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Content Point Shop

From the update notice it says that the Content Point Shop is getting new set of items which is great but not really fair at the same time. Let me explain.

The content point shop was supposed to have a set number of items on sale for around 3 months. I have read official notices from both kToS and iToS websites and this is the break down

kToS - The first Contents Point Shop opened in November 7th, 2019 and ended in March 5th, 2020.

iToS - The first Contents Point Shop opened sometime around Feb 19th, 2020 and ended today March 31st, 2020

So kToS got to use the first Content Points Shop for over 3 months while iToS only got just over 1 month to use the first Content Points Shop.

The first Contents Points Shop had many nice items such as 2 types of emoticons which you can buy 10x each so 20x, and an armband you can buy 5x, each, 2 types of contact lenses which you can buy 5x each so 10x, and a gesture wave that costs a lot of points.

There is no way you can get even half of that even if you have multiple characters and build up 2000 points a week (which is the maximum cap). And I was one of those people who did that and still couldn’t even get all the lenses for my characters and I bought nothing else from the shop.

Could you make it so that the first set of items are available for at least 2 more months along with the second set of items? I’m not asking for a special treatment for iToS players. All I’m asking is for equal chance as kToS players. IMHO I think it’s important to keep fairness between the different servers. Thank you



Please give us the same chance as kToS please!!