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Crevox's Summoner Build Guide 🦇

Appreciate the response, it’s going to be my second Wizard so I’ll mostly just be playing it for fun rather than rushing it through to min/max it and I’m used to playing summoners (even more active styles) in other games so I understand it’ll scale better late game and I’m prepared for the struggle. Just making sure it’s not totally horrible and not worth doing.

Thanks for the help, and they guide it’ll be infinitely useful.

Edit: Update in case anyone else sees this and is curious about summoner leveling, I only leveled to around 240 as a summoner then used my boost since I decided I really enjoyed the play style and wouldn’t regret it and also have a main to support this choice. However leveling was a breeze, it’s not bad AT ALL to level as a summoner. No, you won’t 1 shot everything however you will do just fine and have plenty of damage on just quest gear and whatever rewards the game gives you. The hardest part will be getting the cards needed, but if you’re part of the TOS_SupportGuild (which you should be if you’re new like me) or have your own guild then it’s not too bad by spamming the card albums and farming bosses that are generally 1 shottable by most. If you have the cards suggested in the guide I’d go Sorc>FF>Necro and you’ll be golden. If you don’t have the cards then I’d go Necro>FF>Sorc.

Have to thank Crevox again, amazing guide and it’s made summoner a lot of fun to play and super easy to get into, having a blast playing the game now!

When i leveled my summoner, going Necromancer first and just spamming gather corpse as an attack was pretty efficient for leveling. As mentioned, the summons are quite bad, but gather corpse is pretty strong for clearing at least up till around ep12.

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Yea I leveled to around 240 started Sorc then went FF and leveling was actually super easy (I’m coming from Cleric main, so maybe that’s why? Cleric was tough to level) then I used the boost since this is an alt that I’m making into a new main and already have stuff to support it. So I’m rolling along now, at the point where it’s just min/maxing but still destroying whatever I do with minimal gear :smiley:

I started as Necro as well and was fine. You’re right about Gather Corpse - it blasts like a shotgun. In reality it probably doesn’t matter if you start Necro or Sorc first, but I would say FF should be last. My logic was to get the summoner classes lined out first, as they are more important. Although, I will admit that my FF isn’t max level yet and I’m probably not utilizing the class optimally either.

Something for newer players to consider:
This char is one of my alts and I was really trying to focus on doing Field Challenge Mode with it to get Skill Gems since they mainly drop on lower level maps. It turned out to be something this build excels at. Not only do you get to add your Assisters to the mix, the Field version of CM doesn’t require you to move around the map like the other Challenge Modes. Being able to remain stationary while the monsters spawn around you, lets you take full advantage of Corpse Tower and Bone Pointing. When I plan on running Field CM, I actually like to set a stationary summon, like Pyroego, as my secondary card and Morph to him for the duration of CM. The tighter the area of the map you are in, the better - that way the monsters are forced to spawn closer to your team. You can also experiment with different Assisters for a team dynamic. Succubus and Froster Lord both have large AoE skills that are an excellent addition to your battle formation.

Fantastic. Thanks for the build guide. And it’s a bonus that it sweeps all the trash mobs with ease and brings down bosses like a champ.

People have been asking about the new update. Everything in the guide is still true, however there are slight changes to Desmodus and Gather Corpse usage. You need to keep both on enemies for both Sorcerer and Necromancer summons to deal full damage. Desmodus no longer works for Necromancer summons and vica versa.

Secondly, Featherfoot was nerfed and no longer provides any synergy with summoners. The class still works fine for the build, but there are potentially better options now. Nothing stands out as overly useful aside from Chronomancer for Ignas and/or Zaura. The use of Pass will allow you to use Summoning and Morph more often, leading to more reliable use of the summon’s skills via cooldown resets. If you are using Giltine or do not like Chronomancer, any other Wizard class generally works fine. I’m not sure if there is an absolute best or any preference myself, as I’m not playing the game at this moment.

For both cases, I’ve updated the guide so it has the correct information.


Hi Crevox! Not sure if you still check this guide but I have a question about the legend card:
I have the giltine card, do you think it is necessary to make a boruta card as the equipped card (make another giltine is really expensive lol) and use the Giltine card as a summoner, or just equip the Giltine card and use Ignas/Zaura as summoner? Is there huge dmg difference between these two choices?

Best scenario would definitely 3 giltine card (2 in grimoire, 1 in legend card slot) from there u downtune to whatever u can afford. and ofc im looking forward to what crevox would reply.

Thank you Alcatroz!
Yeah I know that is the optimal choice but you know even make the second one is hard for most players lol …
The main question here is if I can only have one giltine card, is it better to use it as summoner, or just equip it into the legend card slot, to maximum the dps (in Boss raid)…

u can use it as summons then equip boruta card in legend card slot. im not sure if giltine summon could make up for the difference between boruta and giltine card

In my experience, Ignas was better to use with Giltine equipped if the enemy was weaker to physical damage (by checking their armor type). They’ve lowered the difference between armor types now, so I’m not sure which is better at this point, or if there were other things changed.

Thank you Crevox!!!
Sorry I have another question - I only have the common Boruta seal +5 right now, is it necessary to make an extra wizard one +5 ? since I only see the +15% summon dmg on the wizard seal…


Do you have the resources for that? Sounds like an awful amount of resources for minor upgrades. The wizard seal will give you extra matk and critical matk instead of small critical rate boost, all you have to ask yourself is “do I need the dragon strength level 2 from +5?”

wizard seal is always better to use for wizard because u get extra atk from there. i use +5 common seals for my clerics and wiz +5 for my wiz. if u have the resources, i dont see whats wrong with having multiple +5 seals?

I’m not sure but i heard they’re gonna change common seal crit rate to atk later on, so maybe confirm with others about it and wait for now.

Common seal will provide attack at level 2 and 4, becoming the best seal.

Thank you all the info!!
But even the common seal provides atk at level 2 and 4, will it also provide summon dmg 15% ass the wizard seal?..

Common will have 15% Damage + Healing + SummonDmg.

And as said above, also Attack at 2 and 4.

wow… that would be great!~~ even though we do not know when will the itos update this patch…
And very appreciate the info!!!

It seems the link for the build cannot be accessed (server for tos.neet seems down)