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Cleric Support? Mass PvP? Arena?


Hi, I know that a lot of people in tos make dps builds. I love FS it’s amazing. So can u make one more full support class. ( maybe with HOT’s and some buffs maybe buff for regen SP like magnificat in Ro or something like that. Analog heal but Hot ( healing over time) target, aoe. And it will cool class, Pardoner’s indulgetsia great but other skills ussles only for Shop. Or some Shaman’s with dievdirbis mechanic but Full Support buffs with Totems or buff active shield like Kyrie Elison, it will be great. Buff atk,speed, atk, mtk, crit, there a lot of interesting buffs, heal mechanic. Or it will be Dark priest, bloody priest. Skills will consume HP. And please make mass PvP playble ( when Enter u auto match in party for use target heal and other target support skills) it will be great. 2x2 / 3x3 match making arena with party and nice Rewards for popular this game content. P.S + for party PvP and party arena ( with Rewards)


C>Priest>Oracle>PD is the best support you will play for both PvP and PvE

Check this guide: [SUBMIT][The Very Best RE:Build Full-Support Cleric][Comprehensive Guide]


The most common Full support build is Priest - Oracle - Plague Doctor.
Some people use variants of those by changing Plague doctor with Diev, Kabbalist and other classes but Plague Doctor is the most used one thanks to it’s Healing Factor and Haste.

About Pardoner, Pardoner is primaly a Shop class but it has its uses in combat though, I have to agree, they are very limit. I’m using one and will test it in GTW but indulgentia is quite good on Boruta and used before a Boss skill too. It’s just the lack of options that bother me. You good a buff, skill to extend debuffs with a few buts and A overtime, 9 ticks, heals. You can at least shout Mammonita while using Dekatos if you feel like.


Yeah, this build still good but… There no more option and 90% classes just for DPS. But I remember the New class shepherd. And i think New class for more option will be great. There a lot of various DPS synergy but for FS only 1 maybe 2 max and u change PD / Diev / Kabballa nothing else. So I wanna New FS class for cleric!!!

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