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“Please, run away and never come back here! This is no longer a safe place… Hide yourself, save your life! Live!” Her blue azure eyes were shedding tears, yet they had a gracious look. However, there was no hope, merciless flames were already performing their dance of death. “Please hold this necklace and… I want you two to know that I love you. Let’s see eachother later…”, she said with a gentle smile.

These were the words that woke the little girl from her sleep. Slowly she tries to open her teary eyes and puts her hand on her mother’s memento. “Mother…”, she said with a soft voice, “This necklace’s gem is as blue as your eyes… You know, I always wanted to have my eyes like yours. I loved you so much, more than anyone else…”.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice: “Oh, oh, it seems you woke up, Claire. Good morning. I apologize if I was noisy. Would you like to eat together this morning?”. “Ah, good morning, Master Valentinus! Please don’t worry, you didn’t wake me. I’ll come to eat soon. Please wait for me.”. Claire seemed happy to see him. Her tears disappeared in an instant and her face seemed to shine.

After a few minutes, they both met behind the church, at a little white table, and started to eat. “Master Valentinus, this place didn’t change at all since I came here. Birds sing their lullabies, flowers spread their wonderful fragrance, the sky is always decorated with beautiful butterflies and sunshine. Tenet church always was truly peaceful here, right? It really is a holy paradise.”, she said smiling. “Dear child, just because we are protecting it, this doesn’t mean it always was peaceful. This church was full of evil creatures before, but we managed to purify and set them free eventually. Everyone has duties here too, besides praying. Even your brother has one.You know, he decided to set out on a pilgrimage to Fedimian and pray for all of us to be healthy.”. “Did he? So that’s why I didn’t see him around… When did he leave?”, Claire asked. “One month has passed since that day. Sincerely, I’m kind of worried about him… He should have come back earlier.”.

Suddenly, the girl stopped eating and stood up, holding her plate with the leftovers: “Thank you very much for letting me eat with you this morning. I really appreciate it, Master Valentinus. Also I’m grateful to you for telling me about my brother. I’ll go to wash my plate.”. In a second, he turned his head to look better at her and his voice got deeper: “Wait, I hope you’re not planning to go after him alone or something, Claire. The way is very dangerous and you are just an unexperienced cleric. I know this look of your face, but please don’t do anything! I’m sure that Goddesses will guide him.”. The little girl stopped walking. Her eyes were wider than usual, showing her fear, uncertainty and concern. However, trying to act natural and hiding her trembling voice, she cheerfully said: “Yes, Master Valentinus. I will not do anything that can make me regret later. I will just pray for him to be fine.”, and then she left.

“Leaving all by himself only to pray for all of us to be healthy?! This isn’t it! He wouldn’t do this only for such little reason. There is something he wants, but I wonder what…”. Claire went straight to her bed after washing the plate. She didn’t feel like going outside anymore, because she realised that “outside” was the reality behind a locked door. Touching again the blue gem of her necklace, she murmured: “I can’t lose someone else again, mother. My brother was always by my side. It’s my turn now, I won’t let him down!”. Looking at her room’s door, she noticed it was half-open: “Huh? Did I leave it like that?", but ignored it, "Well, anyway. I have to prepare my bag with all I need in order to survive. I’m aware of my current condition, so I have to be prepared for this night.”

The young cleric made a little leather bag all by herself and stuffed some potions inside, along with an antidote, some food and an old family photo. Near her bag, she prepared an old wooden club she found long time ago. Looking on the window, right to the sky, her face was touched by the moonlight, revealing her real beauty and elegance. Maybe she was trying to relax a bit and organize her thoughts or maybe she was thinking at someone very dear to her. This mystery has never been solved, at least until now.

When she arrived in front of the church, she prayed once more, and then she whispered: “Please forgive me, Master Valentinus. It seems I broke my promise. Take care.”. After this, she ran away scared, but determined.

…“I knew she was going to do it…”, Valentinus Naimon murmured, leaning up against the huge door of the church, “I can’t believe I was afraid to tell her good bye… Well, hope she will return safe along with her brother. I can do nothing but sense something horrible, an unimaginable disaster, a curse…”, he sighed. “However, she has the saphie necklace, she could have a chance to escape unharmed. Farewell, Claire.”

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A young archer was strolling around Tenet Garden, he was enjoying his rare time off from his training as a Watcher. Usually many Pantos would flock to his side and enjoy the breeze tinted with fresh flowers, but today there was none. He had sensed a slight change in their behavior, they seemed to be on edge lately as if they sensed a looming disaster. “I hope all the Pantos will be okay if something happens” he mused to himself, playing with a plucked flower between his fingers as the night chilled wind tussled his tawny brown hair.

Suddenly his hazel eyes transfixed on a interesting sight, a young Cleric girl saddled with supply was leaving the Church under the cover of shadows. It seemed like she was trying to avoid any notice as she left, as if she was running away. As his interest was peaked he decided to follow her for a short while, his life had never faced any question as to where it was headed as he was always going to become a Watcher since the day he was born. Seeing this girl strike out on her own dredged up a feeling of envy, he had always yearned for freedom in his life.

Claire was being very careful not to be seen, every step covered in shadow and delicately placed upon the earth. She was determined to make this journey yet she was filled with fear even though she was so close still to her home. “I must move forward, i must find my brother…” she whispered softly to herself. Just then she heard a noise in the distance, branches cracking. “Is… is anyone there?” she called softly, a slight tremor to her voice.

The young archer stepped out into her view “I’m sorry” he called to her “I didn’t mean to scare you, i was curious were you where going” He said sheepishly, embarrassed as he realized how his actions must have looked. “My name is Thomas, i hope i didn’t upset you”. Thomas looked up at her and was felt horrible when he saw her eyes still filled with fear. “She must think i’m a thief” he bemoaned under his breath.

“W-watch out!” Claire finally managed to eek out. Thomas whipped his head around to see a giant Panto looming in the distance. Normally he would not be afraid of them but the creatures glowering eyes and maw twisted into a snarl made him uneasy. It continued to advance on them, its figure made more malevolent by the growing darkness. The Pantos are friends to humans, what could be going on?

“Hey buddy, I’m Thomas the watcher in training. Do you need any” His sentence was cut off by terror as the beast raised his spear and lunged towards Thomas. Leaping back he fumbled for his bow, he had never been in real combat before. His hands where shaking as he pulled an arrow out. “Don’t worry miss, i will protect you!” Thomas tried to sound brave, like a valiant knight but his true feeling were easily revealed by how the words where stammered out.

“No, i will fight too!” Claire proclaimed, clenching her fist to stop it from shaking. She reached for her wooden club, praying to the Goddesses for protection. The enraged Panto was already making its second move. The hulking figure readied its spear and sprinted forward towards them again. She would not let herself be paralyzed with fear, she knew she must survive to find her brother.

Claire opened her palm and tried to concentrate on the energy that flowed through her body. A pinkish white light crackled at her finger tips and flowed into the ground. The energy settled like tiles on the garden floor, in between the large Panto and the boy that had come out of hiding. As the Panto sprinted over them he yowled in pain, stopping for a moment. Claire took the opportunity to channel more magic, this time yellow in color, and willed it where the creature was standing. He looked visibly tired now and Claire smiled proudly, she knew she could do it. “Hit him now!” Claire turned Thomas and yelled.

The archer had already begun notching an arrow after he saw the creature stop in pain. He fired it with all his might, pinning the bulky monster’s spear arm to a tree behind it. “Yes!” he couldn’t help but yelp in excitement. He was about to barrage the creature with arrows when he remembered the other Pantos, his friends.

“Please, spare the Panto! Lets run!” he shot Claire a desperate, pleading look. He was relieved when she nodded in agreement and they both ran as fast as they could away from the changed beast. When they were a safe distance away it dawned on him that he did not know her name. “I’m sorry miss, could i get your name?”

The young Cleric smiled “Claire” she said, reaching her hand out “And thank you for helping me but… why were you following me in the first place?”

Thomas reached out for her hand, smiling. Then recoiled in embarrassment, he had forgotten how this had started. “I am so sorry!” He yelped “I… I was just curious were you where going. I always longed to leave this place and travel myself”

Claire laughed and picked his hand back up, shaking it. “Well i am traveling to Fedimian, there is someone i must find. My brother.” She suddenly grew forlorn at the mention of her lost sibling.

Thomas knew what he must do, every ounce of his being longed to leave this place and travel. “Please, let me come! I-I am not very strong at the moment but i will help you in anyway i can!” He balled up his hands into fists and looked at her with determination. He could finally leave and for a worthy cause at that.

“Are your parents going to be okay with that?” She frowned, unsure if she should be dragging any one else into her search.

“Did you tell anyone you were leaving?” He countered back “Please, Claire. It’s not just to help you, I want to see the world outside of this place”

Claire perked up again and smiled, laughing. If he was so determined she could use the help. Already strange things had happened, who knew what dangers would await her as she traveled further from home. “If that’s how it is, i would welcome your company”

The boys face lit up, overjoyed. He was glad he always brought a small emergency kit with him whenever he was out, though he’d be in need of resupplying soon. He was an excellent hunter however and could easily supply them with small game for meals. “Then where are you headed next?” he chimed.


Claire and Thomas walked side-by-side heading north along the dirt path. She stopped and stared longingly at the vast array of flowers which littered the area. The wind began to pick up, causing her long hair to dance around as she closed her eyes and clenched her pendant. She remembered how her and her brother used to play in these flowers and, sometimes, the pantos would gather around here and they would play with them. The pantos were usually harmless creatures but to see one so blatantly attack them… Claire did not know what was going on but she knew she had to find her brother no matter the danger.

“I remember reading the creatures in the Kateen Forest weren’t hostile.” Thomas shouted, snapping Claire back into reality as she opened her eyes and turned to face him.

“Ahh I’m sorry! I was…” She stopped herself realizing she was mumbling too quietly for him to hear her. She began to quickly walk towards Thomas noticing that he had gained a considerable distance before realizing she had stopped walking with him.
“Didn’t even notice you stopped walking, sorry about that.” Thomas said as he grinned stupidly, scratching the back of his head.
“It’s okay… I think we will be safe in Kateen Forest if we don’t make any animals angry.” She said as she finally caught up with him.

As the two approached the road leading to Kateen Forest, Clair tugged on Thomas’ shirt and said, “Do you know about the Guards Graveyard?”
“What about it?” He replied, looking towards the direction she was facing.
“W-well…” She said.
“We shouldn’t go anywhere near there, that place gives me the creeps.” Thomas replied.
“I heard that there’s a Goddess Statue in there… umm s-so the story is that if you pray at this statue, the spirits of the guards who once protected the goddesses will bless your journey with good fortune.” Claire said with a smile on her face. Although it was a creepy tomb, she believed strongly in this legend.

“Well…” Thomas hesitated for a moment as he looked down at Claire’s smiling face. “U-umm…” He smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, “Okay! We will go get the blessing of the statue. But… any sign of danger down there and we will leave.” Thomas replied and Claire nodded her head in agreement.

The two arrived in front of the Guards Graveyard and Thomas slowly descended into the musty tomb, Claire following closely behind. The hallways were dimly lit with candlelight and the air stagnant and moldy. They stared ahead and noticed a guy attacking some Cronewts, bugs and maggots wearing a traditional priest outfit and wielding a large red hammer.

“Hey!” Claire called out but he ignored them and continued further into the tomb. She and Thomas immediately followed and watched as he stopped in front of every creature, attacking and killing them one by one with his hammer. “U-umm… are you here for the goddess blessing too?” Claire said as she approached him.

He took no notice of Claire’s existence and continued down a set path, seemingly roaming in circles. She and Thomas followed him, continuing to watch him carefully but, soon, more bugs and maggots appeared in the area, crawling out of various holes in the walls. A woman came into light from the darkness, also wearing a traditional priest outfit as she and the male priest ran at the maggots and bugs, swatting them one at a time.

“Thomas… maybe we should leave.” Claire said as she began to tremble, her eyes widened with fear.
“I… don’t know who they are but do even know we are here? I have an idea!” Thomas said as he ran up to the male priest and put his hand on his shoulder. “Hey, we’re talking to you here!” He said.

The male priest turned around to look at Thomas and, both he and Claire got a good look at his face. His eyes were devoid of life and mouth hung agape. He looked past Thomas, completely ignoring him, his eyes fixated on some maggots and bugs that were next to Claire. He immediately ran right into Thomas, nearly knocking him over to get to them, the female priest followed suit as both of them continued to mindlessly kill everything in the area.

“Angry spirits.” A voice called out as several large balls of energy penetrated the two priests, immediately vaporizing them. “You needn’t pay them any attention. They are spirits of talentless people who lived uneventful lives that, upon death, now roam the world seeking to destroy everything. It would seem that they ignore humans, however. Very interesting…”

“Show yourself!” Thomas shouted as Claire tucked herself behind him, poking only her head out.

“Or what? Hmph… I am Bale, a Wizard from Klaipeda magical institute. I am on a mission to prove myself to the institute by hunting these angry spirits. But you do not need to know of my mission.” He jumped down from the platform in front of them.

He was completely dressed in a black robe and a hood shrouded much of his facial features. He waved around this wooden staff with a rune encrusted at the tip of it. “I suggest you leave this place as this does not concern you.” He began to channel energy into the rune staff.

“U-umm…” Claire stepped out from behind Thomas, looked at Bale and bowed humbly. “I am Claire and this is Thomas… Y-you see we were only here to pray at the Goddess Statue.” She continued to bow.

“Hmph… it’s that way.” He said as he pointed to the south east tunnel. “Mosey on along and pray to your non-existent goddesses now. In case you haven’t noticed, no one has seen these goddesses in how long? The only thing we can trust is our own skill.” His voice radiated with anger as he said those words before he turned around, walking deeper into the tomb, opposite of the direction of the statue.
“W-wait!” Claire said but he ignored her.

“Let’s just go Claire. That guy sounds a bit like a madman to me.” Thomas said as he and Claire headed down the hallway and, within a couple minutes reached the goddess statue. It was a beautifully carved silver statue said to watch over the souls of the spirits here. She and Thomas both kneeled before it and put their hands together in prayer.

“Oh goddesses, please guide our journey so that I may find my brother.” Claire bowed her head and stood up.
“Oh goddesses, please guide our journey so that I may…” Thomas stopped himself from saying that last part out loud. He stood up and looked at Claire, “Let’s get out of this place.” He said.
“Mhmm… Off to Kateen Forest!” Claire smiled brightly and the two of them walked out of the tomb.

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I wanted to do a lot more with this story but 1000 words was creeping up on me so fast… I hit 1153 and just had to end it and shorten it in areas by removing details and pretty writing narrations oh well. It is what it is.


At the point in which Tenet Gardens ceased and Kateen Forest began, there was a small village nestled into the shades of the neighboring foliage. The village was an absolutely beautiful unification of nature and humanity. There were four exits, and all of them were melded naturally into the surrounding trees. The tall wooden plants would serve as the arches for a gate, and the long and connected metallic spikes that were driven through the branches would be the gate itself. The comb-like gate was then attached to a series of pulleys that culminated in one master lever that stood on one of the nearby structures. These gates protected a wonderful garden made from the forest’s natural shrubbery, and a few man-made buildings. In total, there were probably only about ten or twelve actual homes and quite a few artistic pieces. All of the houses were made of wood and were either built into the tree itself as tree-houses, or placed precariously across the village area as little wooden homes. The various artistic pieces consisted of whatever material was available at the time and existed as gazebos, arches, statues, and other artistic forms. In the very middle was a flagpole that displayed a violet piece of fabric that was labeled in blue with the word Kateen. This village shared the same name as the forest that it was attached to out of respect and reverence for whomever had named this Kateen area.

It was at this location that Claire and Thomas had spent the night at before continuing on their journey towards the owl burial grounds.

“Goodbye Granny Em!” Claire shouted back to an elderly woman that she and Thomas had grown close to while sharing stories next to an enclosed fireplace in an inn. “We’re heading off now.”

Suddenly, a few bumping noises could be heard from the second floor. “Ouch!” a familiar male voice could be heard exclaiming from above. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

A half-awake, a slovenly dressed, and poorly packed Vacenin came clopping downstairs. “I… Uh… Thought you guys could use a tour guide throughout the owl burial grounds.”

“But, don’t you live here?” replied a suddenly cautious Claire as she slung her pack across her chest to cover anything that might attract the young swordsman’s attention.

“It’s not like that!” he shouted back defiantly. “Didn’t I tell you that I had a package to deliver to the Rodelero master? I’m headed that way anyways and it could be nice to have some company. I also happen to know these woods as I spent my entire childhood here.”

“Oh,” Claire responded with a sigh of relief as she glanced up at Thomas. He winked at her before licking across his upper lip and then biting his lower one. His face was lewd and Claire swatted his sides. Thomas cringed a little from the pain. He had it coming, but it was worth it.

“Any-who, I guess that’s okay. I’m not very familiar with these parts.” Claire looked at Thomas who just shrugged. "And I guess Thomas isn’t either so it’ll be appreciated.

“Alright!” Vacenin exclaimed eagerly.“Uh, I also did a bit of training with the peltasta master. So I guess my shield is yours!” He gave Claire a cute bow which caused his grandmother to chuckle from inside the inn. “We should probably go now,” he finished with redder cheeks.

“Mhm” Claire responded with leery eyes. She was now the only female of a group of two men.

Claire, Thomas, and the newly recruited Vacenin closed the door to the cozy inn and began heading towards the northern gate.

“Yo Vace!” a friendly male shouted from one of the lookout posts that held a lever to the gate. “While you’re out there, go ahead and light the markers.” The guardsman tossed a box of matches down and Vacenin caught them. The guardsman then glanced at Claire and continued speaking. “Nice catch.” He gave Vacenin a wink and then pulled the gate up. Claire would give Vacenin the silent treatment for the first few steps along the path. It would be Thomas who would break the silence.

“So what are the matches for?” Thomas asked in Vacenin’s direction.

“They’re for the markers,” Vacenin began. “Stray spirits get lost here in these woods.” Claire and Thomas were reminded of the lost spirits that they had seen the day before. “The flames of these markers lead towards one central owl statue and the owl statue helps them meet the Goddess Asurine. It’s our duty to help those who have departed. These woods of the goddess have provided us shelter, food, and comfort. So we do our duty to her. Even if the goddesses have left us, we still owe them for what they’ve left behind. That’s just how it is.”

Claire’s eyes beamed with hope. “You believe in them too, Vacenin?”

“Yeah, of course. We all need someone looking out for us. Just like the owl statues.” Vacenin flashed her smile.

The group carried on and Claire had found comfort in Vacenin’s company. The two of them could at least find mutual respect in their faith. So, together they made their way towards the owl burial ground while lighting the markers on their way. When they had reached the central owl, Vacenin attempted speaking to it. But, the owl statue was curiously silent and it was amusing watching Vacenin desperately speak to the wooden figure. After he had given up, and Claire and Thomas were done laughing at him, Claire silently prayed to the odd embodiment of Ausrine and they all left. The owl burial grounds were not far ahead of them.

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Giedras stared out onto the expansive city below his room. The sun shined down the roads, a sign that Saule had been watching over them. It was indeed a blessed day. And who could not be pleased? Certainly he of all people should be. In just a month, the Emperor will come from his castle with the Kriwe, the highest of the ordained, to bless the Divine Tree at the Romove square. The Festival Zensho was always a big event. Yes, in just a month, he’d have a chance to rub shoulders with the Royal Guard and possibly be conscripted since he was finally of age. Eager on the possibility of a new day, he ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, where a woman was putting kindling in the stove. He hugged her waist from behind before snatching the ladle and tasting the soup she was cooking. “Good morning, mom!”

His mother stood stiff, surprised at the sudden outburst before taking the ladle back and smacking him on the hand with it. “Sweetie, you’re up late. Wake up earlier next time, or breakfast will get cold. Run along now, and here”, she pushed a slice of bread into his mouth as she stirred the pot’s contents “a barley loaf. Tonight’s dinner will be onion soup with tomato garnishes.”

“Yea, mom. Got a whole day ahead of me. Need to train and stuff.” He kissed her cheek before fixing the buttons on his shirt. Unfortunately, that was when his mother turned to face him and looked at his chest, noticing the bandage wraps with small blood stains.

“Oh honey, when are you going to stop this? This isn’t right for you.” She tugged at a strip of wrap, tugging it out of the flesh the cloth was starting to dig into. It was starting to bleed again.

He really hated this part. The pain of the wrap being pulled out didn’t hurt after years of practice, but confronting his mother always felt like salt on fresh wounds. It was the same every morning, and he couldn’t retort sharply when she was using a gentle tone. Still, he tried to reason with her calmly, “Mom, you know that I do this because-”

“Yes, dear. I’m well aware of what your father wanted. But even though his wish didn’t come true, he loved you all the same. If he were alive now, he would probably cry if he found out what his only child was sacrificing for an old dream.” His mother let go of the wrap, before walking to the washstand to clean her hands. He could see her shoulders trembling, and knew she was crying again.

“I…”, he stopped with slight hesitation before continuing “I know, mom.”

“Just…go visit your father’s grave. He would be happy to see you right now, if he could. Perhaps if you ask an Owl Statue if he is with the goddess yet, it would bring you relief. We haven’t visited his grave since the burial, after all.”

Well, now that made it awkward. He wanted to slam his head on the table over making his mother unhappy but settled for an apologetic sigh, “Alright. See you, mamyte. I’ll be back before dinner.”

After her child left, she sat down on the table, her chin on her hand as she looked down on the table melancholically, “Oh, that man, honestly. It’s not like we were impoverished in life. Now my child is trying to follow in his footsteps. Goddess, please watch over my beloved child. If someone must die from chasing my husband’s dream, let it be me instead.”

‘Agh! Idiot, idiot, idiot. You’re supposed to be pampering your mamyte especially now that her hair is graying, not making her sad. I guess I really will visit dad’s grave.’ Frustration coursed through him as he walked out the door and towards Ausrine’s statue, genuflecting in worship. Not a second later he found himself at the Owl Burial Grounds. ‘Now, where is that owl statue?’ He would’ve stepped onto the main path but heard voices, three of them in fact. They were so loud they could wake up the dead. Giedras hated the idea of eavesdropping, but it could not be helped with such a solemn place usually filled with silence.

He couldn’t really tell, but it was either the sound of stragglers getting lost, or two men hitting on a girl, maybe both?

“Are you sure this is the right direction, Vacenin?” The voice that sounded to have a soft timbre said. It sounded like a young man on the cusp of late adolescence.

“For the last time, Thomas, I’m sure of it. We’re headed in the right direction.” This time the reply sounded like a pubescent tenor. What were they arguing about? If they were lost clearly they had no business of being in the burial grounds anyway. He looked over the sparse shrubbery and saw three people. A guy with a Watcher uniform, an oddly-dressed man, and a cleric who looks younger.

Oh, of course, a case of two guys trying to impress a girl, and in an attempt to outdo each other in something as simple as directions, they all get themselves lost. Giedras wondered what is it about women that make men do the silliest things, but shook it off. Well, this Vacenin person was half-right. All three were on the central path, but with the two men bickering and not noticing their steps, they were headed towards Tomb Spider Nest instead.

He threw a stick in their direction before ducking out of view followed by a “what was that?” from the young cleric and watched as the two men stop “debating”, with the oddly-dressed man, whom he assumed was Vacenin, leading them back into the central path. ‘Hm, I think I will keep an eye on that lot, at least until they’re finished with their business here.’