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Complete disregard of IMC with the Latin American community

Greetings I M C
We buy the game to play , and shortly after the release of the server SA , incredible 48 hours of malfunction a " maintenance " without result , and an entire community in the dark , not knowing what to do, no exact statement.
How to deal? We paid for the game ! We want answers ! :sleepy:

See ya :*


yes IMC you have fail Latin America!

stop this BS, there are like 10000 post with the same message.


I just want answers! And solution to a problem that affects not only me, but rather many other players! :slight_smile:

When they fix all this ***t I’d like to see a very good explanation about what happened and why they kept us in the dark. If they come with “Sorry, here it’s your EXP Tome”, I’ll tell them to shove the Tome up in their *****.

i wont stop and i call all players to make a lot of other new post asking for answers to!!! we players need to be united on this !!!

what else you expect of this kind of people :pensive:

The more IMC try to help out by adding extra servers and things for SA the more they get bad mouthed and stuff :expressionless:


The server Just launched, it’s still stabilizing. Also, you’ve seen nothing, F2P is coming and it’s going to be a Mess of Bots and Players. Save your complains for 10th may.

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As you all know, there has been a DDoS attack targeting Silute. The IP has been traced back from within South America itself (not naming any countries here, and only stating facts, albeit deliberately vague to ward off trolls, baits, derails, and psychopaths).

What I don’t understand is everyone from SA has been practically begging for their own server, and when it arrives they sabotage it before they even play day 1. Why?


so…the DDoS attack came from a SA country?

Well IMC sold the Brazilian publishing rights to one company but published themselves there too without ip blocks. I wonder who might be behind these attacks through some paid criminal organization?


Yes, it came from an SA country, that’s why certain players could not log. IMC is IP blocking the source of the DDoS, but it seems to get worse.

I highly discourage this kind of activity because it will trigger a domino effect that will cost the game severely. Anyone who played Ragnarok since the Alpha knows what I’m talking about, and if those DDoSers don’t stop, history will repeat itself, although this time I’m not sure IMC will be bailed out the way Gravity was. It’s already bad enough someone is trying to decode the game files and emulate the game to provide data to build ToS private servers. What more if everything was leaked, like the game engine?

im playing fine.

Wich country are you? (arg here)

I am Brazilian , many Brazilians can not log in , also I got to see a post with a with a lot of Mexicans who also could not access

im from argentina and cant log :confused:

from argentina here, i can play fine (fibertel is my isp)

Wich isp? public ip range?

I have fibertel too, and i can play fine, with 80ms and pikes of 100

Conspiracy mode on::open_mouth:

Maybe LUG! is taking down sa server because no one will play there after the annoucement of SA server! :scream:


well, i have an idea that maybe can help to organize this, stop spamming the forum and help IMC with a IP LIST that perhaps they already have but we dont know

Create a Topic, well named, all the ppl with this problem post their ip “RANGE” (because some ppl are paranoic and dont want to say their ip) and the OP edit the first post with all the ip range involved in the issue.

You two clearly do not understand what is going on in our server. So you could just shut up. It is been almost 72 hours without playing the game since we are not able to log in in any character. I wish it was happening to you so you could feel it as well and I would be the one saying “Ohhh geez, americans are posting it everywhere. I hate this kind of people” Stop being egocentric and racist, please. You sound like a Donald Trump supporter.

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