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Cryomancer things

Ya’ll nailed it, great job =D. It doesn’t do everything but what it does do it does well. Literally the only problem I have with the class is boss immunity to freeze, would be cool if instead of just not working it did some smaller debuff on them like maybe 10% slower attacks - and still have the ‘frozen’ condition in terms of synergy. It feel’s really bad when my characters ’ turned off’ but when its on its on.

Ice wall is really fun to use, drawing things on the screen to mess with things as fast as I can, literally every ability on this list feels tight (Save the snowball glitching me into the ground, but that’s not intentional). Ice wall, ice pike, ice bolt is great utility, rolling people into snowballs is hilarious (although I don’t run it since I tend to get hit a lot doing it), the shields a nice fit into everything else, and ice pillar fits in incredibly well. The options, cool-downs, duration, everything just feels really really nice.

Cryomancer is a fine class. The only sad story about them is called Elluma :frowning:

jsut a nitpick I wished the vaivora had sumtin about the igloo art…good concept not so good in practice

Cryomancer is quite a fun class, but in PvE it doesnt serve much of a purpose since pyromancer deals a lot more damage, and has skills like fire pillar and fire wall to crowd control mobs, which is something cryo should be much stronger at.
Doesnt help that rods are absolute trash, and therefore the cryo rod will probably not be very useful, its a nice vaivora aside from that though.
The igloo arts is also a big meme, buff to kabba tier when :haha:

Cryomancer Ice Wall is a great weapon against macro botters. :wink: