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Considering the Blue spion archer

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@medidudegame :
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The problem here is not the normal attack of the blue spion archer, but its spiral arrow attack (hits you 5 or 6 times with 1 skill). Oh yeah OP you haven’t met the red spion archer yet :slight_smile:

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spiral arrow is a straight line attack, use your companion to block it.

Was also been bullied by the bloody blue spion archer, dropped dead after one spiral arrow, this from a 60con 20k hp full plated swordie, I was 5 level below it back then, later closed the level gap by 2 and the guy was tickling me.

Most damage from monsters can be reduced thru levels specially magic dmg.

All classes can reduce blue spiom archer damage to nothing.

Full plate + aspersion will reduce the mJority of damage. Full plate + a shield will drop it to 1.

That includes Spiral arrow hitting for 1. The regular blue spions will also hit flr 1 and the mages will hit for 300-500

Which is a small amount.
Basically on this map wear level appropriate armor and visit a pardoner.

These mobs are not a CON check, they’re a defense check and telling you to wear level appropriate gear (220 or +4 170’s.)

I have Knight Armor, superior infantry leggings, 12,000 HP, Aspersion.

I still get 1-shot by these things, even while at a level where I can complete quests there.

Why is that necessary? Hitting hard is one thing. Literally killing you with 1 shot while properly leveled, geared, and con-invested is stupid as hell.

i are you using leather set, perhaps?
try using plate with max plate attribute :expressionless:

OR… get that lv15 aspersion from pardoners


Git Gud

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I think this must be my issue right here, actually. nods

I’m a cleric-class, and I said I’m using Knight Armor and Superior Infantry Leggings, so if you were paying attention you would know I’m using plate-class. ;] I am also using Aspersion (though not level 15), and even if I WAS using it and it caused me to not get 1-shot anymore is a moot point, since my point is: it should not be a REQUIREMENT to have the absolute maximized efficiency on defense in order to not get 1-shot on a map which the game is telling you you should be able to quest on.

Again, it’s about poor game design with ToS–I actually don’t have an issue with the concept of getting 1-shot as long as I have an opportunity to avoid it. 1-shots are not inherently bad, but targeting, homing, instant 1-shots are a pretty big problem in my opinion.

EDIT Not to mention the fact that you might run into two at once, and then literally everything about this post goes out the window, because even if I were to have literally everything maximized, and everything overupgraded 3 times over, I still wouldn’t be able to live against two of those jerks.

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I agree, but, again, just like I’m ok with the concept of 1-shots, I’m ok with the concept of homing attacks as long as they do not destroy your entire being with a single tap. ToS is terrible at the concept of balance–just look at the HP differences between mobs on maps. “Oh this guy only has 5k. This one has 8k. This guy here has…100k? ._.”


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OK… :expressionless:

P.S - im using roxona plate set

You’re level 229. >_> The whole point of these posts is to say that, for the level at which you can begin to quest on this map, these guys will 1-shot you with spiral arrow, almost regardless of what you are equipped with. I think I was level 212 when I could quest there, and so that’s when I went there. If the game is saying “hey, you can quest here!” then it should not be filled with monsters who can point-and-click 1-shot homing attack you.

Run this same test with a level 212 character and see how different it is.

ah my bad…ok i’ll try my other char if it reaches @ your level and test it my self

btw…why would you go to a map with a 13 level gap?? :expressionless:

Sorry if that came off as snarky–I’m actually legitimately curious to see what exactly is necessary to NOT die to these things at the lowest possible level to quest there. :0 Because if so-and-so optimization is absolutely necessary, it takes away from this game’s whole concept of “lots of choices! Customize your gaming experience!”

And I went just as soon as I could quest there, because I had nowhere else to quest. :S Thus is the way of ToS. Ask the game-designers why they are putting monsters with a 13 level difference in a map where those players are told they should be questing.