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Contents Point Reset

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding 'Contents Point Reset

And with the link:

So this time the points will actually be reset… what a bummer. It’s already difficult to accumulate some for the collection costumes, but now you will lose all you don’t spend, which is totally absurd.

why will you reset the content points to put new items?? I will lose more than 100k points .-.
Hello IMC only changes the store leaves the content
@Staff_Jin @Staff_Brand @GM_Francis

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I have 114721 content points, even if I buy everything I can buy there will still be 40521 content points left.

Try off season shop if you still have costume to collect

Also try the special class costume shop too. Those will come in handy in the future~

i save up my points to buy what i want for the future shop reset, and now im forced to buy ■■■■ items that i dont even like/need just to salvage my hard-earned points from being reset to 0. What A joke!

At least reset the shop first so we can at least spend our point to something new coz honestly, the current shop items are trash.


Oh sure, i’m going to buy a matador suit for my elementalist, maybe the shadowmancer fits my pyromancer better.

I already own them all

The problem is losing all points or having to buy useless things.

are they really going to reset? before they do, and then they didn’t. i think im going to keep mine for now.