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Class variety is great

Just wanted to say, I’m really enjoying this game, it’s very fun and there are heaps of class combinations, which is the game’s selling point and what distinguishes it from similar mmos. Here are a few positive things I like, and that the dev team should promote even further.

  • I just love class variety and all the class costumes. So many to choose from! FOMO. Spending hours trying to find the right class combination.

  • Re:build really did this game favor, it seems too complicated before r:b. You made the right choice.

  • Class quests would have been nice as well (I know they were removed, but perhaps we could still run some quests for our class masters, they feel a bit void at present). I want to engage more with my class masters though it’s nice how we can advance quickly to a class without prerequisites. Maybe add the initial class advancement quests as side quests after you’ve advanced to a class?

  • It’s also great how you can customize your build with different combinations and make thematic builds. Looking at the top 100 builds, you can see there are thematic builds like spear user, elemental wizard, cannon user, shield user, summoner, etc. Class combination and meta is ok, but it’s more about thematic builds for me, even if they don’t synergize perfectly.

  • I love shop/crafting classes, great idea! Player shops are useful and cheap. Definitely how crafting should be handled, it’s so boring in other mmos.

  • I like how Scouts, Swordsmen and Archers have a wide variety of weapons to choose from, allowing different builds.

  • However, scouts do feel like a mess, since they stole classes from other trees, so they end up a conglomeration of classes that don’t fit well with each other thematically (e.g. thaumaturge and pirates). Give back the classes you stole, scouts!

  • It’s great how wizards can choose all the different elements to use, with at least one class per element, and spice it up with summons etc. Chronomancer? Wow. Not that useful in combat imo, but still the concept is great.

  • My favorite class tree is the clerics I just love the religion theme. I love how only these classes can self-heal, and also how we are the only legit hybrid class, can either go physical or magical. Even our maces, our signature weapons, reflect this trait. Great that 2h maces are available for all clerics. Maces are interestingly our unique weapon.

  • It’s great how mounts are optional, and the core focus of some classes, reflected even in their skills. I also like that not everyone can mount. Since clerics are the only class without a mount, may I ask to bring back the scrapped Shepherd class? They should be a riding class. This will also give clerics the option to mount, if they so desire.

  • I was positively surprised to see player suggestions implemented a couple of patches later. Thanks for taking player feedback into account, this really makes forums worth existing!

  • Last but jot least, my favorite part of this game is its cultural diversity. Unlike every other mmo I know, TOS represents a variety of cultures and traditions. I had to look up many of the classes to understand where their theme is coming from, and I learned a lot! Dievdirbys? That’s amazing, I had a blast reading about traditions like this, thanks for having a more culturally representative and diverse game! That’s my main reason to keep playing the game.

  • PS: I am Greek so I was really surprised to see Greek-inspired classes and skills in the game (Peltasta, Hoplite, Exorcist, Druid). I even chose exorcist bc of that (and the dps nuke, I guess).

Please pass this along to the Korean team too!


Oh, you just joined oct 7? No wonder your spirit still high.


This gets worse the longer you are in the game, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I actually prefer pre Re:B, their reasoning for Re:B was much easier balancing but look at what we have now…


I miss having all sub class in my tree hahaha …


if you called rebuild variety is great, then pre-rebuild variety is outstanding
you miss the good old parts of the game dude
they just remove the circles mechanic and free stat distribution so the game become more linear and more easily managed.
they even mentioned we could make more combination with current system? i called it bs.look at how vibrant meta now.
they remove free distribution so newbies wont get lost and distribute it in wrong way? seriously?

i miss how fun it was theory-crafting about circle combination and stat distribution
reading every combination ppl made in
they could ve only remove the limitation of rank and keep the stat distribution free and add stat limit and suggestion instead
but they just failed the execution.
surprisingly they disappoint me alot til now but i still play…
thanks to the art style of the game and no game competitors with the same arts graphic style

also scout as base was a mistake
its existence cause a lot of class misplaced, linker thauma enchanter surely fit more magic style
and thx to scout my favorite class in cleric tree taoist been moved to become the-all-fav-meta-class in wizard tree

if anyone would make a private server of pre-rebuild with content that is updated to now which means circles intact, rank removed,free stat distribution, i will play it any day


Check Bernice dungeon ranking. There are tons of builds for you to see emoticon_0037

I’m not here to complain but I gotta say some friends stopped playing just because we have a lot of classes but some are way more powerful than others and in the end you end up playing with almost the same build even with lots of characters.
I personally like the range of classes and I don’t have trouble picking/choosing the classes I want to have in my personal builds, but for some it’s a problem.
Also some people have pointed out the fact that the “base classes split” caused some situations in the game lol

Class variety is great, build variety is awful. Sure, there are dozens of differently themed classes, but there’s no point when more than half are trash-tier and are not usable in endgame content. Or even cases where X class is good, but only in combination with Y class – even if you don’t like Y class, you have to take it for your character to be viable.

Although I like the simplicity of the re:build class system, it does feel very limiting.

There are too many forced class picks. For example, Psychokino+Onmyoji. Firefox attribute literally doubles the hitcount of Psychokino’s best skill, so in a way you are forced to take Onmyoji if you are a Psychokino. The same could be said for Taoist, which in essence is a 1.32x final dmg multiplier for any non-summoner wizard.

Speaking of summoners, not only are they limited to 4 class picks (one of which is 100% garbage tier, so no one picks), but they also have little synergy with non-summoner classes. On top of that, due to the way summoners and non-summoners have very different endgame equipment, you pretty much can’t combine the two.

Then we have the problems with Vaivoras. Not only are some classes bad, requiring the Vaivora to even be properly playable, they are also extremely limited. For example, if 2 of your classes have Vaivoras, be prepared to either prioritize one and lose dps, or make 2 weapons to equip the 2 Vaivoras.

Continuing the rant about vaivoras, it also bothers me how their effects are limited to one specific weapon. For example, Rodelero is a class that can use either 1H swords+shield, 1H spear+shield, or Rapier+shield. Yet the class’ Vaivora is a sword, killing spear (and rapier) Rodelero builds. Well, this may not be the best example of this problem, but you get the point.

Also, this game is comprised of waiting for your class to be buffed, then watch it fall behind as other classes get buffed, and the cycle repeats.

And I’m still salty about Enchanter and Thaum being moved to Scout. C’mon Imc, they clearly did not fit the scout theme.

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Yeah… we can say the game offers variety, but it doesn’t has diversity to match it.

That’s ToS in a nutshell.

The idea behind it wasn’t that bad, but again… execution. Classes like Alchemist, Wugushi and Plague Doctor feel way more aligned with the scout thematic (cunning and resourceful) than any of the wizard picks (Rangda also feels completely off…), not to mention how sick would it be to have a standalone round chemical based build.

That’s a direct consequence of having direct damage as the only approach required to combat scenarios, players will seek the highest DPS class/build and the remaining options will fade based on their tier placement. There won’t be a significant change in the META structure until IMC acknowledge and address that aspect, and it doesn’t seem like they are interested in doing it at all.

Choice fatigue is a real thing. I can’t say for sure, but i’d expect it to be less of a burden if classes were more distinct, as wider gaps contribute for decision points to be clearer.

It really gets me that IMC often comes into their dev posts saying they want to make things easier to understand and still have several locks that makes absolutely no sense. They have made individual Arts tome for each single Arts but you can ALWAYS pick which tome you want, so why haven’t they made Arts tome a neutral point like feature instead (like mercenary badges, but on character scale)? What’s the point of forcing players to exchange a tome into a specific attribute tome just for them to use it right away, and then have that tome wasted if you decide (or get screwed due “balancing”) to remove that class from your build (and be forced to use an unique reset potion to reclaim them)? They made armor type ichors to not be bound to their material, yet the weapons have to be applied on their specific counterparts instead of being limited to 1h or 2h.

Also, the reason they didn’t added vaivora class shield ichors is to prevent players to have two of them simultaneously, they are significantly stronger than other options after all…

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I do not dispute that where ToS shines the most is in the variety and quantity of classes. However, this is a double-edged thing that burdens even from the pre-rebuild system; for developers, it becomes practically impossible to balance each one evenly and fairly with respect to the others, for players, it becomes a nightmare when it comes to guiding your character to what you personally would like (not optimal, as they call to the boring “metabuild”), not to mention the obligation to create thousands of characters just because you like more than three classes … Which suspiciously forces you to buy character slots on your account.

Re: Build for me, making an analogy, as if instead of lifting the old asphalt and resurfacing with a totally new one, you would patch the old with a thin layer to repair the holes. In other words, it has created more problems to solve, many of them no longer system (which also), but logic and coherence such as placing thaumaturgesy encanters with the scouts or Taoists in the magicians (they would have Thundermancer) instead of the tree cleric. Art System, another big mistake.

A good way to solve this would be to allow each character to have the classes they want, but each one independent of the others and has a clear role (themed dps -magic, physical or long range-, buffer, healer or debuffer, as well as hybrids of balanced combination of two above) that during the game you can change it according to the need.

Each one would level up independently of the others (you would have to have it “activated” for the experience to go to this one) and would not have a level limit on skills or related requirements (yes, the experience for each level would increase accordingly. exponential, making it difficult to accumulate many points), that is, you could choose to superspecialize in one or two skills, in some classes or be a learner of everything, master of nothing. Of course, here we would not need any passives, just decide what to raise above the rest.

This, together with placing the pets that do not use account spaces (as in other games, which is something exclusive to that class) and the return of the customization of parameters (stats) as in Ragnarok Online, placing the classes in their tree with logic (what was explained before about the Taoist, etc), I would avoid exploits and have an account with a thousand characters (you could even eliminate the base lvl and each class of our character go on their own), each one more dead than the previous Not to mention, it would give developers a solid foundation not to be every two by three changing everything; And best of all, customization and real variety … Because in the end, the way things are, sooner or later you’ll have to go die in a metabuild, whether you like it or not.

Let’s say, my idea is something similar (not the same) as used in Final Fantasy XIII with the paradigm system. You can try whatever it is and leave it if it doesn’t convince you, either sooner or later, or resume it with a simple click. This would lead to better instantiation, raids, etc. Because of the flexibility given to the players: “In this group I will switch to a support class because they need help! They prefer someone who takes a lot of life!”

We could talk about what happens with the pieces of equipment and the casino inside the casino or how tired the issue of SP consumption becomes (even today, with the alternatives that there are … that we still have that thing), but that’s for another topic.

… But what difference does it make, in the end, no one important ToS will read this or the other comments on this topic in this forum. Nobody cares; in the past it has already been done.