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Client shutdown due to error after Oct. 30th patch


same problem here, the patch didn’t resolve it at all…


Sent ticket but they said it is due to lag and disconnect. The second respond they said it is still under investigation.

Right now I’m downloading back 14Gb of gama data, which if it solve the problem means the latest patch does corrupt some of the files or having improper patching.

I realize the graphic has some problem when the error occured. Anyone here having this error without using graphic card (means only using intel, amd on chip graphic)?


I have 1 guildmate. Re-installed the game, have i7 and gtx980 no AMD parts at all but still have this issue.


Also have tried the “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES” solution … 3 times… nothing change… still crash everywhere:sweat:


I see. Would like to hear more response on this since what I saw is the error related to people with external graphic card.

Guess I wasted 14gb of downloading stuff, should just watch youtube :persevere:


Even reinstall will not help.


Verifying integrity of game files is BS. Every time you do that, Steam will download some files it couldn’t verify… but as soon as you launch the game, the launcher will ERASE the files that were just downloaded.


Well if u said so … but aNY OTHER idea/solution?


wait until IMC do maintenance again… :sad:


Do you have AMD processor? Any special GFX configuration? Since it only happens to some people and not everyone, I’d say it’s some hardware compatibility issue. So you cannot do anything about it. You will have to wait for IMC to fix the problem.


Hello, all. We’ve noticed that a lot of users are suffering from the sudden game crashes since yesterday’s(Oct 30) maintenance. Just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the said issue and working on a solution atm. And I also wanted to add that since crashes like the reported cases usually have to do with lack of memory, you could try allocating more virtual memory for your system which can be accessed in the Windows’ ‘System’ window in the ‘properties’ > ‘advanced’ > ‘performance settings’ tab.


It’s not BS. The file Steam verifies as needing to be redownloaded is the versioning file, which causes the ToS patcher to redownload patches in the case any are missing or corrupt. It can help in the case of a corrupt or missing IPF file.


i am so upset because of this problem…i was going to advance in the rank of journal today to get better rewards,
losting all my daylies and can’t even try out the new content…


Yo Bob, as for your suggestion I’m always using high performance settings. So, bye ToS for now until you guys fix this. Thanks


@STAFF_Bob So to sums up there is two erros occurring, the vga error and the closing of the game that happens outta nowhere…and the fps dropped very much, too laggy


huhuhu well i dont have… guess have to wait until IMC fix it … thx for reply


I noticed a lot of people with the crashing have 8 gb of ram. T.O.S takes about 3-4 gigs and leaves 4 gb for your O.S. That is bad, maybe it may be caused by low memory.


mine is 8gb ram too…


Tested, and turn out the error still occurred with Intel on board graphic, not just with external graphic card. :tired:


Nope, I have 16 gb ram 2666 Mhz but still having this.