multiple lines of damage, would you say gears with enchantment on elemental property damage are more important than phy/magic attack ones?

The daino turns the AA into Magic and seems that bleeding only afects phys dmg.

Awoo has more consistent aoe than chapkrivi even more when burn Nerf hits US. Has less issues (less keypresses) to keep heal aoe Up from chromatasta than aukuras atrib toggle. Problem is that is less bursty since you need to chroma-carni-seed-auto than just auto

TOS in a nutshell haha

Go with @Nekorin 's build - it’s tried and tested.

Cool, but I might switch out zealot with paladin. It has some buff, but mainly for paladin’s two-handed mace attribute to increase AoE attack ratio.

@Nekorin what is your reason for choosing zealot?

C1 p3 chap D3 diev inqui is a tested and solid build. Ive postes results compares to mejor un the druids post thread.

What did you mean on the second vid: “I can see a nerf”? You meant the inq flames are nerfed (worse) or this particular build will be nerfed (because is op)?

Inquisitor flames are nerfed. They have only 3 sprouts of fire which hits max 5 enemies only. Their CM capabilities now is hugely dependent on how big and wide the kill area is, wouldn’t be able to clear as fast as before.

Zealot is a filler in that build. I chose that as Immolation attributed gives +1k fire elemental damage to all lines of attacks/skills for 15secs. Fanaticism + Meletis is also good to use when want to have more damage while under Sterea Trofh protection. The fanaticism buff also carries over when in full lycan mode for more damage too (around 20ish seconds with Meletis).

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Which Zealot build do you think its better to run CM5 and maybe Velcoff? I think the optimal options are:

C2>Krivis3>Druid2>Zealot3 - Tested this one, but not entirely satisfied
C2>Diev3>Miko>Filler>Zealot3 (@Valentine build)

I’m really confused and only have 1 reset now T_T

Definitely not this for Velcoffer.

Which one can have a better performance on CM?

If you have physical/melee dpsers in your party, this build will be one of the best velcof support/subdps builds for velcoffer. A bit complicated to play since you have many roles though (imo that’s what makes it fun, since there’s many things you can do).

Even without physical dpsers in the party, you will serve a good DPS in velcof. The main difference between this build and the krivis build is that Sterea from druid2 will arguably let your party survive better. You still have ausrine though, and imo Diev3+Miko offers better support than Krivis3+Druid2 90% of the time.

Anything with diev3 will have the better performance in CM than any other cleric build (granted you have full SPR build and a decent weapon).5x owls is constant DPS that beats even Rubrik from Exo, the only problem will be you need to remember to Clap off cooldown.

Btw, if you use squire camp buff and spawn a CM, you will have the camp buff inside the CM as well as long as you don’t move too far. This helps with giving you 100% uptime of Ausrine, Fanaticism, Fanatic Illusion, Beady-eyed crit buff, and Kraujas (if you have velcof set).

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Giving a like for you saying our goal is to be the cutest savior.