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[Class] Druid Class Thread


The new attribute gives +10% evasion, +10% hp recovery and 10% crit rate when Lycantropy, Transform or Shapeshift is active. Doesn’t matter which.
Sterea Trofh is a 60s duration buff that gives (5+(skillvlx1)) % evasion…
Carnivory boosts both pcrit atk & mcrit atk yes.

Keep in mind that melstis got nerfed to 90s cd though.


Do you mean
5+(Lvl x 1) = X% or 5+(Lvl x 0.01) = X


(5+(skilllvl * 1)) = X
+x% evasion.


It would be appreciated if you stop participating to these kinds of discussion :slight_smile:


I don’t mind to hear his opinions at all tbh.

Though I’m not sure druid is that bad yet, but its definitely nerfed.
krivis does seem to be in quite a bad position atm though, though I would disagree on daino but it can be scrolled anyway so that point is moot.


Im thinking on making a druid just for the heck of it…

Why people dont mix Chap with druid? Never built one myself, but wont Lychantropy benefit a lot from its AA?


No reason to use Druid since better options exist.

At the moment you can do Krivis and Inquisitor which has far better up time.

And in the new update, not being a Druid is kind of it’s own reward, with a .3 on CON and .6-7 on STR and INT you got a ton of wasted stat points for such a short duration on Lycanthropy it’s probably better to go Monk, Inquisitor, Paladin, or Miko.


I was thinking Diev - Miko - Druid but the 0.1 SPR from Druid makes me think twice.


sorry beg to differ but play the game or read the info properly.
You absolutely have no idea and you are spouting non sense.


Pure Lycanthropy can still ofhand attack for chaplain buffs, but it’s very clunky.
Demi-lycan can be used with chaplain well enough, but its generally outperformed by the more synergistic options like krivis3, inquis1+ etc currently.


Druid in the new patch isn’t that bad tbh, statwise the % bonuses only affect the base 390 from leveling and the lvl 1 stats.
So its objectively poor stat spread doesn’t hinder it much, aside of it still being awful for spr.
The dmg buff from demi-lycan is also quite good, but I’m not sure about carnivory yet.

And Monk in ktest is in a really bad spot atm due to low dmg, atk speed cap on db, poor sp management and plenty more.


I suppose the new Druid is meant to be a hybrid, balanced-across-the-board kind of class.

with SPR heavy classes -> healer with some damage & utility
with INT heavy classes -> dps with some healing & utility

Might as well match it with anything that feels fun.


what i resent more in this update (regarding druids, ofc) is the bullshit nerf to transform… i mean, the monster skills were already terrible, you’d only do it for the passive/looks, and i HATE pd animations, the only purpose of druid/pd for me was to bypass that ridiculous flame/poisonthrower out of my ass animation… and now can’t even do it… the only way of perma transform is krivis-diev-druid (not sure if melstis affect transform, as it doesn’t work with lycan), wich obviosuly take pd out of the build, making it pointless…

not to mention that male demi wolf model is really bad.

there is also the fact that transform gimps your dmg by not allowing demy lycan boosts (unless this have beem reverted? :thinking:)


I’ve always wanted to use transform, there are so many interesting looks and even interesting skills mob give (although all of em are still weak as hell ofc.)
Demi-Lycan is just better in every way atm, esp now that demi-lycan even has the better duration/cd uptime, and it benefits both of its own stat boost and the +10% crit rate, hp recovery & evasion transform/shapeshift/lycan get. (and transform literally only gets the latter)

(Melstis+laima should benefit transform still, but I don’t see the merit in that combo tbh)

But it’s not my only gripe atm, and this one is far more paradoxical.
Druid has a major crit focus atm, since lycan offers a juicy +60% crit rate and chortasmata boosts crit atk for your entire party for a short duration.
But if I’m reading it correctly then that’s easily counteracted and far more by Chortasmata’s current plant conversion.

This is the full I’m talking about btw, should be accurate assuming imc didn’t change it again:

Basically, it would turn all enemies it debuffs into high crit res mobs, and considering it’s multiplicative with their size modifiers large plant bosses have a 2.5x crit res modifier. (see the monster databases)
Which from what I’ve see so far, is just a massive dps loss unless your team intentionally avoids crits. (but not vs plants ofc)

I still do need to see how the new crit formula holds up with a lot of crit rate from gear, which isn’t likely to happen in ktest atm.
But this still this looks like a really bad twist. 1500 crit res lvl 390 bosses? no thanks.


Wurmheart san
Please tell me about lycantropy skill in ktes.
Werewolf form duration, cd, stats, werewolf skill damage.
Demi-wolf too.
Im confuse now.:frowning:

Im play full werewolf build now in itos.


Changes to lycanthropy I spotted so far are:

  • We lost the +30s duration attribute. (so we’re back to 30s/60s respectively atm)
  • Cooldown was reduced to 1m 30s.
  • Dash is no longer unique to lycan, all clerics can dash so that’s gone. Did hear something about stamina reduction for lycan dash though.
  • Crit rate was turned into 10% per skill level instead for both forms.
  • The new transform attribute also affects both types of lycanthropy and gives +10% crit rate, +10% hp recovery and +10% evasion.
  • Skill factors did seem to change, but I don’t know the exact values as doesn’t seem to list them. And mob health is also lower so that was to be expected. Not sure how they hold up comparatively tbh.
  • The sp drain on pure lycan now ticks far more often, and I think the value may be higher as well. But you also have no sp drain near Hengestone now.

I’d say pure lycanthropy got quite a bit worse.
The lower duration is something I think it needed, but with a 1m30s cd that’s just way to long.
The sp drain will also require you to stay far closer to hengestone, which does make it more niche IMO.


Skill 1: 269% (AoE Ratio +50, Cooldown 0)
Skill 2: 146% (AoE Ratio +50, Cooldown 5s)
Skill 3: 86% (AoE Ratio +0, Cooldown 5s)
Skill 4: 359% (AoE Ratio +0, Cooldown 10s)

Skill 1: 216% (AoE Ratio +1, Cooldown 0)
Skill 2: 753% (AoE Ratio +1, Cooldown 5s)
Skill 3: 625% (AoE Ratio +5, Cooldown 5s)
Skill 4: 2129% (AoE Ratio +10, Cooldown 10s)

Biggest change here seems to be a massive buff to Scratch.


does this mean it now needs to use our characters aoe ratio base, or it only hits 1 target?



This. It uses your character’s AoE Ratio and just doesn’t add any extra bonus on it.


so uh… I’m deciding whether to go with Druid or not. And since everything else sucks now, is the passive healing from chort still any good? If not, probably better to go with some other class.


Wow thx you very much wurmheart san, crevox san.
Current werewolf in itos i think it ok
My build c1-krivis3-monk1-druid3-zealot2

But this change
Seem skill 1 is main damage

And this status still remian ?
Full werewolf
add damage +10% per lycantropy level

Phy damage +4% per lv
Magic damage +6% per lv