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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Magic Circles like Heal, Cure, Safety Zone, Chorstamata, Carnivory, Sterea. Stuff like that.



It gives +1 to the level of Wheel. It also gives +1 to Chortasmata, Sterea, and Carnivory. It boosts the damage of all cleric magic damage, including other clerics. You should at least put 1 point in it.
It should also apply to Chaplains table.
It’s essentially a stronger version of Divine Might, which stacks with… Divine Might.

Not just Installations, but also magic circles.

What I currently know:


  • Heal
  • Cure
  • Safety Zone
  • Deprotected Zone


  • Exorcise
  • Monstrance


  • Aukuras
  • Zalciai
  • Zaibas


  • Zombify
  • Samediveve
  • Ogouveve


  • All skils


  • Barrier


  • Deploy Capella


  • Carnivory
  • Chortasmata
  • Sterea Trofh


  • Breaking Wheel

Keep in mind these are only the skills that I have seen. I may be missing a lot of other skills.


Hmm, I just checked and while Samediveve and Ogouveve going up one level Zombify level doesn’t change… unless tooltip lie.


Mhh, with this new attribute at r10, I wonder if my Druid2 - Exo2 Build would continue into Exo3 or Druid3. Depends mostly on the new Exo3 skill, which said to reduce mdef or increase magic damage (debuff).
Awoo mode with 30s cooldown (w/o diev) is nice.

My build is C2 - P2 - B1 - D2 - E2 and for PVE is very nice. In PVP is also good, to be GVG focused I would have chosen P3, and for TBL Diev1. But for PVE, Velco specially, Hexing makes Warlock’s dps very high and if he mastemas, so do I.


Interesting, possibly a bug. As it was working a few patches ago, before the Druid buff Patch. That or I’m going crazy


Come rank 10 i’ll finally be able to go druid2 pd3… Love pd, but Hate the animations, being in bunny form will be the best of both worlds.

Just torn between c2 kri3( divine stigma for another debuff/dot and aukuras for general boost in dmg as this is a heavy multi hit build) druid2 pd3

or c2 bokor2 ( effigy/hexing/macka/ samediev- zombieless, cause i dislke them as well) diev (cdr for perma bunny) druid2 pd3.

One more thing, the tooltip on bds says that it boosts incineration dmg. Anyone knows by how much?


I’m very interested in this build.
My Druid is Actually: Cleric 2 - Bokor 3 - Druid 2 (and soon to be PD). What is best for rank 10? Druid3-PD2 or Druid2-PD3?I don’t plan to get wolfie even if i get Druid 3, my plan is to be a large plant mob full time (or close to full time).


If you have no plan on wolf form then pd3 it is. Pd3 gives a nice boost to incineration and bds trough increasing tick rate of both dots by 0.1 sec.

Why plant tough? The increase in sp regen is really lackluster :tired: , for atribb sake the best you can do as a magic dmg dealer is large insect.

But bunny form ms is SOOO good…


Any Frieno user can suggest transform monster that can utilised the set better? Thala Wizard triple PoA is decent in CM. Just looking for other option.


Are there any transformations for druid to transform into that can reliably dps flying monsters? Currently making a Cleric 2 Diev 3 Druid 3 Miko 1 Taoist 1.


Akhlass Bishops’ Triple Poa with 100% each, 1 targettable + 2 random PoAs or Blom / Tala’s 200(?)% i forgot the exact number


Does lycanthropy benefit from Magic amplification? sorry if it’s been answered very long thread.


Does Chortasmata increase monsters MDef just like what shown in this video?

at that time stamp, after he used Chortasmata to the boss, the owl dmg dropped from 24k to 22k per tick…


Chortasmata turns enemies into plant-type, thus receiving less magic dmg.


Chortasmata will raise the MDEF of monsters that are not already Plant-type.

Each monster race has modifiers to DEF and MDEF. This can be seen here:

Race: Beast, Plant, Mutant, Devil, Insect
DEF: 0.95, 0.8, 1, 0.9, 0.85
MDEF: 0.85, 1, 0.8, 0.9, 0.95

As Plant-type monsters have the highest MDEF modifier, upon becoming Plant-type, any monster will gain MDEF if they were not already a Plant-type. Likewise, they will lose DEF as Plant monsters also have the lowest DEF modifier.

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Should i go str n con
C2 diev1 pala2 druid 3 ??/pala



Sometimes my full lycan form doesn’t do damage in CM S9 except slash. Anyone experienced this?


Woah, Druid Thread is pinned.

By any chance, were you partied with a Falconer C3 while they were using ‘Roost’?
I keep forgetting to send a proper ticket regarding this because apparently, Wolf won’t make ANY damage while your character has a Falconer’s Roost buff.


Wow I guess I’ll take your word for it. Haven’t test yet. I should be okay if I’m out of Roost range?