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Cute Lycan AA build

Guy knows what real endgame is. Only very few players realizes that. :grin:

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I second that

Game is like a contest for cuteness and looks, since can’t rely on pvp and pve still being developed. If you really think about it, it is the case lol

I know it’s an old topic, but I’m trying to make an Awoo AA build in Re: - Right now I have druid>inqui>chap taken. Is it a good choice? Some other propositions?

It’s not a good choice, it’s just the best choice XD. I’m just personally not a big fan of AA build.

Well, you can actually switch inqui with zealot. For an AA build, inquisitor pretty much just provide breaking wheel. Zealot has fanatic illusion and immolation to do some auto damage while you auto attack. Not to mention fanatasicm and knockback/knockdown immune.

AA build mostly for fun only when it comes to class other than Scout imo.

If you want that class, maybe try this build?

remember that Visible Talent is only used when you’re about to face boss, as you build up the damage, then wait for CD, activate it when the previous buff is still attached (as long you’re not doing basic attack, the buff won’t disappear), hit the boss with new Visible Talent buff is activated, then wait for cd again.

You can easily reach 999999 damage for that lol.

Wait, can double punch be used in lycan form? I thought it cannot, that’s why I didn’t suggest the obvious monk-chap combo.

It doesn’t work together sadly - my guildmates tested it already.

KB and KD immune from Zealot has 35s uptime on maxed skill with 50s CD, while Chap has 30s both uptime and CD, so I can basicaly have it on all the time.

I said “NOT to mention knockback/knockdown immune”.
Lol just kidding. I still think zealot is a better fit than inqui. Even though I think most people will go with inqui, maybe…

Right now I’m testing Druid-Inqu-Chap. It’s not bad, pretty fun tbh, but main dmg still comes from Inqui skills, I need better equipment '-.-