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[Class] Official Matador Thread


That person has 6 aoe attack ratio, it’s shown in the stats screen.


With today’s adjustment I could properly test the new changes

  • Faena is back, damage got buffed and is worth taking again, works wonders with the new picador bleeding effect
  • Bleeding scales, most likely, with your physical attack, it can’t crit and it gets affected by blessing.

Matador/Fencer/Hoplite is still strong, Plate is still annoying.


How was the defenses? Like, do you consider Peltasta now instead of Hop, due to damage received? I know they changed mobs, just wondering if it was hard now without defensive buffs.

Also hop: does skills normally works with Rapier (stabbing), or do you need to use a spear to switch?


Tried Rodelero and Peltasta.

  • Peltasta has nice defence but poor aoe attack ratio. Ended up timing out
  • Rodelero has crazy aoe with targe smash and the returning shooting star (works with preparation btw, but not worth) with an average defence.

Elites hurt badly from 6 onwards, but the damage received feels almost the same as last week, it’s just that monsters are weaker than before (can notice it with leather armour foes, safe overkill)

Stabbing, sharp spear and pierce work with rapier, you auto swap for Spear Lunge; but since you only should care about its pierce debuff, you don’t need a fancy spear for it.


so, shooting star is pierce now?


Hmmm, so Fencer + Matador was not enough for DPS?



Only the strike you do with the rapier is considered pierce in this case, therefore it works with preparation and most likely a wasted hit.

More like I wasn’t comfortable with Peltasta limitations


How would you compare Fencer-Matador-Hoplite vs Fencer-Matador-Highlander?

  • Highlander
    Since you can use auto weapon swap, the combo of cross guard + follow up is easier and more practical than ever, also with the new bleeding effect spamming skyliner is fun, but with Fencer’s lunge gone, slash potential is minimized

  • Hoplite
    Sharp spear and probably Finestra (still bugs your character pose with no additional effect visible) can be used now with rapier, same for stabbing (still strong with preparation) and pierce, also with weapon swap you can use spear lunge now, that is a huge buff for the build.

Both are alright, but I’m more inclined to Hoplite for the stat bonus and innate pierce damage


Mm… Regarding fen mata rode, you can’t actually block with offensive rapide right & is shield push worth it for the -15% armour ?


shield push also silences for 10 seconds




Aw, i guess i’ll toggle it in PVE & PVP then.

Thanks ! & I still find it weird that flacconde has a higher SFR than composee.

i’m assuming it doesn’t work on bosses, still good tho !


Yep, doesn’t works against bosses.
But Shield Shoving strike resistance debuff and Shield Bash shock do work vs bosses, at least .



Sharp Spear is increasing nothing now, can you check on ktest for me if it is still increasing critical damage?


Guys, i’m in Love with Fencer + Matador, but The third class is a thing. I saw a vídeo with Doppel and try it and likes a lot. But i’m thinking… Retiatius Maybe? I realy dont like Hoplite. Want to do something different. Whats your thoughts?


Which skills did u take on ur Matador and Fencer? Also if u want reta you will have to forsake all those AWESOME Spear skills. I was thinking about Barb tbh, Warcry looking jucy


Tried retiatius on my fencer, matador.

The net skills seems good but the one thing you definitely want are those spear skills and since fencers can’t use spear (maybe weapon switching can work), you’d miss it out

The daggers skills are decent


Depends on your focus.

Main DPS in a party? Barbarian and Highlander are good options. Doppel is ok as well, I would say highly recommended if you focus on wave clear.

Rodelero seems to be a good choice as it can increase damage by removing defense, which is something that you might need and all other classes won’t offer. But it would make you too much of a single target specialist.

If you’re soloing, peltasta. You won’t need more damage than you need defense.