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Classes with Overkilling Potential

Starting a new thread, might as well link the related thread here: [Guide] Overkill (Credits to Dynemanti, who apparently isn’t Dyne).

Sooo, anyway… I just feel the need to bring attention and perhaps cure a bit of my ignorance over this Overkill system. I can foresee that competent parties will invite at least ONE overkilling class for grinding, as long as blues are relevant to leveling, which I feel that it’s worth it to cover your overkilling needs for a long-lasting grind party.

So the difficult question to ask is what classes actually fit this category…

I have no clue. Let me speak from my class-centric perspective, ze Highlander-Hoplite wielding a 2H sword. All hits of Cartarstroke and Pierce (THINK IT DOES) factor into Overkill threshold, while some more obvious multi-hit skills like Stabbing count each hit as separate.

There’s that problem with a flat-damage system seemingly favouring multi-hit skills as your main DPS, rather than 1-hit skills with abysmal damages relative to those skills. But then again, I hear that 1 Defense > 1 Damage and stuff, and there sure seems like some notable 1-hit skills like Umbo Blow, Claymores, Hunter skills, Cross Fire, Meteor… But they’re much less murderous compared to the likes of Cure, Zaibas, Fireball, Psychic not-Pressure-but-the-one-with-projectiles or Stabbing which packs way too much DPS into one skill relative to other available ones in the same class rank.

So, apart from Barbarians which I’d love nothing more to see them get nerfed to the ground o wo --oh wait, it’s already happening next live KR patch, yaaaaaaaaaay~

I’m wondering what other classes have that inherent Overkill potential, not gained through leveling some meager, insignificant skill. I only know a skill by its animation in the KR website class showcase, and I doubt that ToSbase will datamine something that will ever answer my queries. Anyone with experience in the KR CBTs care to share some information about what classes can take up roles as blue-overkillers?

My patience runs thin with party members rushing in to kill blues that were well-preserved for an overkill attempt. I wonder if this will catch on, where tolerance for PUGs will be on a short-fuse and you would learn the hard way by being prompted kicked and ostracised. Mess of thoughts, thank you for reading.

TL;DR: I have no clue what classes are good at overkilling, save Barbarians who get nerfed and buffed and nerfed and buffed and RIP Savagery forever o no KR CBTers, some help please? Thank you.

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except “multi hit” skills are actually calculated as one hit. only skills like Stabbing count as multiple hits and deal damage as such.

Are there not a lot of skills like Stabbing?

Pretty sure Pyromancers can’t get overkills with any of their AoEs, at least that’s what I know of. I can only presume the same for most other powerful AoEs such as tons of Cleric stuff, Elementalist stuff, Sunray Hand, Retreat Shot… You know, the skills that are must-haves for the class.

You might have to give me some good examples of multi-hit skills that count as one hit, I don’t know most classes. I’d expect chain-hit skills like Moulinet or Butterfly to do so, not that they’re stables.

EDIT: I feel like you weren’t trying to argue a point, but tell me something I already knew.

I believe it depends on whether the skill is guaranteed to multihit after a successful hit or not. For example Energy bolt is two hits, but if you hit the first one, the second one will always follow. There’s no way to dodge it after getting hit once.

Yup, that’s definitely the case with Cartarstroke for up to 10 - 15 hits (it’s hard to count) and Pierce for up to 4 hits.

Energy Bolt, I didn’t know does that, but that’s good to know there’s more multihit skills out there :<

Just that the problem is distinguishing which ones are skills with guaranteed multihits, which I obviously can’t do unless I go around watching every single gameplay video ever. I’m feel like Archers have several, but I know very little about that class in general.

A good one to question is Electrocution. It seems like all hits will hit, there’s no AoE range mobs get out of, but does it count the accumulated damage as one hit or not?

thats cause energy bolt is one hit, it just displays 2 numbers, this is the same for zibas, and catar stroke, and seemingly any other ability with a few exceptions. anything you hold/press the key more to continue to deal damage does seperate hits. anything you press once and fire (or charge like catar or spells) is one single hit split up into a bunch of numbers to make it look flashy.

catar stroke only “hits” 5 times. its all one hit actually but it splits the numbers into 5, 1 big one and 4 smaller ones. they are all dodged/blocked/reduced by defense/increased by bonuses as if it was one single hit. it’s literally only a display thing

I’m pretty sure Zaibas is not one of those spells. Zaibas does a ton of damage, and it’s base values aren’t that high. You can also get out of it easily and will not take any more hits.

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Please stop reiterating your point e__e

I already know that Cartarstroke is one single hit. When you level the skill to max, you can charge it up to 15 levels, which supposedly does 1 strong hit followed by 14 weak hits. My eyes can’t really judge if it’s really 15 hits, so I say 10 - 15. Each of the weak hits is equivalent to how much damage the skill increases written on the description from Level X -> X+1. I think I know another one, which is Doppelsoeld

Now if you’re talking about other skills, like Fireball, it takes the base damage written on the skill description and then multiplies it by the number of hits… Lets use the KR site for this, even if it may not be completely accurate to the changes ingame.

Lvl 15 Fireball: 75 Base Damage + (22 Damage increase per skill point x 15 Skill level) = 405 Damage
Lvl 15 Flare: 95 Base Damage + (24 Damage increase per skill point x 15 Skill level) = 455 Damage

If you’re telling me that Level 15 Flare is stronger than 15 Fireball because the total damage is compressed into one hit, that is hopelessly wrong. Fireball does about 6075 (405 x 15 hits), while Flare does 455… If Fireball really was 1 hit, then each hit would become weaker, as the DPS of Fireball does not come close to doubling each point. Fireball does not overkill, because each hit is separate. Flame Pillar and Fire Wall are also the same. If Zaibas was one hit, it would overkill literally every single time, but it doesn’t.

Yet you’re still insistent that this one-hit thing applies to “seemingly any other ability with a few exceptions”… I really want you to list the commonly seen skills which follow the formula of splitting damage. They are by far the minority in my opinion…

P.S. Have you not seen a boss walk out of Zaibas and not take damage anymore? Clearly all damage is not applied once it’s cast… If you Cartarstroke a boss running past, yes all hits apply even if it seems out of range.

ok so then i need more data on these skills, like i said catar and energy blast do this, and i was told zaibas does as well, the thing about zaibas that was indicated to me was that it has several “charges” each monster in the circle consumes one charge to get hit by the attack once, but if theres only one itll apply the next charge when the first one finishes. i cant confirm this 100% cause i didnt make my own krivs. the damage formula is correct, but i have gaps in my skill knowledge, fireball i tested but only rank 1 i didnt know rank 2 adds more hits, another thing ill have to test. what i really need this next beta is someone with each skill to demonstrate them for me. if i hadn’t gotten into this phase so late I woulda tried to get more skill formulas.

Edit: Umbal blow was another one, exactly like energy bolt, if you block before hitting it it adds a second number but that number is just the damage randomly split into a second value. the block mod would take the non-blocked umbal damage and multiply it by 4

oh also another unique case is heal which does full damage per heal square. i was told cure was exactly that formula even though its multi hit and things could walk out of it. which in my eyes takes a little credence out of the aoes multiplying thing.

I went Wiz - Pyro - Pyro so I can tell you how those work.

Energy bolt - Hits twice, each hit is skill damage + your damage - enemy magic defense so you’ll do roughly twice what’s shown. Each hit is separate. If it does 250+250 and the enemy has 400 HP you will not overkill as the killing hit was 250.

Earthquake - One strong hit, what you see is what you get

Fireball - Tells you the total hits you get. it lasts either for its duration or until it hits that many times. The hits have splash so you can hit two monsters at once 10 times if your fireball is level 10. The final damage number is the killing blow, not the total damage done. Cannot overkill and usually takes around 5 hits to kill things at higher levels.

Flare - One hit for the damage said + your magic damage - enemy defense. Enemy also has to be burning. Weak, won’t overkill and even if it could the enemy could just die to the low burning damage instead and ruin it for you.

Fire pillar - Hits and infinite number of enemies caught in it about every second (or more frequently?) that they’re inside until it expires. Again only the killing hit matters, won’t overkill anything of like level.

I’ve also seen videos of Elementalist and all of it’s spells seem to work the same way as the pyro ones where only the killing hit matters. So ele is likely only going to overkill with Meteor every minute and a half since the rest are all lower damage several hit skills on timers.

Yush, I see X[ Thank you for the insight for everything. Energy Bolt only counts the killing hit though, huh? That’s unfortunate, but it gets outclassed anyway I suppose. EDIT: Yeah it is a one-hit skill. Your mistake. It seems that not being able to crit with magic leaves mages with little options to overkill, I see… (Unless they pop a Divine Might scroll. Problem solved.)

That’s good for me, I have a R3 Pyro companion to play with for life, and if I don’t want to feel worthless, I must supplement this by being able to take overkills o Ao

But the question still stands as who will be the King/Queen of Overkills once they’re done neutering Barbarians… Possibly still Barbarians. I wish some KR CBT testers could come over and enlighten us on the R4/5/6 classes which performed well at this tho… The thread continues!

for energy bolt again it counts as one hit, so if the total exceeds, you get overkill. this skill overkills a lot in my experience

I went Cleric, Priest, Priest and the only times I could ever get an overkill was with weak flying mobs. I would use aspersion that would one shot all the flying mobs with 200% overkill. I know I wasn’t exactly built for damage which is why I didn’t care all that much but was still pretty nice xD.

As a side note, I was in a party with a barbarian and there happened to be a blue mob spawn right next to me, so I weakened it down to 1/5 of it’s health at let my Barbarian friend use his charged attack to get massive overkill. I went up so much from that lol.

I’ve only ever overkilled with energy bolt if my regular attack could also overkill the enemy. Because each hit of bolt tended to do about the same as my attack.

I am peltasta rank 2 and notice 1 skill that always overkill enemy. High guard on with umbo attribute that gives 250% additonal dmg on umbo skill if you lvl it to master lvl attribue it can be 350% additional dmg. I got the achievement title “Best Damage” Because of that skill


I see owo; Even though I don’t know much about Clerics at all, I just know that getting maxed out Divine Might pretty much should push everything into insane damage ranges. Clerics are fully capable of running offensive builds after Cleric R3 with Paladin or Monk for easy overkills with Smite and DoubleLocks Punch (haven’t kept up with Steparu videos to recognise if it is counted as one hit yet, myuu). Melee Clerics seem like an easy candidate for overkills, though I don’t doubt the DPS of Magical Clerics, but the killing damage blow of their core skills.


I feel bad that I was trying to push Peltasa out of my offensive Hoplite-Corsair build now :c Umbo Blow sure does the job for Swordsmen. I just found that Peltasas had aggroing potential (mainly useful outside of dungeons which you can just dash around to lure all mobs), but no AoE potential to back it up, which is mitigated by party members which I want little to do with. Can I ask how many targets Umbo Blow hits up to? Cartarstroke doesn’t quite do the job at just Level 5, unfortunately, but I was mainly eyeing that 50% Critical Damage passive for Highlanders. ONLY TO BE MOCKED BY BARBARIANS’ AGGRESSOR IN THAT CBT…

Anyway, I do appreciate the comments, thanks owo I may submit to actually trying Peltasa next time. I hear that lag is gonna screw with my Corsair efficiency, so I ought to make contingency plans too.

All of the monster that in range of the skill of umbo blow. I can hit 6-8 monster i think. Oh! BTW i forgot to mention RimBlow can make that dmg too. My 1st icbt build was just a trail for my permanent peltasta build for the official release of tos international. So i will re build all the skill and stat for my next peltasta. Ill post my video mobing and doing all the overkilling i make in tenent chapel.

Just 1 thing you should know when you are in highguard on. Your normal dmg and critical will deminish to half for 30 second i think. But your skill umbo and rimblow will be your bread and butter when you are in high guard mode. So building dex for offensive peltasta will not take effect. My initial dmg to monster was 200+ when i am auto attacking. And my umbo blow skill will do 700+ but when i am in highguard stance. My auto attack will deminish to 100+ dmg but my umbo blow pump up to 2.4k dmg and it is count as overkill