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Current Plans Regarding the Transition to F2P - UPDATED March 28th

Can someone clear this to me coz im currently driving… are we allowed to transfer our characters on SEA server when its on f2p?

If they gonna open SEA server, then yes.
You can transfer your team to any server you want, but 1 time only.

Does that mean it will be safe to use the founder pack straight away if there transfer?

i think it more like we can start transfer request after 3 weeks of new server open

Yes, it does. Just don’t use all tokens at the same time, if you have some. I doubt token effect will be transferred.

You should describe what means Team. I don’t understand it.

No, it doesn’t. You paid up front for the extra access as well as the items. 30% off compensates for having no EA. If you don’t agree, you can still get a refund.

Team mean everything you have in 1 server.
Charracters, items, money,…
When you transfer, you will transfer all charracters in your team.

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All your characters and items at one server.

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I purchased a FP but… I have friends waiting for free release.

As you said:

Why only for paid users?
Many people do not want to play until there is European server. (because no transfer for free players)

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Who bought Founder Pack 3, can refund FP3, buy Founder Pack 1, wait to April 21, and buy Founder Pack 3 again.


I think the EU server will be already online for the F2P release and thats why only founder can use a Team transfer.

That does not mean that there is enough player base.

If not, after release free players will enter in NA servers.

Offer only Founders pack #3 discount, or people who bought Founders packs #1 and #2 will refund and by them at 30% of the original price later.
I have Founders #1 and you just forcing me to do it, but i dont want to cheat on you

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They aren’t “forcing” anything down your throat.

If they don´t play why would they need a transfer?

I feel a bit wrong when I’m going to buy pack 1 at a price of 9 dollars.

I assume that team transfers will be offered later down the line.

My friends wanna play on free release.
But there is no transfer for free players, so, now don’t wanna play. (At least until EU server arrives, to not lose their characters)

With this IMC is losing player base.

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