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Crown is capped to 10. Most content drops stuff we can’t use

A lot of the stuff we obtain from content feels completely wasted.
Res Hard → Wasted loot.
Demonic Sanctuary → Most loot wasted outside of ectonite.
Hunting Ground farm → Res Sacrae materials and breath = wasted.
Res sacrae quests → Wasted materials.
Res normal → Wasted materials.
People kept doing Demonic Sanctuary and we have hundred of items we can’t use.
Using Goddess Grace gives us items we can’t even use.
And much more.

Why is crown still capped to 10?

It has been 13 months from the introduction of the cap.

In order to prevent and ease this gap, we will temporarily restrict(lock) the maximum Res Sacrae level from the current 20 to 10.

This measure is not permanent and we will gradually release it by monitoring the Savior’s growth rate and overall Res Sacrae enhancement status in the server.

The power of crown has already been reduced as a side effect of the introduction of new gear, when this cap was introduced we used to have roughly 40k attack as average.

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I prefer that Res Sacrae stays capped.
Maybe you, me and a few people we talk to have it lv.10 for a while now, but the reality of the servers are that very few people have it, and the majority is still leveling it up.

Maybe they forgot to mention it on the update and will implement it anyway, but if that’s not the case, I prefer it that way. Crown can stay capped as long as it takes.

Remember this. The reality of the majority of players is different than ours.


I have a player in the support guild who played really casually, skipped most content, doing the bare minimum and no token, no merc badge pass. He is level 7 Crown, it went up passively over 5 months, passively, zero effort involved. If he worked for it he could blast the level up to 10 really fast.

Goddess grace statistically gives almost 1 million silver in discount coupons every 200k you put in it as a consolation prize.
You can farm gabija if you want for more coupons even if it’s not good.
Gabija drops are getting boosted on Tuesday.
You drop more res growth stuff in goddess grace than before.
Res sacrae drops have been buffed 2 times already.
Giltine drops are getting boosted on tuesday even more.
Bounty hunt and other content drops breath of power like candies.
When you can do Superior Bounties you drop even more breath of power.
You can use all old materials and even tel harsha valuables (tel harsha will be nerfed difficulty on tuesday) instead of purifiers.
Soon tel harsha will give moth talc and glacia hearts, so you can have even more materials to purify as a new player without having to clear moringponia solo.
You can farm hunting ground when you are starting to get there to climb faster.
Now res sacrae quests can be done passively without going in fields.

The scaling of crown is also linear but the cost goes up exponentially.
Who climbs past 10 gets diminishing returns compared to the resources invested, and crown mats keep growing patch by patch.
I don’t know why we should have a worse experience just because somebody doesn’t want to play the game.

Game dead is because new player bot and alt cant farm silver like before

market dead since no stable silver output,

relic lv 20 is the answer to all solution

← not a whale but normal player play this game for 2 year without spend huge TP

and i ready to make relic 20 3 time if needed


Imagine relic20ing day 1 PogUchamp

If you don’t want crown 20 don’t farm for it.
We, and yes, there are people that don’t write on the forum, want it.
This was a carrot on a stick game, just like all the other mmorpgs, and it slowly transformed into a check box game where you “can be done”. I don’t want to be done.
I don’t enjoy being done in an mmorpg. And so do many others that tryharded and left after reaching +30 months ago. They got done and left.
When this cap was introduced we were left with the impression it would be slowly lifted, and instead it has been a full on wall that now can be reached quite easily.
So why should i spend my time playing after i reach crown 10 and +21 gear?
Crown 20 was never meant to be reached.
Just like +40 was never meant to be reached when we had the anvil system.

IMC saw Tyhz get relic10 in 2 weeks, and thought, we can’t let this guy be relic20 while everyone else is relic1.

idk man, even whales complain about relic20, cuz they can’t buy purified breath and actually have to run hard res like 600 times (multiplied)

honestly when we talk about P2W, what thing u going win in TOS?

and actually what game are not P2W ?

what the name of the “competitive content” that will effect you gaming experience in TOS

name a game that not required money, time and effort to make or any resource to maintain (include server, electricity and etc

all game are pay to win, is either you pay or other or with other way

JSR, old worldbosses, Boruta and Giltine, and more
i solo boruta with +16 weopen and +11 armor, i solo giltine with +20 JSR u dont need high gear or just do 2-3 time u get all reward raid, get full offsetting u good to go

not related at all
for example dota 2 is pay to win game since u will get worst team if u not pay in money to buy anything, u mmr will deduct however yes u are fair in game but with worst team work player

also wrong
no people pay, no game will on, who win ?

Guild boruta, guild giltine i have youtube on it just go search farm boruta for silver

no point to put any excuse and the main point on all gaming is required money to maintain

P2W is always in all game, different is how deep it effect you gaming experience

For boruta guild raid tree of savior Boruta farm for silver - YouTube

To me on all player in TOS, is follow whale tail

making equipment to full attack, without any survive item

even u with +30 full set but u play in full att way will give u bad experience

i used to play a bad dead MOBA in the past, when it was not very dead yet.
“Heros of the Storm” and that is not p2w. Pretty sure LOL and DOTA are also not.

Another example. Path of Exile is also not P2W. played that recently.
and there is more

in this 4 game u mention i played dota 2 only, i can 1 vs 5 of my friend with 6k MMR with full money spending and i max only to 5k mmr

anyway, time to sleep,(i hope i can)cant blame the free coffee since we have this chat :stuck_out_tongue:

Gn and have a nice day

if you don’t want a dramatic hit from 10 to 20 you should simply implement corona at 12 → 16 → 20
or something !
The fact is that the active players expected this and also used their lottery money to get coupons, they even purified their breath of power waiting for the crown 20, will we get the money back? Basically no, so turn up lvl the crown slowly and we’ll be a little happy.

Rather than trying to make decision which isn’t our part imc should just declare officially about it
I heard in some post someone asked gm already about it in some event
And if that’s fix decision imc should just stay firm about and declare it officially along with the arguments

What’s actually so sad is players who asking this feels like having no other goals in game except getting more power, given how much they spam this alot
like a power slave
well more like number slave
Even go as far thinking it is the solution to keep the game alive is so wrong
It’s like Imc back to it’s solutions where they add more and more power creep and bump the damage cap, mobs hp end up getting out of control that they had to nerf it recently
It’s clearly is not solution to keep the game alive, many players doesn’t even set it as game goal, it’s just that your egoistic want who wanna see bigger number and imc injustice that applied it for korean only which causes controversy

Even if it’s implemented you may think that you gonna widening the gap
This may be true against newbies but what’s the point? There may be not many newbie left at the end of day
But this is not true against those hardcore veteran or rmter
In the end where you stand will just the same before and after it’s implemented as the hardcore/p2w/rmt one will obtain the same, maybe even faster
So if you thinking relic lv 20 will help you reaching higher spot on rank and beat those even more hardcore you then you are so wrong

The truth is every old contents stuffs end up useless and become fodder for such thing like that costume exchange points or whatever the name is, it’s not just relic

The euphoric moment of seeing bigger number is just so short and actually meaningless when everything else feels so empty
Again if you are some slave of numbers you will take all my words above as grain of salt so suit yourself


if IMC really want to increase Crown level cap , they should have do it earlier . IMC admitted during last year live stream that Crown was a huge mistake and they even gave a sack who was responsible for developing this stupid thing later.

However , I still don’t understand why some ppl think just increasing crown level cap to 20 can save this game . Imagine you invite your friends to play this game and they find that they have to actively play this game 1 or 2 years just to reach Crown level 20 , how do you convince them to keep playing this game .

many items have been completely useless before (material drop from field mob , unique raid gears, ET/Velc/Skia equipment, Cafrirun item set , etc.)

Writing in bold means i am right

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