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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Yes, as long as you are not inside Roost’s Range, it’ll be fine.


I’m late but I have just know that chortasmata’s “rash” debuff with upper level doesn’t affect flying enemies which is strange since it can turn flying enemies into plant type therefore able to transform into.

By the way, is there any interesting mobs in Bernice or new uphill worth using? or nothing new? I don’t have time to try them. Also rank 10 map when they’re released.


I just wanna make sure if said flying enemies wasn’t beast / insect type?

I’m pretty sure Bernice mobs and Uphill mobs are just the old mobs with slight stat changes.


My bad. You’re right. I think I recall doing that long time ago but it doesn’t matter now. Tested, not work.


Ok, so actually we have how to turn monster in to demon by some inquisitor skill and into plant by chorstasmata.

There is anyway to turn demon into beast?
I would like to use black Harugal from Narvas annex, big for HP beast for Crit, as transformation on a monk.


Just cast Chortasmata to any mob ( excluding flying ), they will turn into a plant mob.


But will it provide the 200 crit rate from beast?


No, sadly it will only take the monster’s original race.

So let’s say there’s a Demon mob. You use Chortasmata under them and that Demon Mob will turn into a Plant Mob, which then you’ll be able to shapeshift into that Demon mob. However, the race of that mob will still be Demon, which means it won’t activate those Druid passive attributes unless they were Beast/Insect/Plant in the first place. However, you can still get the Large Attribute.

Hope that clears your question.


It does, thanks man.


With Rank 10 right around the corner, I’m contemplating another run at a very old project; a PvP Druid. Here’s what I’ve managed to theorycraft so far:

All the fundamentals (As I understand them) are there for a viable PvP Cleric. Priest2 for heals and Revive, maxed Sterea, and PD1 for status prevention. Ideally, I’d like to run with full Lycan now that we’ll have the attribute to extend its duration.

What I’m wondering is if I should drop Kriv3 in favor of something like Cleric2 and Diev1. They make for great additions in PvE but I’m not sure if the extra damage from Zaibas and Melstis’ buff extension would be better for a build that does PvP on a regular basis.


Speaking of PVP Druid, since R10 will be up next week. I am certainly going to miss playing C2-P3-DR3-INQ1 due to Malleus nerf.

The fact that it was just a meme build because I like Druid’s gameplay but IMC decided to buff up the class made it really good; to the point where I miraculously managed to get R1 for straight eight weeks. It’s easily counterable due to the lack off Anti-CC but besides that, it’s really good.

For next week, I might as well turn the class into a D3-PD2 for Anti-CC skills, as well as Disenchant’s Attribute ( Nullifying Armors ); I guess it’s a good trade off from Malleus Amplification / No Anti CC vs. Disenchant’s slight damage amplification / Anti CC / Lowered damage from enemies.

I hope it’d be a solid build for R10.

Personally, Zaibas’ damage alone doesn’t really do much even with heavy gears unless the opponent gets debuffs like Disenchant / Malleus / Devaluation / etc. etc. which means you will rely on getting an ally who has that. But then again, maybe it is different, because from where I play, people mostly have good armors and stuff.

Melstis is really good for increasing Bloodlet’s and Revive’s duration on the build you just though.

This is just a personal preference, but I would drop Daino for Aukuras because:
1.) PVP desync is bad which means Melee AAs will have a hard time.
2.) AA doesn’t do much unless opponent gets the debuffs I mentioned above.
3.) Aukuras does a good amount healing per second in PvP.

You’ll only rely on wolf’s damage ( That sht does well in PVP because of its Damage Ratios ) but I guess the build will do really well as a support.


That sounds like a pretty good way to go. My concern is that it’ll end up being under powered when Lycanthropy is on cooldown. I don’t have any experience with PD. Does the combination of Incinerate and Black Death Steam offer enough supplemental damage to make up for the downtime on Chortasmata/Carnivory?


I feel like if you drop enough DoTs. Thorn for Root debuff, then easy aiming for disenchant, then BDS and Incinerate, it will do enough damage. I will put it into test when R10 comes and come back with results. But honestly, I’m doing the build on support and tankiness.


I went back and reworked my prospective build. Does the skill point distribution on PD look okay?

I’m thinking about shifting points from Incineration to Pandemic but I feel like that’s more of a PvE kind of setup.


The bigger issue is that you waste 20 points on Carnivory/Sterea Trofh… /s

Those skills have not worked in PvP for over 3 months!

Also if this is PvP, Heal Factor is like the second most important skill, way more important than the extra points in Incinerate, Pandemic or Disenchant.

I’m also kind of confused about the Priest stuff. 0 Stone Skin? It’s PvP right? That’s like the second best skill offered by Priest. You also have 0 Aspersion, which I mean yea if you never die then who cares, shop buffs are better, but Aspersion is extremely good even with a CON based build, having at least 1 point to refresh it if you lose the shop buff is pretty impactful.

While we’re on the topic, Mass Heal is effected by CON so it doesn’t need more than 1 point to be good healing.

I would do this

Priest remaining 4 could go in Resurrection or Mass Heal, neither matters that much since the duration it takes to resurrect isn’t gonna be what decides if you get it off or not in most cases and the healing per level isn’t that much.

For Druid I’m confused why you keep Transform such low level but max Lycan, I thought you said it was for PvP, in which Large Insect up time should be very important, meanwhile Lycanthropy offers almost nothing (Except Movement Speed) for PvP. Still transformation points aside, I recommend using a skill potion to get rid of shape shifting when you don’t need it and put that point in Carnivory.

As for PD it may only display C1 but for C2 just max Heal Factor, BDS, and Disenchant.

Maybe I misread and you don’t want a PvP build but in PvP surviving is the most important thing, everyone does amazing damage in PvP, in every game ever, the one who can survive that is gonna find the most success.


Just a quick question, does the poison damage from Chorstamata work with Velnia Monkey cards? Unsure If I want to take chapp or velnia in my Druid/Exo build.


%damage red cards are bugged with magic attack right now so it’s quite hard to tell


For me, honestly, the key point on red ( damaging skills ) are simple, all of them are 1 pointers because of Disenchant. I haven’t seen significant difference between a level 1 Carnivory vs a level 15 Carnivory in terms of PvP. I still have to test it out next week though.

And yeah, @thepurpleknightmare is right about Stone Skin. You should actually max it. The only thing I disagree with is Lycanthropy’s level. those +40% Additional Damage makes huge numbers in PvP despite not pumping STR/INT. Also, it’s fun seeing cap damage with wolf TBH

For Transform, I was a bit iffy about maxing it, turns out I didn’t even need to pump it to max. And that transform is still buggy (no pun intended) with animations so I try not to use it much.

This is just a personal preference, but I would keep one point in fade ( in case of Tomb Lord Sorc or Knockback Sorcs in general ) And since I am more support-oriented, I try to put points in Fumigate as well, also Beakmask.


Hmm…I take your point on some things and disagree on others.

I totally understand why Healing Factor would be a big benefit in PvP. However, and this is my fault for not being a little clearer about my intentions, I’m not going to be in PvP all the time. That being said, I’ve got no problem with dropping the extra points from Incineration and Pandemic so thanks for the advice.

I didn’t even think about Aspersion as being useful in the event that I die (Which I’m sure will happen at one point or another lol). As far as Stone Skin goes, I was under the impression that it’s just all around trash. If that’s not the case in PvP, I’ll be sure to drop some points into it.

If my primary goal was to be a tanky support, I’d definitely go for the typical Large Insect form. However, I’m more concerned with being able to burst down an opponent when the opportunity arises. Therefore, Lycanthropy is a much more important skill than Transform for me. Not saying you don’t have a point, it’s just different from what I’m trying to achieve.

Again, thanks for the heads up. TBH, I like your skill point distribution quite a bit more than the one I theorycrafted. Having never run PD at all, I don’t really know what matters and what doesn’t lol.

After adjusting for the suggestions from you and @Wooshin (As well as accounting for my personal preferences), I’ve retooled the build into this:

Please let me know if there are any glaring flaws.


Ya’ll ready for that extra 30 secs on Lycanthropy?! With diev thats 63% uptime Lycan, :Kreygasm: OH man I can’t wait. :satisfaction: