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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Thx you wurmheart san :heart_eyes:
I think werewolf duration 30 sec too short
Because can use warcry 2 time only
At least 40 sec will nice


If Lycan still has its number of hits to the skills:
Skill 1: 269% x 2
Skill 2: 146% x 2-5(depends on how big enemy is)
Skill 3: 86% x 5 Has confusion
Skill 4: 359% x 1 Has stun

If this still holds true, then in terms of %'s relative to the new lower %'s everyone has, Lycan seems just as good if not better than current version we have in ITOS (besides loss of increase duration attribute). We can’t forget that Lycan wolf form uses our Physical Attack plus Magic Attack for its damage (If this still holds true). With the increase to both these numbers on maces, these %'s look totally fine. Looking at most of the nuke skills in the game (Re:Build) we would dish out similar/more using Lycan wolf depending on the scenario than others.

Wolf form is strong in current ITOS, and from the looks of it it will continue into Re:Build.


au maaaan…and i was so hyped about the rework. wanted to come back after a year but darn…a timer on lyca?! no more spells while transformed?! and also that they removed bonus sp regen. sigh thats disappointing. did they give a reasoning somewhere?..will try it out i guess but it sounds shait to me tbh


An example of Magical dps Druid build:

(This is pre-nov25 big balance rework patch)

Example of a physical dps druid build

(This is after the big balance patch)

To notice:

  • Demilycan has full uptime now.


I will still go Monk/Inqui/Zealot for the physical and Sad/Exo/Kan for magical but my PD build woule be PD/Pard/Druid.

However,I still like your videos and builds :fist_left:


Demi has no downsides and longer timer… how’s that any fair.


I wish someone on ktest try this.

Druid - Chaplain - Inquisitor.

With Demi having 100% uptime, I think the class became more bearable. Rip for full lycan users tho.


looks pretty good tbh.


I wonder if we’ll see any changes to counteract the current state of Druids in Re:Build. Seems like IMC’s still trying to find the right balance in terms of damage ratios and the new attribute system.

I’m hoping they don’t keep what’s in place and reduce Druids to a single playstyle for each damage type. What’s the point of having a shapeshifting class if there are no real options to pursue? Transform is objectively worse than Lycanthropy, which is itself objectively worse than Demi. Kinda defeats the purpose of having anything else in the skill tree.


@Wurmheart could you explain how you got to the 1500 crit res number? i’m confused as to how the mobs’ stats scale with the numbers in the chart. thank :slight_smile:


I checked mob stat, it doesn’t list any 390 plant bosses but can compare it to 330 (which is already 1200+),Boss;Race,Plant&page=1&sort=Level,DESC#top

You can also check the other race tabs to see how streamlined most stats are atm. Just keep in mind you have to calc their current race stats to get to normal first, or just use the respective factors. (Going from 0.6 to 2 from insect to plant would be roughly 3.3 times higher for example.)

But keep in mind I haven’t gotten confirmation of how race changers affect enemy stats in ktest currently.
Maybe we’ll see some decent tests when it reaches ktos on the 6th.


oh i see, i think my just wasn’t updating correctly because when i was looking at that before it just told me numbers around 200-300.

thank you!


Carnivory is now a party wide buff or it is a selfbuff?


So, trying out the changes, I am quite pleased with Lycanthropy wolf form. My only gripe is the 3% per second SP degen. Gotta chug pots like a madman! I’ll do a vid later this week.


what classes do you recommend to go with lycan wolf form?


The best classes that pair with it are Kabba, Diev, Paladin, Oracle, and Plague Doc.


My guess is that diev is a given, since it decreases the cd by 18( or 19? Does hengestone work with statues?)

or the remaining circle i’d go with either

. Pally for aoe ratio ( does wolf need?)/ Heal aura for some Group utility and 6-9% dmg reduction.

Pd, whichis better i guess, immunity to cc, haste and healling factor.


For me, yes. It also helps with regening sp.

yep. This leaves it with only 12 seconds of downtime.

Yes henge works with statues. Henge is pretty much still the same in terms of +1 to placement skills.
It brings the 20% statue to 22%, thus making Wolf cooldown lowered by 19.8 instead of 18. This means that Wolf will have a 10 second downtown.

Yes and no. If your goal is to just damage enemies with wolf then just the first and second skills since they literally do have +50 AoE att. However you do need AoE att if you want to hit more enemies with the third and fourth skill.

Was thinking this as well. Was spending most of this day testing between kabba, paladin, and pd.

I’m still on the fence between paladin and pd. Hopefully another class can come to make me change my mind.

I’ll place a vid in a sec.
Edit: Vid will take a bit to publish.
Edit: Heres a bad vid of me trying stuff out in an astral cm solo.

Lycanthropy Wolf form.
I was testing stuff so I ended playing pretty bad and dying. This is by no fault the build. I was just unprepared and playing poorly.


So what is with Carnivory? I think it doesn’t even hit flying enemies and the damage is terrible ;c I got it at Lv.11

Ultra disappointing skill.


It does hit flying. By that I mean the plants that are summoned can attack flying enemies.