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Class Tree Reset, Class Tree Suggestion & Weapon System

Class Tree Reset & Class Tree:
TP Shop Bundle (once/twice per team) or Built in in-game feature
I believe this will make great addition!
Since there is too many classes to balance. Let us play what we want while some classes are getting fixed. For example:

Nak Muay. They are really nice concept of a class but they are so weak right now that it feels like the class does not exist. On top of that, this class feels like don’t really fit well with Swordsman Class Tree. For people who wants to play hand to hand martial arts class. The only other option is Monk which is on Cleric Class Tree. Also! Is this class supposed to be an auto-attacker or a spell based class?

Squire. What is this class? Why cant it be back to Swordsman Tree where it should be and just make it a buffing class like how Cleric has Chaplain?

Why not make a Gun Class Tree on its own? Move all Pistol, Riffle, Canon & Grenade class in this tree?

I also believe that there’s enough classes for Dagger to make their own Class Tree. Wugushi & Pied Piper makes sense here as well.

Weapon System:
Why not just make the current sub-weapons be main weapon and just let them have trinket with them? Instead of having a sword only for show and stat.

Regarding dual wielding class. Add a skill for them like how Bullet Market has Double Gun Stance Or just make Double Weapon Assault from corsair do that instead since this skill is kind of a joke in some ways. Mashing buttons and the ping related issue.