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CM voucher crisis in Telsiai

Because of this, friends no longer play or atleast until they finish the 5 merc Cm voucher. I mean what else is there to do? Raids are limited per week and CM is the main content everybody plays. Because of this the Telsiai economy is dropping like it has been hit by a virus! Everybody is a seller now! Even if you have whales, how the hell can they buy what they want if nobody is gonna farm for them?? Sure we have an event where we can get then, yea for like 3 max per day! Seriously are trying to get rid of your players?

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Oh sureee, great idea. Let’s compete with all the bots running around baubas, get an average 500k per 10mins. Let’s also waste time running around waiting for spawn. Let’s do that, atleast we get 1bg per 10 minutes. That’s 6 bg an hour. Wow. Seriously you are tolerating this? First they took away the vouchers in weekend burning and really, players are actually happy they did it? Ezclap my ass

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Who are you, Dr. Phil? I’m talking about the situation INSIDE the game. Nobody is talking about a life coach


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@trueffej you alone bro, we all getting flagged

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we got overly spoiled … times when there were no cm resets or anything and peeps still enjoy the game … I guess losing 18m per weekend is hard … there’s still the mercenary badges you can buy cm resets x5 per day though …


CM reset 1kk on silute

You could say that, but with imc going with the direction of building a CM farming server it made the market totally imbalanced with it’s input and output. Even with CM vouchers it’s already hard to try to compete with the silver making capabilties of top players. Imagine you, trying to get that Vaivora for your own progress, that Vaivora will cost at least, 200mil. Imagine you trying to field farm that, in a week you will not get close. While top players will just get their weekly 200mil or so by doing WBR or god-knows-what. Resulting in an imbalanced market, a server of penniless citizens. In my server, goodluck selling something now! And if the player-count per day isn’t gonna prove anything, look at our junk market.
Other than CM, There is nothing much to do for progress, except field farming, weekly stuff. Field farming is fine if you’re aiming for gears under 50m, but like i said, goodluck with competing with all the bots this server has. Either they do something to rebalance the economy, or bring CM back. Like i said, friends stop playing, reason… No CMs. Vouchers cost 1.3m in market last time i checked. If you really don’t want the server to die then quit prioritizing only your top spenders. We small people spend a bit per month too.

Imagine you, trying to get that Vaivora for your own progress, that Vaivora will cost at least, 200mil

Actually it is a balanced eco system, because when the item just introduced, whale racing to be the 1st one to possess it. Let me tell you a tale:
Once upon a time at Telsiai, someone accidentally got vaivora bow (the 1st vaivora bow drop in that server). Soon enough, 2 of the whalest archer approached him and begin to offer sacrificial item, the highest bid was US $200 (whale player price). The boy rejected, btw.
Back to present time, vaivora bow ichor is 200m silver at market (casual player price)

So by the time you casual player farmed that 200m, who knows maybe the price already drop <200m.

Patience is virtue
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That’s not my point, price drops naturally happen. Like i mentioned, either fix the game, rebalance the economy or just do something!
You should not tolerate the situation in Telsiai.

  1. Bots everywhere. Making it hard to field farm even when everybody asleep. So nobody will take that as an option, unless you bot yourself. It is just too exhausting with little reward. The best you can buy for 3 hours is an art for your character.

  2. Imbalanced economy. Selling something is difficult unless you lowball the hell out of it, there isn’t enough silver circulating, without good silver farming everybody is poor. Spawn rate+bots doesn’t make field farming viable. we want a good player count in telsiai, if that’s not important for an MMO dev then idk anymore.

Again, fix the botting issue, yes we can consider field farming.
Otherwise, if you don’t care, then give us back CMs.
Or if people wan’t another deserted server, 200 people a day, RO all over again, fine tolerate it. Because deny it or accept it, player count is noticably declining.


Market on silute is dead, my itens not sell at 15 days all expired :frowning: Why they not make a global market for all server use, that’s possible… o Data center for everything but you choose the server you want play

No thanks, each server’s economy is fairly unique and largely based on the demand/server size.

You can get them through mercenary shop.

People used to make alts to run CM. Having 40 chars will keep you busy with CM runs everyday, trust me.
But now everyone is just so silver-spooned and used to free stuff, especially people from growth servers, that when it’s gone its cry me a river all day long.


Its pretty noticiable how people have played less and less through these 2 CM-less weekends. When the game is balanced around CM spamming everyday, it’s a terrible move to remove the free vouchers RIGHT when people are starting to think about preparing for the new updates. But I would say that the main issue is that IMC DID NOT STATED that they would remove the Resets from Burning Weekend. With no better way of making money, and no other attractive content, Legend Raids aside, people will just play less and less, eventually quitting.