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[Class] Miko Class Thread

Max out Sweeping. Higher skill level = more time to use your skills before the swept area fades. 1 sec per level may not seem like much but you’re not going to get more than a couple skills out in a tiny 5 second timeframe at level 1. For example, with lv5 Sweeping my Miko can just barely squeeze out six groundspells before it wears off.

If you don’t need clap, I’d recommend Gohei Lv1, Sweeping Lv5, Hamaya Lv5, Kagura Lv4 (or skip and put points into Gohei if you don’t like Kagura, but Gohei is fine at lv1).


Kagura is overrated. It’s only melee buff to team members and you have to be dancing during the duration. It’s only ‘useful’ when all your skills are on cooldown. It’s actually a total crap skill. Unless I’m missing something…

Its actually very strong but only for your party or gimmicky situations like an inquistor laying down pears then doing the dance etc, for the majority of solo play though, no you wouldnt use it.

How can i calculate my Damage Output with Hamaya?
Is there any formula?

You should always level Hamaya to level 5 no matter what build because it’s just so op and hits air as well. So assuming you have level 5 then the raw formula is 1013 damage for 20 seconds at level 5 and max number of targets 10. I’m guessing that’s 1013 per tick or per second for 20 seconds? So 20x1013. And you have up to 100% damage boost attribute so that would be 2026 per tick if you max the attribute? That’s my guess.

And of course you would add your total magic attack and int on top of that 1013 per tick and add also blessing damage per tick as well if you have it.

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3 seconds = 10 hits.
Or around 3 hits per second.

For ease, use
1 tick = (magic attack + hamaya skill damage) * %attribute

Full formula at: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

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Thanks for the Info.
But the INT is not in the Formula? Why?

it is in the formula, because 1 int= 1 Matk

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I use it all the time while I solo though with Breaking Wheel. Sweep->Wheel->Dance.

I don’t know what to get for rank 7.
My build is:
C2 > Krivis 3 > Miko > X > Taoist
I’m in between oracle, plague doctor and kabbalist.

I went Cleric3 with that exact same build but PD would be much better tbh. Especially if you’re not planning on going up to Taoist3 I would take PD because PD2 is very good also.

You clearly never seen how people clear ET these day with Miko.

Esp with a Krivis + Diev combo who add on top that diev is a miko :rolling_eyes:

As of now it’s Meele Meta. A Dethrone can hit up to 400k with kagura alone. on a AOE burst. On Bossing at every 5 stage check. You can just instant gib it with a doppel + dragoon in 6 seconds after his invulnerability wears off. That includes GBB. Anything that is 10-20m dies in mere seconds.

Also In WB wars. Any one who abuses Miko Kagura is automatically netted a cube. Such as inquistor throwing pears, Fencer rotation, Dragoon , Doppel (still “unfix/nerfed” cyclone (52hits in 7 second))

What is archer and wizards? They are dun farmer and supports.Lulz

As for the damage calculation. IT adds a additional line of your damage with 1.6x mod of Holy Element with physical properties affected by all debuff.

So a 90k hit does 290k hit etc… So what happen to this when a Doppel does 52 hits of cyclone with additional 52 hits of kagura in taht 7 second LULZ. I leave that to your imagination of damage potential.

I call kagura broken the only issue is you need to be stationary and it’s just a setup pretty much.

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lvl 5 Hamaya isn’t 3 times stronger than Possession, though.
Possession hits 2 times per second and the base damage is 923 at lvl 10 vs Mikos 1013 of lvl 5 Hamaya.
CD is 20 secs on Possesion vs 35 secs on Hamaya, only the number of hits,the holy property damage and the skill duration make Hamaya a little superior, but if you can get 14-15 targets into Possession, the amount of total damage should be ± equal over time.

Also, the attribute damage increase is a lot cheaper on Possession than Hamaya (12,3 m in total if attributed until 100%), so unless you got a lot of $$$ you may account a higher attribute% onto Possession also.

Aside that, a question: Did anyone check if Clap prolongs the duration of Tet Mamak La’s skulls? The skill seems to be forgotten a lot I believe, so maybe noone tested it beforehand.
And the same for Kagura Dance: does it increase Tet’s skull damage?

Is Diev 3 still the best option for Miko > PD 2? Are there other popular Miko > PD builds right now? Got my PD class reseted but I won’t be playing until next month…

I recently rolled Saintone’s build, c2/diev3/miko/pd2. In the last 3 weeks ive solod to 297, I dont even need grind parties for rank 8 maps, I can empty out Timerys Temple alone in the same time its absurd.

I liked the build so much right off the bat that I traded away my archer’s Augfowle Bow for a 2nd practonium so I could do a Windia Rod AND Lionhead Shield for my Cleric.

I would highly recommend the build, I parse 1st in every mission/saalus, I solo any rank 8 megaboss with ease, my diev statues tank, I simply drop hamaya, steam and incinerate and either hop back and forth or sit in my safety zone, and oh btw, we still have 12 heal tiles (DM+Heal Monster Gem) and Healing Factor.

Stupidly OP atm.

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HIghest INT spec dps DOT next to bokor miko pd.

As every one know PD still suffer the issue wugu have previously which is overwriting debuffs.

Diev 3 is more for Invulnerability utilities + cdr + sp regen.
bokor for effigy mana spam. add on damage.

Kabba for recover mana drained from meltis and kagura dance, also r7 its great for PvP.

PD… is too balanced compared to the rest of the cleric classes. It has everything. Damage skills, CC prevention, triggered heal over time.

Hi jchsc32 can u made a new miko thread for this? :blush: Love to follow u.
What stat should invest? Did u skip those quest? Or which quest u have done from LV1 to currently level?

Wouldnt be fair honestly, I stole Saintone’s build and it would be missleading to new players b/c of the investment I put into mine right off the bat.

Its been about 3 weeks now, my new cleric bandwagon build is lv 322. I go 50 CON and all INT, currently I have about 780ish INT, should hit 800 by lv 330. Now with only 50 CON you would get steam rolled, thankfully I get an additional 65 CON from my Windia Rod and Lionhead Shield. I traded in my Archer’s Bow for an extra practonium for my Cleric so I could have both.

Armor wise im using 4 virtov plate but only b/c im waiting for the hunting grounds armor with high sockets to come out, otherwise id invest into a hasta set. Accessories are straight forward, Agny Necklace and Archmage Bangles or Wizard Bracelets.

Cards are either attack or defense, so Chappartions or Nuales, I prefer Nuales, your dps face down is 0.

My Miko is cleric2-diev3-miko-PD2 though, so I mainly use Miko for Hamaya and Clap, whereas group Mikos are full time Kagura dancers.