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Client shutdown due to error after Oct. 30th patch


Ok. Maintenance ended. Nothing changes. White global map (screens same with previous posters) and crash, crash, crash.

Good work support team - realy good work.


welp, now I installed latest Nvidia GPU driver, still got this error. :sad: GG ToS


Sent in a new ticket, gotta do work now… (By work I mean fill in the list)


may the force be with you ©


still nothing, crash before the server selection.


Dont worry i got that same reply too
2x point 5 on the list. lol

Gave them all they needed
Hope they can fix it for u guys


Same. I want to play without this frustration…


Well they tried to fix something related to map issue, which is definitely not the case, since yesterday I got a VGA error by simply staying afk for a few minutes on Saalus Convent map after doing my Saalus runs. Which tends to make me think it’s more a memory leak/access error somewhere.


Now, I get it when interacting too much with any npc or warp few times either using scroll or statue… the world map still white though when the error occurred. Staying still too long also lead to error. Anyway, why people called it vga error?


agreed … i try to avoid using warp goddess, daily dungeon etc or any other symptoms that lead to VGA crash and for now just leveling my lowest level character atm. nothing to do until some or alternative or temporary fixes appear.


Getting VGA errors and loading map freeze is, most likely, two different problem, which are still not solved.

Also after Nov 6 maintenance my characters often does broken effect when using skills. Anybody else has graphical errors like this:


I also submit my assignment lolx. Hope this time they will fix it.


I don’t get this artifact… the one that you showed is purely graphic bug and definitely come from new patch. What graphic card you use and how many GB your gc has? I get this with other emulator game due to poor coding despite having good card. This graphic bug may or may not related to client crash issue but lets assume; since you already have crash problem, solving it may solve the graphic too.


Nvidia GT 750Ti 2 GB GDDR5 fully updated, did not have this kind of graphical errors before


I didn’t hear others having this issue. Have you tried using Intel stock graphic with lowest resolution? maybe will put some light on your graphic bug. If it helps, then the minimum spec already change and if it’s not, only new update will help. I hope it’s not permanent :pray::pray::pray::pray: unless IMC built the new patch with 1080Ti which is crazy to follow.


welp still no reply :sad:


Don’t worry guys. They will not fix this thing on the upcoming maintenance. Close the game, and move on with life. Say goodbye to your forsaken crush. Oh wait, you’re single and your crush hate you.

Still AFKing for popo…


i have same problem today. any solutions??


So far we have several attempt to fix and some got fixed it

It over a month already and IMC still cannot fix it yet.


All problems started after the upgrade from Oct 30. They made an update to sell inside the game they forgot about the main one, a game running as it was before. They should turn the game to the point it was before the update and also respond to the players in the proper way, since there are several people with the same problem more than a month without a solution. It’s no use filling the game with graphics and not having an at least playable game. If they wanted to copy Ragnarok, they would do it the right way.