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Cleric full PvE build

Hello amigos. :slight_smile:

I know cleric is meant to support. But I create a cleric(free lv400 jump card).
My plan now is make him Out14-15 CM s5 slave.

I’m thinking about this builds

Inquisitor Monk Paladin

Monk Inquisitor Krivis

Monk Zealot Krivis

I still have free art left.

I dont care how outdated it is as long it can survive CM5 in out14-15

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I’m new in the game re:build.
But in my opnion, since you want PvE, why don’t you consider MATK (Druid/Exo/Crus) damage dealer instead of physical ?
I heard that Monk is not good anymore. I don’t really know.

I know my answer is not really helping, I’ve tried ^^’

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prob solve :slight_smile: thanks

Monk+Inquisitor+whatever 3rd class doesn’t matter

You can clear everything on OWD15 1-5
-use ripper + wheel combo
-use Energy blast with the nirvana ARTS when ripper is on CD (which is practically never because of the torture expert attribute)
-repeat ad nauseam

I use zealot as 3rd class but it really is up to your personal preference

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I recommend exo druid crus very chill and independent solo build also have some burst + AOE from crusader :slight_smile:

Inquisitor is excellent for this. Ripper and Wheel, until each wave is done.

I’d also recommend District 14 over 15, since there are large enemies (more guts loot) and the shape of the area next to the District 15 entrance makes it easier to just chain Ripper and Wheel together. I’ve tried a lot of classes with Inquisitor, and the best so far seem to be Druid, Paladin, Krivis, and Zealot.

Special mention goes to Monk, which isn’t that great now (though it is fairly cost effective if you don’t plan to push your luck in stage 6/7), but might end up good with the two upcoming Arks that can activate additional Lightning element hits on enemies. Since Energy Blast can hit just about everything that spawns in the District 14 walkway, it can activate the hits of these Arks constantly. If you don’t want to take Inquisitor, this might be a decent alternative.

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Monk is better and doesn’t use materials that cost money to buy. With the upcoming buff of Chaplain, you’ll be able to have a 70%(level 80 enhance attribute) holy damage boost for Energy Blast going with 30 min Capella self buff attribute.

Inquisitor has downtime on his combo unless you are lucky and the next mob spawns fast enough. Monk has 100% uptime if you know the drill (use Double Punch until you crit one time>use normal Energy Blast on a mob of enemies>usually got 4+ critical hits to trigger Nirvana buff>cool down reset on Energy Blast>use Energy Blast 4-5 times>repeat).

Personally, I barely get any downtime on Stage 6 of District 14 because of how quickly Ripper and Wheel can burst down each batch of new mobs. In no circumstances have I seen Energy Blast match that amount of damage. Even if Energy Blast has no downtime, its lower damage makes enemies more likely to attack you, posing a greater risk throughout the run. With the knockback on it enabled, all it does is slow down the run.

On a good run, I can get two clears of OWD14 CM6 in about 15 minutes. Rookie numbers, some would say. I couldn’t ever hope to get a time like that using just Energy Blast.

Of course, OP is asking about Stage 5, and Monk is perfectly suited to take care of that level of difficulty efficiently. It takes about 1 minute longer to clear Stage 5 with mostly Energy Blast rather than Ripper and Wheel. Even so, why stop at Stage 5?

Monk + inquisitor will clear OW 14 stage 5 in 30 secs with only the wheel + Nirvana art. If your plan is only CM for silver, it’s the easiest way. With access to almost unlimited CM resets currently, this is your money maker.

I have tried that a lot of times, I ran that map probably like a hundred times, and I mostly had downtime, because the next mob does not spawn fast enough in most cases, so Breast Ripper ends before the next mob can spawn.
You need a lot of investment in Breaking Wheel and have high STR to actually pull that off when alternating both skills.

The only way I can see Inquisitor actually pull off the no-downtime run is if you put Zealot and Dievdirbys in your build. Then we’re not talking about Inquisitor alone anymore,though, but about a specific build.
Since this guy is talking about a slave, I doubt he plans to invest into many skills and a really good set effect/weapon/gems/etc to clear the CM at higher stages.

About Monks Energy Blast, yes, it doesn’t deal as much damage as the Breast Ripper/Breaking Wheel combo on CM 6&7, but it’s still possible to clear a wave of CM 6/CM 7 mobs at OW 14 with Energy Blast, I usually used Breaking Wheel + Breast Ripper first, then I had about 20 seconds downtime left on Breast Ripper, which made me spam Energy Blast to clear the freshly spawned monsters(note that we’re talking about invested characters now to clear CM 6+).

It’s also pretty efficient since you hit all monsters on the screen in that passage close to the OW 15 exit. Once Chaplain gets the new attribute for Capella,this will become even more of a walk in the park, then I can just use Breaking Wheel for the bonus physical damage boost stacks and spam Energy Blast to nuke mobs like no tomorrow.

For OWD15 CM level 5 Solo, I want to use magic attack type so that is Exorcist to start and what should I take as the other two. I don’t want something that’s the strongest but I want something that is the EASIEST to play solo CM level 5.

diev/miko for easy cm5 solo, just build towers clap then sit.

By towers you mean the owls right? Do they have wide aoe?
And for third exorcist is good?

yes, owls. 2 or 3 owls has enough aoe for owd15.

Oh right I forgot 15 is narrow

How about using Exorcist instead of Miko?

you don’t even needs Exorcist.
all you need to clear OWD 14 or 15 is Dievdirbys in this build,the rest is free.
Since Owls can just destroy anything and World Tree silences the bosses, you can even do this on Priest>Diev>Oracle builds (unless you prefer the Zeymyna statue over the owls), in which case you can even use the slave as a generic healer for other contents.

I’ve done this with my free +11 T10 savinose set, the only investment on that char for attack is Enhance Carve Owl to level 100, no gems in the equipment, no enchants,red/legend cards or awakenings or additional attack from headgear.

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Yup after looking at Diev skills I figured that’s all you need. Clap from Miko can let you be more lazy with the owls during CM but I think it may be over kill. The only reason why I wanted to keep exorcist is because I want to do the daily quests twice a day for those free attribute points. Is it doable using Priest Diev Oracle? And I’ve never tried Oracle before, why is it a necessity for a healer build.

And here’s my Diev build what do you think?

it’s mainly used because you have a damage debuff (Death Sentence), a damage reduction skill (Foretell) and Divine Might for boosting all your skill levels by 1.
In some cases, you can use Twist of Fate for extra damage on bosses to clear content more easily, but it’s not required.
With the upcoming changes to Kabbalist and Paladin, some people might even want to replace Oracle in the build (or Priest,depending on the situation).

For Diev, I use this :
No idea what your build looks like, since Guru doesn’t work for me without problems, and the loading times are gruesome.

Basically you’d want as much uptime on World tree as possible,same with Owls, so both are maxed, same with Laima and Ausrine for the maximum buff value and duration.
Zemyna is ok if you spam Death Sentence, but aside that single case, I’d rather have it at a lower level simply to reduce the SP recovery cycle since there is always Arcane Energy with 1/3 uptime in my build to recover my SP when I spam too much.

Your Diev build is exact same as my theoretical one lol

Do you think Priest/Diev/Oracle can do solo daily quests?