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Congrats for surviving 2021 [barely], 2022?

really, you need to step up your game if you wanna stick around 2022 because you barely survive 2021
and when i said your game im not talking about cute costumes, cute pets or more essential items in leticia cubes
i mean progression that can make tos somewhat decent healthy mmo
another year coming and bigger waves of good games/patches is coming, there are more goods mmo/patches to arrive that can provide more joyous moment rather than stick playing tos afk farm popo points or fishing cause i couldnt think of any reason to afk or stay in game
will tos still have its place as decent mmo when its already felt like its some indie game that nobody knows exist but still making progress but without knowing where its lead to?
reflecting of 2021 development i saw some tiny quality improvement here and there but i didnt see many that will actually attract new players or returners except for excessive spoonfeeds that i see its failed except for veterans to create more alts. this spoonfeeds not even promoted well enough and even if it does and it is what newcomers or returners actually need the most we should see more players to come but here we are in a more steep declining1
(what are you talking about we have 12 new players in december thats some achievement you brat)
you could save granado espada from players declining when it reached its lowest of 650 players in end of 2019 to the current 2k players now in 2021. why the same cant happen to tos? why the development cant lead to the same result? have you figured what went wrong with tos developments?
please figure it asap out otherwise there may be no 2022 for tos
there may be 2022 for tos mobile but will it have a great start or is it just yet another mmo that will be forgotten as soon as its out and end up to be another waste of development money
cmon kim, you can do it…


But ToS literally survives thanks to differently-smart whales like @Mikumo that buys every costume/pet/whatever and p2w to be somewhat pve-relevant while being stomped on pvp, no matter what the state of the game is.


I dont buy every pet/cube/etc. Not exactly sure who/where you got this idea from.

Been playing since the game was in CBT and have spent alot of time spamming many of the end game raids to gear up as well as experimenting on builds that i might like to play. Considering that i was one of the original 5 man pty in klaip that was spamming every single solmiki/lolopanther floors way back then, as well as historically someone thats always been in one of the first few parties to clear every major patch’s end game raids since inception + spamming it with multiple parties, i think your opinion is deflecting the effort needed to play the game and relegating it to “p2w” because you perhaps might not have invested that much time/effort to achieve.

well yes, i dont pvp at all. i have always been running a single PvE character for the entire game’s creation. Other than weekly gtw which i sometimes attend for fun, or the few tbl matches i feel like queueing with friends for the memes, i dont regularly pvp and care very little for it.

Not everyone plays the game for PvP content and you’ll find there are many people who similarly ignore PvP in favour of PvE or more comfy contents.


All in all, you seem to be having some weird image or prejudice of me, kinda odd but ok.

Do you like “almost every” better? :rofl:

And one of the many that has been p2w since enchant scroll was the only relevant item in tp shop too.

Ik, ik :rofl:

Well, you tried to :upside_down_face:

Kinda the opposite. I’m very grateful that people like you exists, else this game would have been shut down long ago.

I was just saying to the OP that if they stopped focusing on fashion and p2w, the game wouldn’t survive because it’s people like you that pay the bills no matter what.

I used you as an example because Whalemoon is a pretty known name across different servers, no other reason behind :hugs:

I only get cubes sometimes when i actually like the costumes, which the past half year - a year or so haven’t been very interesting to me, so i haven’t been getting them unless it’s the one random roll i did w guildies during a drinking meme party.

You’ll of course know this if you aren’t basing your assumptions on “memes” and taking rumors as fact.

Yet again i have no idea who is putting these ideas into your head, in terms of spending i haven’t spent nearly as much as alot of the actual whales in the game.
(How exactly is rolling for occasional costumes p2w every few months or half year to year btw?)

Most of my time in the game has been spent farming raids and grinding with every major patch. Even in the most recent one, I’ve spent alot of time in 2f unknown sanc and also snek/giltine raids constantly farming for loot.

When? I’ve been very vocal about personally not caring for PvP for a long time now whether it be in game or on discord.

If you think that running full pve builds without changing cards/ichor/set effects on the exact same character in the occasional tbl match or sometimes in gtw is counted as “trying”, then you might need to get your eyesight checked.

This was based on a discord meme and is more of a joke than anything of relevance. Players in other servers that have no clue of the true meaning of specific inside jokes or memes should not be trying to repeat them just because they “think” they know what it means.

Regardless of OP’s post - of which I do find some stuff that I agree with, you should not be trying to use specific people as “examples” unless you are wanting to try incite drama, least of all people that you have no first hand experience of and are basing them on assumptions.

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A modified excrulon’s market names addon that I and my friends used to keep track of some items listed, at what prices and by who, to buy them when the price was low enough, for eg.?
Leaving an alt near the npc sending alerts on discord wasn’t that hard :roll_eyes:

I guess that’s why you got heated with some people back then :zipper_mouth_face:

Still saying the same things I see :innocent:

You know, there is more than your own discord :roll_eyes:

But but… you just assumed I don’t have first hand experience :roll_eyes:

Don’t get mad then?

Alright, enough OT, I already made my point clear.
See you :kissing_heart:

what point? hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha ppl feeling big, talking ■■■■ about a person they dont know, while hiding online, makes my day everytime.

but im curious what was your point xd

There’s nothing this game could do to make me quit FFXIV just to comeback to this abusive-relationship of a game.

Moving from TOS to FFXIV is probably the same as moving from N Korea to S Korea.
I’ve been like Why is everything so goddamn good over here!? :upside_down_face:

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I read somewhere in this forum back then that anyone who still in game is actually some masochist who loves getting tortured by imc hahaha. They even still willing to pay. Not me. Not one who originally mention it, not one of those maso. :no_mouth:

I’m glad I left this toxic relationship too right when they announced silver being removed. People weren’t quitting over issues with “too many bots”. Hell I stuck around when the afk necro bots were 10x worse. The biggest problem by far is the amount of p2w gambling systems Nexon keep pushing out. Bots wasn’t even a fraction of the frustration and disappointment it has caused.

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2022 will be fine, we’ll move to Sparta to fight along with Leonidas, get re:re:re build, new accessories, new equipment slot, and maybe after 6 years they’ll eventually fix mouse mode let’s be optimistic!

Why not just play the game, enjoy, see where it gets you. You buy TP or not, whatever. So much talk of the game dying since I started yet here we are 2 years later. Play the game if you like it, move on if you don’t. There is nothing here that hasn’t been already complained for like 10 times.


Welp not everyone is apathetic like you dude.

people complaints everyday irl.

The complaint isn’t the problem, complaint is about the problem, and the fact that it isn’t fixed yet, even you add yourself it’s been 2 year (heck Idk why it’s only been 2 years since this game main problems exist probably since cbt) add fuel to why complaints still running.

In positivity I see this complain as reminder, with some slight sarcasm.complain can be seen as feedback and this game, this forum has open feedback section, I don’t see why it’s a problem

Just because you stay silent doesn’t meant everything is ok for everyone.

He have his freedom to complain, so you do have your freedom to not give a fk and ignore this post(like many others did).This is open forum by the way, and this is general discussion, If you don’t wanna discuss about it, and rather complain about it, lmao, you can just ignore it

Just bring him down with flag like how these people in forum used to with your “I’m sick of this negative comments” mentality

You speak like he the one who can’t accept the game truth while in my perspective i see you are the one who can’t accept the game bitter truth and can’t move on lol


It won’t die (probably), you can only move on from this game or hope for a reborn. Tos can reduce its population to 0 and it may still run.

There are a lot of games in steam that runs even with less than 10 population. It’s because publishing a game via steam is very different from publishing via nexon. As long as the servers still run, even if the devs abandon it to not get any update like other forgotten mmo.

Steam is a lot like google play, that gets its revenue from the income of the game itself (iirc like 30% to steam, 70% to company/individual). While that sounds good, steam does not offer advertising. So you can have a really great game with no people

I can go into details, but you get the point.

If you are wondering why tos international follows tos korea or why IMC can’t just publish the game itself or independently via steam.
Well there are several reasons, money, humanpower, franchise, advertising, contracts etc…
And they still have nexon to pay for that

Oh btw I already moved on and accepted, I just read and reply once in a while. Ofcourse its not easy, even ex-wow players still want news from blizzard. I play other games

Thanks for the speech btw. So making it sound like the devs did nothing to improve the game, making the game sound even worse for potential new players is ok? Calling it “tiny improvements here and there” when in fact the gearing system has immensely improved, became more newbie friendly and farmable. Saying all you can do is afk farm popo and fish i mean who the hell does that all day. No wonder it lacks progression for this guy. I do ignore complaints, but when they are mostly FALSE like this I don’t give a fk, like i said play it if you like it, if you don’t then move on to wherever makes you happy. I suggest putting the work in first before complaining, otherwise just ask for advice

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*Newbie friendly until they find out that doing end game content simply isn’t possible at all without getting carried by whales.


Ah I see that you are one of those guy
Emotional vulnerable and insecure type
Can’t ever take slight sarcasm eh?
Yeah yeah the game is great as ever just back to your den and keep farming to be the strongest
TS should have write some disclaimer for the likes of you

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Lmao sorry to hurt your feelings bud

i see this is the only positive aspect you mentioned.
lets break into that…
gearing system is indeed changes, but to be precise end game gearing system, while leaving the rest of gear hierarcial like normal, rare unique become obsolete for long
this is seems to be ok for imc since they are pushing players to just skip the game and get into end game rightaway
the latest gearing system come in handy with the deletion of potential system for goddess, accessories seem stuck with legend yet but i read it will be updated next means no potential for accesories will be a thing as well, means we will see more (hardcore/p2w) players having +30 accesories
the part where things can be reproducable like accesories is nice, but the part where gears are character lock is sucks
well thats my opinion about gearing
now talk about your opinion whether its “newbie friendly”, if you meant newbie can get this as soon as they are login yes they are. anyone fresh login will get spoonfeed of materials to craft vasilisas, as p2w they can buy voucher to complete ep12 and complete ep13 to get their free transcended vasilisas gear and even arks and accesories where people used to worked hard for that but now it seems so priceless.
now about “farmable
i dont get why you see gear is something farmable now. have you checked market gear section and see how dead it is?? and when i said gear i mean armors and weapons section where people used to sell latest gear like old times people selling crafted white witch legend gear, skia legend gears etc, now something that gives economic value to gears and made the market live is somewhat gone and dead. its because now gear is character locked and it has no economic value except for the material itself, and the material isnt that worthy to get turned into gear, its worth as enhancement fuel, so to call the gear is farmable?? i dont think its right, even if you think it is i dont see the fun from “farming” vasilisa gears, maybe its your personal taste i will never understand
also if you have more positive aspects of the game across this 2021 please elaborate so we can discuss it here and see why instead of getting more recognition as mmo, we losing half of playerbase in 2021, despites this newbie friendly and all the greatness you have in mind

thats sounds about right. its clearly is what a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG should be
i wonder hows the feel of playing multiplayer with 10 people only in RPG, its like 2 fixed party if its consist of 5 members haha, may as well call it private party game, or even solo game
i mean if imc goal is toward this then they are on the right track


cmon dont be like this. you cant just spit on thread starter face and leave.
dont be such coward… if you want to defend your favorite game, the developers, please defend it right
lets discuss, i thought you are here for that, or are you here to “complain” ??

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